PATENTEC is always looking for intelligent, responsible individuals who have a passion for technology. Our offices are located in Crystal City, VA just south of Washington DC, near National Airport and the Washington METRO. Here are some of the currently available positions:

1 - Patent Research Apprentice
Research new inventions at the US Patent Office.
We are currently looking for individuals with a strong interest and background in ELECTRONICS. To be considered, you must have (or nearly have) a BSEE or similar degree with significant hands-on experience in electronics, either in class laboratory or in activities outside of school. We will train you to become a professional Patent Searcher!

2 -
Software Engineer
PATENTEC is actively developing a variety of software products for internal and external use. We are especially interested in creative programmers with experience in MS Windows platforms and intimate knowledge of Visual Basic, C, DLL's, VBX's, OCX's, etc.


If you are interested in any of these positions, please call, E-mail or write:

5515 Cherokee Ave. Suite 301
Alexandria, VA 22312
Voice: 703-642-1777
Fax: 703-642-3777

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