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Imagine a custom CD containing up to 1000 of your specially ordered patents available for viewing or printing. Imagine software capable of displaying the results of your collection searches or any selected bibliographic data in spreadsheet format. Imagine spreadsheets directly linked to a patent display, so that as the cursor advances down the spreadsheet the indicated patent instantly pops into view or is printed. Imagine spreadsheets including a powerful text search engine that can select exactly the patents you want to see or print, using any of the data in your spreadsheet; with boolean combinations, right and left truncations, and combinations across columns. Imagine software allowing you to tag desired patents as you view them, to quickly jump among them for subsequent review; to set bookmarks in selected pages for rapid jumps between text and drawings and back.... And More!

Well, you don't have to imagine any longer, because it's here!

Typical desktop view, showing patent display, spreadsheet, and page navigation windows.
(Of course, image quality on your terminal would be significantly improved from this reduced resolution sample view):

PATENTEC proudly announces the first electronic patent collections available anywhere that feature spreadsheet-linked patent searching, viewing and printing. Our software, PATENT WIZ™, designed by experienced patent searchers to be easy and effective for analyzing and printing patents, will add a new dimension to the presentation of your search results or the fulfillment of your patent document requests. Simply provide a file on floppy disk containing the desired spreadsheet, a list of desired subclasses, or simply provide us with designated keywords, and we will return to you the PATENT-CD™ (or more than one, if required), including a burned-in copy of PATENT WIZ™, your data in spreadsheet form, and the images of the selected patents.

Why do you need PATENT-CD™?

  • for full 300 dpi electronic image quality, using PATENTEC's ULTRAPIXEL™ electronic image process, which provides images even better than supplied by the USPTO;
  • for ease of manipulation of up to 1000 patents per disc, including searching, selecting, tagging, viewing sections, jumping between pages, etc.
  • to minimize shipping costs over paper copies;
  • because only PATENT-CD™ brand ELECTRONIC PATENT COLLECTIONS have the full reputation and quality of PATENTEC behind every disc.

Look for the brite-green PATENTEC label-- your assurance of PATENTEC's commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.
PATENTEC feature ULTRAPIXEL™ electronic imaging for sharper images.

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