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Current as of: June, 1999
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2  DF  .~ With shoulder or back brace
3  DF  .~ With midriff covering extension terminating adjacent waistline, e.g., "longline"
4  DF  .~.~ With additional means interiorly attached to extension to support the diaphragm area
5  DF  .~.~ Midriff extension includes overlapping relatively movable parts
6  DF  .~.~ With means to attach extension to subjacent body-supporter or garment, e.g., hold-downs
7  DF  .~ Combined with subjacent body supporters, e.g., foundation garment
8  DF  .~.~ Including plural superimposed supporting panels or bands
9  DF  .~.~.~ With separable closure for each layer
10  DF  .~.~.~ Each layer separately encircles body
11  DF  .~.~ Including apparel-type garment
12  DF  .~.~ Vertically slidable overlapped portions between breast and torso support
13  DF  .~.~.~ With elastically extensible connector
14  DF  .~.~ Detachably secured to subjacent supporter by separable fastener
15  DF  .~.~ Subjacent supporter unattached at front
16  DF  .~.~ Subjacent supporter unattached at back
17  DF  .~.~ Front center separable closure for both breast and torso support
18  DF  .~.~ With size adjustment for both, e.g., maternity type
19  DF  .~.~ Including plural elastic panels or inserts with diversely oriented lines of elasticity
20  DF  .~.~ Including elastic portions with varying modulus of elasticity
21  DF  .~.~ Including elastic portion with stretch inhibitor of limit
22  DF  .~.~ Subjacent supporter includes crotch member
23  DF  .~.~ Wraparound overlapped type torso support
24  DF  .~.~ Including panels having pleats or folds to permit size increase
25  DF  .~.~ Stepwise girth adjustment
26  DF  .~.~ With separable fastener or connector for apparel-type garment
27  DF  .~.~ Low out at back
28  DF  .~ With separable fastener or connector for apparel-type garment
29  DF  .~.~ For hosiery
30  DF  .~ Combined with apparel-type garment
31  DF  .~.~ Breast supporting member within other garment
32  DF  .~.~.~ Removable breast supporter
33  DF  .~.~ Subjacent garment attached at front only
34  DF  .~.~ With means providing girthwise elasticity for brassiere
35  DF  .~.~.~ Portion of garment covers elastic connector at back
36  DF  .~ Closable aperture permits access to breast i.e., nursing type
37  DF  .~ With lacteal fluid receptor or shield
38  DF  .~ With inflatable or liquid-containing chambers
39  DF  .~ Molded preshaped shell-like cup, e.g., plastic latex
40  DF  .~.~ Strand-type fabric with thermoplastic fibers or filaments
41  DF  .~ With stiffening strips, strands, or stays, e.g., wired
42  DF  .~.~ Cup form includes spirally arranged strip
43  DF  .~.~ Woven or braided strand-type fabric, e.g.,wire gauze
44  DF  .~.~ Cup form includes latticework of strips
45  DF  .~.~ Paired strips or stays for cup rims with connecting span
46  DF  .~.~.~ With separable joint between paired stays
47  DF  .~.~.~ Annular cup-rim-encircling stays
48  DF  .~.~.~ Stays with conneting span form U, V, H, or V shape between the breasts
49  DF  .~.~.~ Cup fabric has tunnels separably retaining joined stays
50  DF  .~.~ Plural separate stays diagonally crossing between cups
51  DF  .~.~ Annular cup-rim encircling stay individual to one cup
52  DF  .~.~ Single stay individual to one cup with arcuate portion along bottom rim of cup, e.g., U-shaped
53  DF  .~ With stiffened supporting means contacting only lower half of breast
54  DF  .~ With means to separably retain breast-form-supplementing pads
55  DF  .~ With cup-supplementing means to add volume to breast, e.g., pads
56  DF  .~.~ Applied to only lower half of breast
57  DF  .~.~ Pads, per se.
58  DF  .~ Separable at front center
59  DF  .~ With cup supplementing uplift straps or slings diagonally crossing at front center
60  DF  .~ With floatingly attached cup-supplementing breast supporting strip or panel
61  DF  .~.~ Forming breast-receiving pouch with cup bottom
62  DF  .~.~ Supplementary means includes body-girdling straps
63  DF  .~.~ Attaching means includes adjustment feature
64  DF  .~ Straps narrow bands only, i.e., skeletal type
65  DF  .~ Elastically expansible cup or cup rim
66  DF  .~.~ All-elastic cup
67  DF  .~.~ Expansible cup rim, e.g., elastic shirring
68  DF  .~.~ With means to vary size of breast cups
69  DF  .~.~ By vertical gathering of material between the cups
70  DF  .~ Cups joined to common subjacent elastic strip of panel
71  DF  .~ With variable length connector between cups
72  DF  .~.~ Elastic connector
73  DF  .~.~.~ With additional nonelastic connector means
74  DF  .~ Including plural elastic panels or inserts with diversely oriented directions of elasticity
75  DF  .~ Including elastic portions with variable modulus of elasticity
76  DF  .~ Including elastic portion with stretch inhibitor or limiter
77  DF  .~ With girthwise inelastic size adjustment additional to separable closure
78  DF  .~ With means to gather peripheral edge, e.g., drawstring
79  DF  .~ Body band has overlapping separately secured ends
80  DF  .~ Resilient body-clasping band
81  DF  .~ With adhesive means or vacuum cup to secure to body
82  DF  .~ Body-embracing band includes detachable connector unit
83  DF  .~ Body-embracing band means includes vertically spaced portions
84  DF  .~.~ One portion is narrow waist-encircling band
85  DF  .~ Extended length wraparound body bands
86  DF  .~ Shoulder strap arrangements and connecting features
87  DF  .~.~ Connected by floating extension at or below horizontal mid-cup region
88  DF  .~.~ Detachable, e.g., convertible to strapless
89  DF  .~ With compartment for carrying articles, e.g., coin pocket
90  DF  .~ With reinforcing stitching
91  DF  .~ Reversible
92  DF  .~ Methods of making or assembling
93  DF  .~ Materials
95  DF  .~ Combined with apparel type garment
96  DF  .~ With shoulder or upper back brace
97  DF  .~ Comprising sheet rubber or deposited rubber or latex
98  DF  .~ With means bridging or filling out hollows in the body
99  DF  .~ With individual buttock-receiving concavities
100  DF  .~ With crotch or leg straps or leg-encircling parts
101  DF  .~.~ Upper-leg-encircling compressor, e.g., thigh reducers
102  DF  .~.~ With detachably connected crotch piece
103  DF  .~.~.~ Completely removable
104  DF  .~.~ Including crotch piece, e.g., panty girdle
105  DF  .~.~.~ With opening therethrough, e.g., overlapped panel
106  DF  .~.~ Leg anchors
107  DF  .~ Comprising latticework of narrow strips or bands, e.g., skeletal
108  DF  .~ With apertured insert-type panel for ventilation
109  DF  .~ With stiffener for upper margin, terminating substantially above lower margin, e.g., waistline antiroll
110  DF  .~ With means to supportingly engage apparel-type garment, e.g., skirt supporters
111  DF  .~.~ Hosiery supporter
112  DF  .~ With means to resist vertical motion on body, e.g., friction grips
113  DF  .~.~ Over-shoulder straps
114  DF  .~ With stiff or nonflaccid body-supporting plate or panel
115  DF  .~ With elastic portions having means to limit or control stretching thereof
116  DF  .~ Elastic in entirely (may include nonelastic closures or girth adjusters)
117  DF  .~.~ Edge joined multipanel
118  DF  .~.~.~ With nonparallel lines of elasticity
119  DF  .~ Belt-operated lacing for closures or adjusters
120  DF  .~ Vertically slidable overlapped portions, e.g., "telescoping"
121  DF  .~ One portion laced through aperture in another portion
122  DF  .~ With superimposed supporting panels or bands
123  DF  .~.~ At least one layer includes elastic feature
124  DF  .~.~.~ Superimposed elastic layers having nonparallel lines of elasticity
125  DF  .~.~ Layers are readily separable (detachable) one from another
126  DF  .~.~.~ With selectively different assembled positions
127  DF  .~.~ Each layer circumferentially separable, with closure
128  DF  .~.~ Each layer substantially separately encircles body
129  DF  .~ Having pretensioning means bridging girthwise closure
130  DF  .~ Elastic portions have nonparallel lines of elasticity
131  DF  .~ Elastic bands or panels with varying modulus of elasticity or with stretch limiter
132  DF  .~ With elastic band, panel, or portion, e.g., gussets
133  DF  .~.~ Detachably secured to garment
134  DF  .~ Girth adjustment by predetermined increments
135  DF  .~.~ With insertable or removable girth-changing units
136  DF  .~ Having girth adjuster and separate nonadjustable separable fastener for closure
137  DF  .~ With plural separately acting girth dimension adjusters
138  DF  .~.~ Vertically spaced
139  DF  .~ With stays at closure edges having nonflaccid interengaging fastening means
140  DF  .~ Plural disconnectable panels with selectively different assembled positions
141  DF  .~ Lacing-type closure with flaccid lace-receiving eyelet or loop
142  DF  .~ Closures or girth adjusters with interiorly disposed chafing shield
143  DF  .~ With stiffening strips or stays
144  DF  .~.~ Including stay-reinforcers at waistline or broken stay shields
145  DF  .~.~ Movably articulated directly one to another
146  DF  .~.~ Readily separable from supporter, e.g., from pockets
147  DF  .~.~ Having means to interengage with lacing cord
148  DF  .~ With closure means for access opening at lower rear margin of buttock girdling member
149  DF  .~ With insertable or removble panel unit, e.g., "convertible"
150  DF  .~ With article carrying pockets
151  DF  .~ Panels reinforced by tapes or bands
152  DF  .~ With loops for dooning
153  DF  .~ Protective covers, liners, or shields
154  DF  .~ Waistline type, i.e., limited vertical extent
155  DF  .~ Abdominal uplifting sling type
156  DF  .~ Materials and making, e.g., pattern layouts