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Delphion-- (Formerly IBM Patent Server) Titles, abstracts, claims and some bibliographic information for patents dating 1971 to present. Allows viewing scanned full patents from 1986 to present.
QPAT-- The front page service (called "Abstracts Database") allows searching front page information from 1974 to present. A f or-fee service is available for full text searching.
USPTO Database-- Front page information from 1971 to present.

Using NETSCAPE 3.0, MS Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher version of browser that properly handles frames, you can now link to your favorite patent search websites. While you conduct the search, each time you find a patent you want to order, simply add the patent number to the entry box on the right by typing the number or by copying and pasting it from the displayed search results. When you have finished searching, select the patents from the box and hit CTRL+C to copy the patents. Go to the patent order form and paste your list into the appropriate entry box. Hit "SUBMIT ZAP" button on the order form, and your order will be processed with the speed and quality you usually associate with PATENTEC. As with all PATENTEC order forms, you will receive immediate acknowlegment of your order upon sucessful posting.

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Please note that PATENTEC does not endorse any of the Web search sites listed above, and does not in any way warranty the accuracy of the search results you may obtain from them. You are responsible for fulfilling all requirements of the sites you visit.

Please also note that your search keywords will be transmitted over the internet in an unsecure mode, so that anyone examining the transmission may be able to figure out your invention just from the keywords. Similarly, the keywords you use may be retained in memory at the search sites you choose to visit, and may potentially be available to individuals or companies for whom the keywords may have commercial interest. Therefore, you are advised to use only general terms that will not potentially compromise your invention.

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