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2  DD  DRIVING MECHANISMS (driving mechanisms for Turkish time subclass 167; driving mechanisms in the hands subclass 396; driving mechanisms for phonographic apparatus G11B 19/00; springs, driving weight engines F03G; driving mechanisms for cinematography G03B 1/00; driving mechanisms; driving mechanisms for time fuses for missiles F42C; driving mechanisms for toys A63H 11/23) [G04B 1/00]
3  DD  .~ With driving weight [G04B 1/02]
4  DD  .~.~ Mechanisms in which the clockwork acts as the driving weight [G04B 1/04]
5  DD  .~.~ With several weights (winding up several weights simultaneously subclass 23) [G04B 1/06]
6  DD  .~.~ Driving weights; chains; chain wheels; arbors for chain wheels (wheels and spindles in general F16F) [G04B 1/08]
7  DD  .~ With mainspring (synchronous motors with power reserve subclass 559; springs in general F16F) [G04B 1/10]
8  DD  .~.~ Having a form other than a helix (subclasses 9 and 10 take precedence) [G04B 1/10B]
9  DD  .~.~ With several mainsprings (installations with a mainspring and an auxiliary spring subclass 19; winding up several mainsprings simultaneously subclass 28) [G04B 1/12]
10  DD  .~.~ Mainsprings; bridles therefor (mainsprings with bridles subclass 14; alloys C22C; springs in general F16F; constructions for compensation of changes in the motive power of the mainspring subclass 18; construction of the hairspring subclass 111; arrangements facilitating the removal of the mainspring subclass 291) [G04B 1/14]
11  DD  .~.~.~ Composition and manufacture of the springs (see note attached to this subclass)
12  DD  .~.~ Barrels; arbors; barrel axles (arrangements facilitating the removal of the mainspring subclass 291) [G04B 1/16]
13  DD  .~.~.~ Spring cylinder with friction transmission to the gearing (especially for Roskopf clockworks; friction clutch between spring and spring cylinder subclass 15) [G04B 1/16B]
14  DD  .~.~ Constructions for connecting the ends of the mainsprings with the barrel or the arbor (mainsprings and bridles therefor subclass 10; clamping the hairspring on the regulator subclass 121; clamping the hairspring on the arbor subclass 135) [G04B 1/18]
15  DD  .~.~.~ Friction clutch between spring and spring cylinder (friction transmission between spring cylinder and gearing subclass 13; other arrangements for protection against rupture or overwinding subclass 16) [G04B 1/18B]
16  DD  .~.~.~ Protecting arrangements against rupture or overwinding of the mainspring located in the barrel or attached to the barrel (see note attached to this subclass)
17  DD  .~.~.~.~ Stop mechanisms [G04B 1/20B]
18  DD  .~.~ Compensation of changes in the motive power of the mainspring (by mechanical shaping of the mainspring subclass 10; automatic regulation of the pendulum subclass 115; of the regulator subclass 211) [G04B 1/22]
19  DD  .~.~.~ With the aid of an interposed power accumulator (secondary spring) which is always tensioned (winding up several mainsprings or driving weights simultaneously subclass 28) [G04B 1/22B]
20  DD  .~ With both mainsprings and driving weights (winding up several mainsprings or driving weights simultaneously subclass 28) [G04B 1/24]
21  DD  .~ Driven by liquids or gases; liquid or gaseous drives or mechanically controlled secondary clocks (winding up by pneumatic means subclass 39; winding up automatically by wind power subclass 63; winding up by electrothermal or electro-pneumatic arrangements subclass 427; thermoelectric or thermo-pneumatic driving mechanisms subclass 495) [G04B 1/26]
22  DD  .~.~ Clockwork systems working therewith (winding up electrical or mechanical clocks subclass 428; electrical clockwork installations subclass 524); winding [G04B 1/26B]
24  DD  .~ By pushbutton (crown combined with pushbutton subclass 34; construction of pushbutton subclass 35; waterproof pushbutton subclass 341) [G04B 3/00B]
25  DD  .~ By lever mechanism [G04B 3/00C]
26  DD  .~ By draw mechanism [G04B 3/00D]
27  DD  .~ Mechanical winding up; winding up with special equipment (removably- mounted keys subclass 29; winding up equipment for clocks with automatic winding up equipment subclass 40) [G04B 3/00F)
28  DD  .~ Winding up several mainsprings or driving weights simultaneously (driving mechanisms with several weights subclass 5; driving mechanisms with several mainsprings subclass 9; driving mechanisms with a mainspring and a secondary spring subclass 19; driving mechanisms with a mainspring driving weights subclass 20; winding up the striking mechanisms with the clockwork and vice versa subclass 228) [G04B 3/00G]
29  DD  .~ Removably mounted keys or the like (special tools for clockworks with difficult access, universal keys for watches with a small crown subclass 27; keys with means preventing overwinding subclass 36; protecting means preventing overwinding subclass 38) [G04B 3/02]
30  DD  .~ Rigidly mounted keys, knob, or crowns (jointed winding stem subclass 322) [G04B 3/04]
31  DD  .~.~ Construction of crowns for rotating movement; connection with the winding stem; winding stems [G04B 3/04B]
32  DD  .~.~ Locking of the operating element, also by mounting in a concealed place [G04B 3/04C]
33  DD  .~.~ Storing the operating element, also bringing it out of storage [G04B 3/04D]
34  DD  .~.~ Operation by rotation and axial movement with extra function of axial shift of operating element, e.g., crown combined with push button, etc. (winding up by push button subclass 24) [G04B 3/04F]
35  DD  .~.~ Operation exclusively by axial movement of a pushbutton, e.g., for chronographs, etc. (winding up by pushbutton subclass 24; hermetically sealed pushbutton subclass 341) [G04B 3/04G]
36  DD  .~ Keys or the like with means preventing overwinding (protecting devices arranged in, or attached to, the barrel subclass 16; in connection with automatic winding devices subclass 20; construction of removably mounted keys subclass 29; means preventing overwinding, including those attached to the case, subclass 38; protecting means subclass 71; protection against overwinding for electrical winding up arrangements for mechanical clocks subclass 443) [G04B 3/06]
37  DD  .~ By parts of the cases (setting the time-indicating means by parts of the case subclass 248) [G04B 3/08]
38  DD  .~.~ Protecting means preventing overwinding (arranged in, or attached to, the barrel subclass 16; in connection with keys subclass 36; in connection with automatic winding devices subclass 66; protection subclass 71; of electrical winding up arrangements for mechanical clocks subclass 443) [G04B 3/10]
39  DD  .~ By mechanical means, e.g., pneumatic motor, etc. (winding up with electric or electromechanical means subclass 425; liquid or gas driving mechanisms subclass 21; automatic winding up by wind power subclass 62) [G04B 3/12]
40  DD  AUTOMATIC WINDING UP (normal winding up by hand or mechanically subclass 23; automatic winding in combination with hand winding subclass 68; electrical winding of mechanical clockworks subclass 443; advertising by making use of vibrations or shocks of land vehicles G09F 21/04) [G04B 5/00]
41  DD  .~ By moving of parts of the clockwork which are not primarily for winding up [G04B 5/00B]
42  DD  .~ By relative movement between watchbands, case, or parts of the case [G04B 5/00C]
43  DD  .~ Clockworks, which wind up by driving the function, e.g., perpetua mobilia, etc. (see also F03G 7/10) [G04B 5/00K]
44  DD  .~ By self-winding caused by the movement of the watch (bearings, suspensions for oscillating weights subclass 53; mechanisms for transformation of an oscillating movement into a rotating movement in only one direction subclass 73) [G04B 5/02]
45  DD  .~.~ By oscillating weights the movement of which is limited (setting the time indicating means with the aid of a rocking bar subclass 248) [G04B 5/04]
46  DD  .~.~.~ Acting in one direction only [G04B 5/06]
47  DD  .~.~.~ Acting in both directions [G04B 5/08]
48  DD  .~.~ By oscillating weights the movement of which is not limited [G04B 5/10]
49  DD  .~.~.~ Acting in one direction only [G04B 5/12]
50  DD  .~.~.~ Acting in both directions [G04B 5/14]
51  DD  .~.~ Construction of the weights [G04B 5/16]
52  DD  .~.~.~ Weights consisting of several parts (diverse weights which are movable in more than one plane subclass 59) [G04B 5/16B]
53  DD  .~.~ Supports, suspensions, or guide arrangements, for oscillating weights (transmission of the movement of the winding up weight to the mainspring subclasses 45 and 48; support of the driving weight by protecting means which prevent overwinding, e.g., by interposing of a glide clutch, etc. subclass 66; bearings in general subclass 284) [G04B 5/18]
54  DD  .~.~.~ Bearing of the rocking bar exclusively in the center of rotation [G04B 5/18B]
55  DD  .~.~.~.~ The center of rotation not being the center of the clockwork [G04B 5/18B2]
56  DD  .~.~.~ The bearing of the rocking bar is in the center of rotation combined with a support or guide arrangement [G04B 5/18C]
57  DD  .~.~.~ Guide arrangement of the moving weight in a straight course [G04B 5/18D]
58  DD  .~.~.~ Guide arrangement of the moving weight in a circular course [G04B 5/18F]
59  DD  .~.~.~ Suspension of the moving weight by elastic means (subclass 60 takes precedence) [G04B 5/18G]
60  DD  .~.~.~ Bearing, guide arrangements, or suspension allowing movement in more than one plane, e.g., there is more than one moving weight, or more than one plane in which the weight moves, and it can change place relative to the clockwork, etc. [G04B 5/18K]
61  DD  .~.~.~ Bearing, guide arrangements, or suspension of the movement forming oscillating weight [G04B 5/18M]
62  DD  .~ By movement of other objects, e.g., by opening a handbag, by opening a case, by opening a door, etc; winding up by wind power [G04B 5/20]
63  DD  .~.~ By liquids or gases (driven by liquids or gases subclass 21; winding up by pneumatic motor subclass 39; winding up by electrothermal or electro-pneumatic driving means subclass 427; driving of the clockwork by such means subclass 495) [G04B 5/20D]
64  DD  .~.~ By rotating axles, e.g., tachometers (direct drive of the clockwork, e.g., without winding up of a spring or the like by a rotating axle, etc. subclass 68; combination with measuring instruments in general subclass 411) [G04B 5/20F]
65  DD  .~ By thermometric, barometric, or like effects or alterations (by electrothermal or electro-pneumatic driving means subclass 427; driving the clockwork by such means subclass 495) [G04B 5/22]
66  DD  .~ Protecting means preventing overwinding (arranged in, or attached to, the barrel subclass 16; in connection with keys or the like subclass 36; in connection with parts of the cases subclass 38; support of the moving weight subclass 53; protection means subclass 71; electrical driving means for mechanical clockworks subclass 443) [G04B 5/24]
67  DD  .~.~ By locking the moving weight [G04B 5/24B]
68  DD  COMBINED NORMAL AND AUTOMATIC WINDING UP (normal winding up by hand or mechanically subclass 23; automatic winding up subclass 40; electric winding up of mechanical clockworks subclass 427) [G04B 7/00]
70  DD  .~ By optical indication of the amount of winding [G04B 9/00B]
71  DD  .~ Devices controlled by such state, e.g., device affording protection means against overwinding, etc. (protecting means preventing overwinding arranged in or on the barrel subclass 16; protecting means in connection with keys or the like subclass 36; in connection with parts of the cases subclass 38; in connection with automatic winding devices subclass 66; electric winding up of mechanical clockworks subclass 443) [G04B 9/02]
72  DD  .~.~ Acoustical or electrical indicating means [G04B 9/02B]
73  DD  CLICK DEVICES; STOP CLICKS; CLUTCHES (mechanisms for winding up by hand subclass 23; automatic winding up subclass 40;) [G04B 11/00]
74  DD  .~ Devices in which the motion of a rotating member is limited to one direction [G04B 11/00B]
75  DD  .~.~ With a ratchet which makes contact with the rotating member by means of teeth [G04B 11/00B2]
76  DD  .~.~.~ Rotatable about a fixed axis by means of spring action [G04B 11/B2B]
77  DD  .~.~ With clamping member [G04B 11/00B3]
78  DD  .~.~ With friction member, e.g., click spring, etc. [G04B 11/00B4]
79  DD  .~ Ratchet construction for driving rotating members in one direction, e.g., a ratchet on an oscillating member driving a ratchet wheel, etc. [G04B 11/00C]
80  DD  .~ Clutch mechanism between two rotating members with transfer of movement in both directions, possibly with limitation on the transfer of power [G04B 11/00D]
81  DD  .~.~ With friction member, e.g., with spring action, etc. [G04B 11/00D4]
82  DD  .~.~ With magnetic elements [G04B 11/00D5]
83  DD  .~ Clutch mechanism between two rotating members with transfer of movement in only one direction (free running devices) [G04B 11/00F]
84  DD  .~.~ With friction members, e.g., click spring, etc. [G04B 11/00F4]
85  DD  GEARWORK (Gearwork for driving the hands subclass 140; calibers subclass 284; dispositions and components for transmission in general F16H) [G04B 13/00]
86  DD  .~ With the choice of adjustable or varying transmission ratio [G04B 13/00B]
87  DD  .~ Where rotation in one direction is changed into a stepping movement [G04B 13/00C]
88  DD  .~.~ With a step for each complete revolution (counters in general H03K) [G04B 13/00C2]
89  DD  .~ Where a revolution in both directions is changed into a revolution in one direction [G04B 13/00D]
90  DD  .~.~ With two free wheel positions [G04B 13/00D2]
91  DD  .~ With differential work [G04B 13/00G]
92  DD  .~.~ Differentials [G04B 13/00G2]
93  DD  .~ Wheels; pinions; spindles; pivots (bearings subclass 271; chain wheels, spindles for chain wheels, also chains and driving weights subclass 6) [G04B 13/02]
94  DD  .~.~ Assembly and manufacture (assembly and manufacture of springs subclass 11; machines and tools for the manufacture of chain wheels for clocks subclass 685; component parts and manufacture of the escape wheel subclass 102; steel alloys C21C 33/00-41/00; manufacture of pinions from synthetic material B29; nonferrous alloys C22C; pinions manufactured by milling and planing B23F) operating mechanisms [G04B 13/02R]
95  DD  ESCAPEMENTS (magnetic subclass 496; in striking mechanisms subclass 224;) [G04B 15/00]
96  DD  .~ Permanently in contact with the regulating mechanism [G04B 15/02]
97  DD  .~.~ Cylinder escapements [G04B 15/04]
98  DD  .~ Free escapements [G04B 15/06]
99  DD  .~.~ Lever escapements [G04B 15/08]
100  DD  .~ With constant impulses for the regulating mechanism (electrically driven pendulums with mechanical pulse transmission and constant pulse subclass 455; electrically driven pendulums with mechanical pulse transmission and constant pulse subclass 468) [G04B 15/10]
101  DD  .~ Adjusting (tools therefor subclass 665); restricting the amplitude of the lever or the like (adjusting the gear train subclass 293) [G04B 15/12]
102  DD  .~ Component parts or constructional details, e.g., construction of the lever or the escape wheel, etc; assembly and manufacture of spring subclass 11; assembly and manufacture of components, e.g., pinions, spindles, etc., subclass 94; oils for clockwork bearings in general subclass 281 [G04B 15/14]
103  DD  MECHANISMS FOR STABILIZING FREQUENCY (magnetic subclass 497; in striking mechanisms subclass 224; stopping and regulating of the running subclass 234; electrical and thermoelectric regulating mechanisms subclass 496) [G04B 17/00]
104  DD  .~ Regulating mechanisms where the movement is maintained by pneumatic means (oscillation generation by pneumatic means subclass 828) [G04B 17/00B]
105  DD  .~ Oscillators acting by gravity, e.g., pendulum swinging in a plane, etc. (setting the pendulum to the required length subclass 115; temperature compensation for pendulums subclass 128; bearings in general, e.g., knife-edge subclass 271, etc; clocks fitted in pendulums subclass 396; imitation pendulums driven by the clock mechanism subclasses 387 and 388; pendulum ornamentation subclass 389; contacts actuated by a pendulum subclass 546; measurement of force with a pendulum G01V 7/12) [G04B 17/02]
106  DD  .~.~ Composite and multiple pendulums; synchronization of mechanical pendulums, (electrical synchronization G03C 3/02; pendulum systems subclass 532) [G04B 17/02B]
107  DD  .~ Oscillators acting by spring tension [G04B 17/04]
108  DD  .~.~ With oscillating blade springs (mechanical oscillations maintained by electromagnetic means, e.g., tuning forks, etc. subclass 548) [G04B 17/04B]
109  DD  .~.~ Oscillators with hairsprings, e.g., balance, etc. (electrically driven balances subclass 466; contacts actuated by a balance subclass 546) [G04B 17/06]
110  DD  .~.~.~ Balance construction (balances with frequency adjustment screw subclass 116; balances with temperature compensation subclass 127; balancing devices subclass 132) [G04B 17/06B]
111  DD  .~.~.~ Manufacture of the spiral spring (locking of the spiral spring by the regulating lever subclass 121; spiral spring with temperature compensation subclass 129; fixation of the spiral spring on the collet subclass 135; mainspring subclass 10) [G04B 17/06C]
112  DD  .~.~ Oscillators with coil springs stretched and unstretched axially [G04B 17/08]
113  DD  .~.~ Oscillators with torsion strips or springs acting in the same manner as torsion strips, e.g., weight oscillating in a horizontal plane, etc. (electrically driven torsion pendulum subclass 464) [G04B 17/10]
114  DD  .~ Setting the frequency [G04B 17/12]
115  DD  .~.~ By displacement of devices carried by the pendulum or by adjusting the pendulum length (pendulums and suspension subclass 105; self-adjustment of the regulating lever subclasses 122, 123, and 509; adjusting the stroke of the pendulum subclass 123; indicating by acoustic means subclass 217; synchronization with a standard clock subclass 509; metronome with a variable length subclass 821) [G04B 17/12B]
116  DD  .~.~ By adjusting the devices fixed on the balance (construction of the pendulum subclass 110; balancing subclass 132) [G04B 17/12C]
117  DD  .~.~ Adjustment devices [G04B 17/14]
118  DD  .~.~.~ Adjusting the regulator from the outside [G04B 17/14B]
119  DD  .~.~.~ With means for fine adjustment of the regulator [G04B 17/14C]
120  DD  .~.~.~ Bearings for regulators [G04B 17/14D]
121  DD  .~.~.~ Locking the hairspring in the regulator key (hairsprings subclass 111; locking the mainspring on the axle subclass 14) [G04B 17/14F]
122  DD  .~.~.~ Setting the regulator by means dependent on another device, e.g., by the time indication setting mechanism, etc. (automatic adjustment of the pendulum length subclass 115, 128, and 506; automatic adjustment of the regulator for temperature compensation subclass 126; automatic adjustment of the regulator dependent on the tension of the mainspring subclass 18) [G04B 17/14K]
123  DD  .~ Adjusting the beat of the pendulum, balance or the like (adjusting the frequency subclass 114) [G04B 17/16]
124  DD  .~.~ By setting the collet or the stub of the hairspring [G04B 17/18]
125  DD  .~ Compensation of mechanisms for stabilizing frequency [G04B 17/20]
126  DD  .~.~ For the effect of variations of temperature (alloys with small expansion coefficient C21C, C22C; adjustment of the regulator dependant on adjustment of the hands subclass 122; depending on the difference in time with a comparison clockwork subclass 509) [G04B 17/22]
127  DD  .~.~.~ With balances (construction of balances subclass 110) [G04B 17/22B]
128  DD  .~.~.~ With pendulums (construction of pendulums subclass 105; setting frequency on the pendulum subclass 115) [G04B 17/22C]
129  DD  .~.~.~ Composition and manufacture of the material used (composition and manufacture of hairsprings subclass 111; of springs subclass 11; anti-magnetic alloys subclass 380; ferrous alloys C22C; nonferrous alloys C22C, B22F) [G04B 17/22R]
130  DD  .~.~ For the effect of variations of atmospheric pressure [G04B 17/24]
131  DD  .~.~ For the effect of variations of the impulses [G04B 17/26]
132  DD  .~.~ For the effect of unbalance of the weights, e.g., tourbillon, etc. (construction of the balance subclass 110; setting the frequency by adjusting devices fixed on the balance subclass 116) [G04B 17/28]
133  DD  .~.~.~ Tourbillons [G04B 17/28B]
134  DD  .~ Rotating governors, e.g., centrifugal governors, fan governors, etc. (for striking mechanisms subclass 224; electrically driven subclass 465) [G04B 17/30]
135  DD  .~ Component parts or constructional details, e.g., collet, stud, etc. [G04B 17/32]
136  DD  .~.~ Devices for locking the spring on the axle of the balance [G04B 17/32B]
137  DD  .~.~.~ Construction of the spiral roll [G04B 17/32B2]
138  DD  .~.~ Means for locking the spring in a stationary position, e.g., using a block, etc. [G04B 17/32C]
139  DD  INDICATING BY VISUAL MEANS (by electric lamps subclass 576; indicating by acoustical means mechanically subclass 217, electrically subclass 580; acoustic signals at preselected times mechanically subclass 229, electrically subclass 580; optical time signals at preselected times mechanically subclass 244, electrically subclass 577; continuous time indication by electric means subclass 564; visible signalling arrangements G08B 5/00) [G04B 19/00]
140  DD  .~ Back-gearing arrangements between gear train and hands (transmissions in general subclass 85) [G04B 19/02]
141  DD  .~.~ For simultaneous indicating on several dials (indicating means allowing simultaneous indication subclass 146; with several separate dials subclass 149; extra hands for indicating different local apparent times subclass 168) [G04B 19/02B]
142  DD  .~ Hands; discs with a single mark or the like (moving indicating arrangements which have scales or numbers with stationary hands or reading means subclass 162; optical projection of the position of the hands subclass 216) [G04B 19/04]
143  DD  .~.~ Construction and manufacture of the hands; arrangements for increasing reading accuracy (hands with illumination subclass 214; specially shaped hands, e.g., figures or pictures, etc., subclass 389; clockwork in the hands subclass 396; invisible drive of the hands subclass 397) [G04B 19/04B]
144  DD  .~.~ Mounting and setting of the hands on the axle [G04B 19/04C]
145  DD  .~.~ Indicating by means of a disc with a mark or window (for simultaneous indicating subclass 146) [G04B 19/04D]
146  DD  .~.~ Having the possibility of indicating on more than one scale, e.g., hands with variable length which work on different scales, etc. (simultaneous indicating on several dials subclass 141; used as moving scales subclass 163; different indications on several scales or dials, e.g., for different local apparent times, etc., subclass 168) [G04B 19/04F]
147  DD  .~ Dials (for time-pieces without clockwork subclass 416; moving discs subclass 162; illuminated dials or hands subclass 213) [G04B 19/06]
148  DD  .~.~ With several parts [G04B 19/06B]
149  DD  .~.~ Geometrical arrangement of the graduations [G04B 19/08]
150  DD  .~.~.~ Varying from the normal closed scale [G04B 19/08B]
151  DD  .~.~.~ Varying from the normal 12 hour arrangement [G04B 19/08D]
152  DD  .~.~.~ With several separate scales (for indicating the same or different times of the clockwork; indicating devices making several simultaneous indications possible subclass 146) [G04B 19/08F]
153  DD  .~.~ Ornamental shape of the graduations or the surface of the dial; attachment of the graduations to the dial (cases for special purposes, e.g., ring or button watches, etc. subclass 342; indicating means with special effects subclass 381) [G04B 19/10]
154  DD  .~.~ Attached or inlaid numbers (attaching of jewels) [G04B 19/10B]
155  DD  .~.~.~ Special number markings [G04B 19/10K]
156  DD  .~.~ Selection of materials for dials or graduations (markings) [G04B 19/12]
157  DD  .~.~ Fastening the dials to the clock or watch plates [G04B 19/14]
158  DD  .~.~ Shiftable dials, e.g., indicating alternately from 1 to 12 and from 13 to 24, etc. (dials with a scale other than the normal 12 hour scale subclass 151) [G04B 19/16]
159  DD  .~.~.~ Numbers which are visible alternately from 1 to 12 and from 13 to 24 on the same dial [G04B 19/16B]
160  DD  .~.~.~ With rotating scales [G04B 19/16C]
161  DD  .~.~ Graduations on the crystal or glass, on the bezel, or on the rim [G04B 19/18]
162  DD  .~ Indicating by numbered bands, drums, discs, or sheets (indicating means without numbers or hands in general subclass 142; illuminated subclass 213; with optical projection digest subclass; gearwork and linking in general subclass 85; electrically driven subclass 579; counter mechanisms G06M) [G04B 19/20]
163  DD  .~.~ By means of turning discs (disc-shaped indicating devices with a reference mark or a window subclass 145; discs driven by clockwork and producing optical special effects subclass 382; with inscriptions or drawings driven by a clockwork subclass 384; with figures or parts of figures driven by clockwork subclass 386) [G04B 19/20B]
164  DD  .~.~ With spatial scales, e.g., on drums (drum-shaped or spatial indicating devices, etc., subclass 142; fixed scales or dials subclass 147; scales disposed on a terrestial globe for indicating local times in different places subclass 167; clockwork combined with a lamp with no functional relationship subclass 404) [G04B 19/20C]
165  DD  .~.~ By means of sheets [G04B 19/20D]
166  DD  .~.~ By means of bands (bands as time indicating means with a reference mark or window subclass 142) [G04B 19/20F]
167  DD  .~ Arrangements for indicating different local apparent times; universal time pieces (indicating by means of numbers or signs disposed on moving devices subclass 162; illumination of dials or hands subclass 231; combination with a terrestial globe in general subclass 404) [G04B 19/22]
168  DD  .~.~ By means of hands or supplementary pair of hands (simultaneous indication on several dials subclass 141; indicating devices giving several simultaneous indications subclass 146) [G04B 19/22B]
169  DD  .~.~ With a three dimensional geographical representation, e.g., a terrestial globe, as dial, etc. [G04B 19/22G]
170  DD  .~ Clocks or watches with data indicators, e.g., calendar clocks or watches, etc.; clockwork calendars (indication by discs with numbers, in general subclass 162; link and gear work subclass 85; combination of the clockwork with a settable calendar subclass 398; calendars in general B42D 5/04, G09D 3/00; electrical counters and counting circuits H03K; clockwork for advertising G09F 23/16; devices for time computing where an unknown may be determined G02B) [G04B 19/24]
171  DD  .~.~ With one or more indicating devices in disc shape, construction production and support of the date indicating disc, also its fixation in a determined position [G04B 19/24B]
172  DD  .~.~.~ Up to date devices (moving indicating devices not driven by the clock- work subclass 400; setting the hands subclass 248) [G04B 19/24B3]
173  DD  .~.~.~ Independent date indicating devices driven either by clockwork or by the hand, e.g., calendar watches, etc.) [G04B 19/24B5]
174  DD  .~.~.~.~ Driven or freed by a steady movement [G04B 19/24B5B]
175  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and without suppression of data [G04B 19/24B5B2]
176  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and with automatic suppression of certain data, e.g., for correct indication at the end of the month [G04B 19/24B5B4]
177  DD  .~.~.~ The date indicating device being paced or freed mechanically by a clockwork movement [G04B 19/24B7]
178  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are continuously driven by the clockwork movement [G04B 19/24B7C]
179  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and without data suppression [G04B 19/24B7C2]
180  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven step by step by the clockwork movement [G04B 19/24B7D]
181  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and without data suppression [G04B 19/24B7D2]
182  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and with suppression of certain data [G04B 19/24B7D4]
183  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by successive steps by means of a loaded energy source and freed at a certain moment by the clockwork movement [G04B 19/24B7F]
184  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and without data suppression [G04B 19/24B7F2]
185  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ With more than one date indicating device and with suppression of certain data [G04B 19/24B7F4]
186  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices being driven by their own energy source, and that being freed at regular time periods [G04B 19/24B7G]
187  DD  .~.~ With one or several indicating devices, being drum shaped or three-dimensional [G04B 19/24C]
188  DD  .~.~.~ Independent date indicators activated by clockwork or by hand [G04B 19/24C5]
189  DD  .~.~.~ The date indicating mechanism is driven or disabled mechanically by a clockwork [G04B 19/24C7]
190  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices art stepwise driven by the clockwork [G04B 19/24C7D]
191  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by successive steps by means of a charged energy source and freed at a certain moment by the clockwork [G04B 19/24C7F]
192  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by their energy source which is freed at regular time intervals [G04B 19/24C7G]
193  DD  .~.~ With one or more sheet-shaped indicating devices [G04B 19/24D]
194  DD  .~.~.~ The date indicating mechanism is driven by or mechanically freed by clockwork [G04B 19/24D7]
195  DD  .~.~ With one or more band-shaped indicating devices [G04B 19/24F]
196  DD  .~.~.~ Independent date indicating devices actuated manually or by the clock- work [G04B 19/24F5]
197  DD  .~.~.~ The date indicating device being driven or freed mechanically by a clockwork [G04B 19/24F7]
198  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven stepwise by the clockwork [G04B 19/24F7D]
199  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by successive steps by means of a charged energy source and freed at a determined moment by the clockwork [G04B 19/24F7F]
200  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by their own energy source which is freed at regular intervals [G04B 19/24F7G]
201  DD  .~.~ Different kinds of date indicating mechanism, e.g., with discs and drums, or drums, and bands, etc. [G04B 19/24G]
202  DD  .~.~.~ Independent date indicating devices activated normally or by clockwork [G04B 19/24G5]
203  DD  .~.~.~ Date indicating devices driven or freed mechanically by a clockwork [G04B 19/24G7]
204  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven stepwise by the clockwork [G04B 19/24G7D]
205  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by successive steps by means of a charged energy source and freed at a determined moment by the clockwork [G04B 19/24G7F]
206  DD  .~.~.~.~ The indicating devices are driven by their own energy source which is freed at regular intervals [G04B 19/24G7G]
207  DD  .~ Clocks or watches with indicators for tides, for the phases of the moon, or the like (planetaria G09B 27/00 -27/06; arrangements for table reference, e.g., menstrual tables, etc., G06C 3/00) [G04B 19/26]
208  DD  .~.~ With indicators for biological cycles [G04B 19/26]
209  DD  .~.~ With indicators for tides [G04B 19/26M]
210  DD  .~.~ With indicators for the phases of the moon [G04B 19/26P]
211  DD  .~ Adjustable guide marks or pointers for indicating determined points of time (inscriptions or pictures moved by hand subclass 385) [G04B 19/28]
212  DD  .~.~ On rotatable rings [G04B 19/28B]
213  DD  .~ Illumination of dials or hands (arrangements for indicating different local apparent times by means of a globe illuminated from inside subclass 167; continuous indication of the time by nonelectric light sources subclass 243; illumination by electric lamps which function at fixed times or periodically subclass 578; illuminated panels G09F 13/00, 13/22) [G04B 19/30]
214  DD  .~.~ Whereby the hands carry the source of light (hands and manufacture thereof subclass 143; projection of hands or dials subclass 216; illumination of scales and/or hands on moving scales H03J 1/02; on compasses G01C 17/24; on weighing apparatus G01G 23/18; on measuring instruments G01D 11/28) [G04B 19/30B]
215  DD  .~.~ By luminescent substances (for advertising G09F 19/18; disc or drum shaped indicating means with marks or windows subclass 142; with numbers or number-marks subclass 162; illumination of dials and hands, etc., subclass 213; projection of hands and/or scales on weighing apparatus G01G 19/00; on measuring instruments G01D 5/26B) [G04B 19/32]
216  DD  .~ Position of the hands projected optically (for advertising G09F 19/18; indicating by disc or drums with mark or window subclass 142, with figures or signs subclass 162; illumination of dials or hands subclass 213, case for electrical components subclass 452; optical projection of a pointer and/or scale for weighing apparatus G01G 23/32; for measuring instruments G01D 5/26B) [G04B 19/34]
217  DD  INDICATING BY ACOUSTIC MEANS (at preselected times subclass 229; by electroacoustic means or electroacoustic time indicating subclass 582; time indicating by means other than acoustically, or combined means subclass 243; time indicating by visual means subclass 139; acoustic signalling arrangements G08B 3/00) [G04B 21/00]
218  DD  .~ Periodical acoustic signalling arrangements (subclass 219 takes precedence); (adjustment of the frequency by setting the length of the pendulum subclass 115) [G04B 21/00B]
219  DD  .~ Regular striking mechanisms giving the full hour, half hour, or quarter hour [G04B 21/02]
220  DD  .~.~ With saw mechanism [G04B 21/02B]
221  DD  .~.~.~ With silent saw action [G04B 21/02B2]
222  DD  .~.~ With locking wheel [G04B 21/02C]
223  DD  .~.~ Hour wheels; racks or rakes; snails or similar control mechanisms [G04B 21/04]
224  DD  .~.~ Details of striking mechanisms, e.g., hammer, fan governor, etc. (escapements in general subclass 95; mechanisms for stabilizing frequency subclass 103; resistance regulators G05D 13/00; mechanical toys A63H) [G04B 21/06]
225  DD  .~.~ Sounding bodies; whistles; musical apparatus (with electroacoustical transmitters subclass 580; sounding arrangements in alarm clocks subclass 237; cases with arrangements for enhancing sound production subclass 303; carillons and sounding boards G10F 1/08, 1/10, G10D 13/08) [G04B 21/08]
226  DD  .~.~ Releasing or locking the regular stroke, e.g., for silence during the night, etc. [G04B 21/10]
227  DD  .~.~ Reiterating watches or clocks [G04B 21/12]
228  DD  .~.~ Winding up the striking mechanism by the clockwork; winding up the clockwork by the striking mechanism; winding up by hand or mechanically subclass 23) [G04B 21/14]
229  DD  ARRANGEMENTS PRODUCING ACOUSTIC SIGNALS AT PRESELECTED TIMES (optical time indicating subclass 139, 564, and 577; indicating by acoustic means subclass 217; indicating time by means other than acoustic or optical or by a combination of means subclass 243; acoustic time signals produced electrically subclass 580; coin-freed alarm clocks G07F 17/00B; acoustic signalling means G08B 3/00) [G04B 23/00]
230  DD  .~ By starting up musical boxes or other musical recordings (starting up and stopping of phonographs by means of clockwork apparatus G11B 33/06) [G04B 23/00B]
231  DD  .~ Alarm clocks (electrically released alarm signals subclass 580; waking up by electric lamps subclass 578; by other means subclass 244; alarm clocks with electric contacts subclass 608) [G04B 23/02]
232  DD  .~.~ Controls, e.g., winding up the alarm, adjusting and indicating the waking time, etc. [G04B 23/02B]
233  DD  .~.~ Stopping means [G04B 23/02C]
234  DD  .~.~ Driving, e.g., by springs or common drive with the clockwork, etc.; gears; escapements (escapements in general subclass 95; regulating means for clockworks in general subclass 103) [G04B 23/02D]
235  DD  .~.~ Signal triggering (in alarm clocks which deliver also or only nonacoustic signals subclass 244) [G04B 23/02F]
236  DD  .~.~ Hammer driving; hammers; devices with several hammers or sounding bodies; vibrators [G04B 23/02G]
237  DD  .~.~ Sounding bodies; boxes used as sounding cases; fixation on or in the case (sounding bodies subclass 225; case enhancing transmission of sound waves subclass 303) [G04B 23/02H]
238  DD  .~.~ With coarse and fine setting of the preselected times [G04B 23/04]
239  DD  .~.~ Adjustable for several preselected times with automatic stopping of the signal [G04B 23/06]
240  DD  .~.~ Operating on successive days without resetting; operating only once in each 24 hours [G04B 23/08]
241  DD  .~.~ With pre-signal; with repeated signal; with changeable intensity of sound [G04B 23/10]
242  DD  .~.~ Alarm watches to be worn in pockets or on the wrist (giving signals by stimulating the skin subclass 246) [G04B 23/12]
243  DD  INDICATING THE TIME BY OTHER MEANS OR BY COMBINED MEANS (electric or electromechanical indicating subclass 425; illumination of dials and hand subclass 213; indicating by acoustic means subclass 217; arrangements producing acoustic signals at preselected times subclass 229; continuously indicating the time optically by electric means subclass 577; producing acoustic time signals by electrical means subclass 580; gas lamp adjustment by clockwork subclass 243; devices for cooking eggs A47J 29/00) [G04B 25/00]
244  DD  .~ In alarm clocks (subclass 246 takes precedence) [G04B 25/00]
245  DD  .~ By feeling; clocks or watches for blind persons [G04B 25/02]
246  DD  .~.~ Alarm clocks or watches with devices stimulating the skin (normal pocket or wrist alarm clocks subclass 242) [G04B 25/04]
247  DD  .~ By moving figures, e.g., cuckoo clocks, trumpet clocks, etc. (figures, or part of figures set in motion by the clockwork and creating an optical special effect subclass 382; figures or parts of figures not used to indicate time subclass 386; clockworks driving inscriptions or figures subclass 384; time-indication by means of plates or bands driven electrically subclass 582) [G04B 25/06]
249  DD  .~ Internal gear therefor, e.g., for setting the second hand or for setting several clockworks, etc. [G04B 27/00B]
250  DD  .~ The setting apparatus being crown shaped (subclass 255 takes precedence) [G04B 27/00C]
251  DD  .~ Having several simultaneous functions, e.g., stopping or starting the clockwork or the hands, etc. (subclass 255 takes precedence) [G04B 27/00D]
252  DD  .~ Stepwise or on determined values (subclass 255 takes precedence) [G04B 27/00F]
253  DD  .~ Otherwise than manually (subclass 255 takes precedence) (oscillatory weights in general subclass 45) [G04B 27/00G]
254  DD  .~ With parts which are put together with the winding parts, but are functionally separate from them [G04B 27/00K]
255  DD  .~ By making use of the winding means (winding by hand or mechanically subclass 23) [G04B 27/02]
256  DD  .~.~ Changing of the winding position to the setting position and vice versa is done with an independent part of the winding or setting mechanism (subclasses 259 and 261 take precedence) (by part of the case subclass 264) [G04B 27/02B]
257  DD  .~.~ For several clockworks or pairs of hands and/or supplementary functions [G04B 27/02F]
258  DD  .~.~ With clutch wheel (support and displacement of the winding stem through the case, means for preventing the stem from going too far, fixation subclass 322) [G04B 27/04]
259  DD  .~.~.~ Changing the winding position to the setting position and vice versa is done with an independent part of the winding or setting mechanism [G04B 27/04B]
260  DD  .~.~ With rocking bar (support and displacement of the winding stem through the case, means preventing the stem from going too far, fixation subclass 322) [G04B 27/06]
261  DD  .~.~.~ Changing the winding position to the setting position and vice versa is done with an independent part of the winding or setting mechanism [G04B 27/06B]
262  DD  .~ By using parts of the case (winding by using parts of the case subclass 37) [G04B 27/08]
263  DD  .~.~ Which may be used for winding when changed from the normal position [G04B 27/08B]
264  DD  .~.~ Which, after displacing a supplementary part, may be used for winding (similar devices subclass 256; in mechanisms with coupled pinions subclass 259; in rocking mechanisms subclass 261) [G04B 27/08C]
265  DD  FRAMEWORKS [G04B 29/00]
266  DD  .~ Plates; bridges; cocks [G04B 29/02]
267  DD  .~.~ Bridges [G04B 29/02B]
268  DD  .~.~ Cocks [G04B 29/02C]
269  DD  .~.~ Materials and manufacturing (alloys, in general C22C) [G04B 29/02S]
270  DD  .~ Connecting or supporting parts [G04B 29/04]
271  DD  BEARINGS; POINT SUSPENSIONS, OR COUNTER-POINT SUSPENSIONS; PIVOT BEARINGS; SINGLE PARTS THEREFOR (bearings in general F16C; manufacture and composition of springs subclass 11; suspension of oscillating weights subclass 54; suspension of a pendulum subclass 105; devices for fixation of bearing jewels, bearings, sleeves, etc., subclass 735; bearings for electrical measurement apparatus G01R 1/10, 1/12, 11/12, 11/14; inserting jewels A44C 17/04; inserting cutting diamonds B23P 5/00) [G04B 31/00]
272  DD  .~ Jeweled bearings [G04B 31/00B]
273  DD  .~.~ With jewel hole and jewel cap (shock damping bearings with jewel hole and jewel cap subclass 283) [G04B 31/00B2]
274  DD  .~.~ With only jewel hole [G04B 31/00B3]
275  DD  .~.~ With only jewel cap [G04B 31/00B4]
276  DD  .~ Metal bearings [G04B 31/00C]
277  DD  .~.~ With metallic ball bearings and metallic roller bearings [G04B 31/00C2]
278  DD  .~.~ Metal step-bearings [G04B 31/00C3]
279  DD  .~ Plastic bearings [G04B 31/00D]
280  DD  .~ Manufacture and mounting processes [G04B 31/00S]
281  DD  .~ Lubrication (self-lubricated bearings in plastics subclass 279; lubrication of the escape wheel subclass 102; lubrication of synchronous clockworks subclass 563; lubrication devices and lubricant containers subclass 746) [G04B 31/00T]
282  DD  .~ Shock damping bearings (shock damping in the case subclasses 309, 310, and 313) [G04B 31/02]
284  DD  CALIBERS (disposition of components of the automatic winding mechanism in relation to the clockwork subclass 53) [G04B 33/00]
285  DD  .~ Circular calibers [G04B 33/02]
286  DD  .~ Noncircular calibers [G04B 33/04]
287  DD  .~ Of extremely flat shape [G04B 33/06]
288  DD  .~ In which the gear train is arranged in different planes, e.g., parallel or inclined to each other, etc. (subclass 289 takes precedence) (cases for special purposes, e.g., button or ring clockwork, etc. subclass 342) [G04B 33/08]
289  DD  .~ With second hand arranged in the center of the dial [G04B 33/10]
290  DD  .~ For extremely long running times [G04B 33/12]
291  DD  .~ Calibers of which the mainsprings or barrels are easily removable (main- springs subclass 10; barrels, arbors subclass 12; normal or mechanical winding subclass 23) [G04B 33/14]
292  DD  .~ With arrangements affording protection of the clockwork against damage as a consequence of a rupture of the mainspring (protection devices against the rupture of the mainspring or its over-tension, placed in the spring-drum or fixed on it against rupture if the mainspring is wound too far subclass 16) [G04B 33/16]
293  DD  ADJUSTING THE GEAR TRAIN, E.G., THE BACKLASH OR THE ARBORS, DEPTH OF MESHING OF THE GEARS, ETC. (adjusting the escapement subclass 101) [G04B 35/00]
294  DD  CASES (cases with a special shape subclass 390; ornamentation of the case subclass 395; cartridges A45C 11/00-11/38) [G04B 37/00]
295  DD  .~ For pocket watches and wrist watches [G04B 37/00B]
296  DD  .~.~ With folding cover or folding bottom (hinge without spring) [G04B 37/00B2]
297  DD  .~.~ With cover or bottom with a spring (savonette), bench watch opening or closing with spring action subclass 318) [G04B 37/00B3]
298  DD  .~.~ With cover or bottom which can slide or turn (without a spring action) [G04B 37/00B4]
299  DD  .~.~ The cover or the bottom can slide or turn with a spring action [G04B 37/00B5]
300  DD  .~.~ With cover or protection device which can be completely removed, either by lifting off or by sliding, or by turning (protection covers, protection cases also against humidity) [G04B 37/00B6]
301  DD  .~.~ For shaped watches [G04B 37/008B]
302  DD  .~ For wall clocks and balances (feet and stands for clocks subclass 357) [G04B 37/00C]
303  DD  .~ With means to enhance sound transmission (sonorous means for chimes subclass 225; for alarm clocks subclass 237; clockworks combined with musical devices subclass 405) [G04B 37/00J]
304  DD  .~ For more than one clockwork [G04B 37/00K]
305  DD  .~ For clock parts, e.g., for the escapement or the electric motor, etc. (protection cases and air tight vacuum means for clockwork parts subclass 338) [G04B 37/00M]
306  DD  .~ Evacuated cases; cases filled with gas or liquids; cases containing substances for absorbing or binding moisture or dust [G04B 37/02]
307  DD  .~ Mounting the clockwork in the cases; shock absorbing mountings [G04B 37/04]
308  DD  .~.~ Fixed mounting of pocket watches and wrist watches [G04B 37/04B]
309  DD  .~.~.~ With shock damping means not related to the winding stem (shock damping bearings subclass 282; shock protection subclass 378) [G04B 37/04B2]
310  DD  .~.~.~ With shock damping means including the winding stem (shock damping bearings subclass 282; shock protection subclass 382) [G04B 37/04B3]
311  DD  .~.~.~ For shaped watches [G04B 37/04B5]
312  DD  .~.~ Fixed mounting relating to wall clocks and pendulums [G04B 37/04C]
313  DD  .~.~.~ With shock damping means (shock damping bearings subclass 282; protection against shocks with shields subclass 378) [G04B 37/04C2]
314  DD  .~.~ Mounting relative to pocket and wrist watches allowing a rocking movement about a hinge or any other movement (covers and protective cases which may be removed completely either by direct removal or by sliding or turning subclass 300; ornamentation and interchangeable parts of cases, modifying the external appearance of the clockwork subclass 373) [G04B 37/04D]
315  DD  .~.~.~ Clockwork movements coming out for allowing time reading or winding (with springs) [G04B 37/04D2]
316  DD  .~.~.~ Clockwork movements which come out by spring action for time reading and winding [G04B 37/04D3]
317  DD  .~.~.~ Free standing watches (montre chevalet) [G04B 37/04D4]
318  DD  .~.~.~ Free standing watches where the clockwork, on opening or closing the case, is ejected or returned by spring action, or possibly with a spring for opening or closing the case (cases with spring action cover subclass 310; wrist watches or pocket watches which can be used as free standing watches with the aid of certain parts of the case subclass 358) [G04B 37/04D5]
319  DD  .~.~.~ Rocking mounting of the clockwork [G04B 37/04D6]
320  DD  .~.~ Mountings relative to wall-clockworks and to pendulums allowing certain movements [G04B 37/04F]
321  DD  .~.~ Mountings for sound-damping [G04B 37/04G]
322  DD  .~ Forming the passage for the winding stem through the case; divided winding stems (watertight protection means for the winding stem subclass 339; fixing the knob to the case subclass 356; winding and setting the hands with the winding stem with clutch wheel subclass 258, with rocking bar subclass 260) [G04B 37/06]
323  DD  .~.~ Means for preventing the winding stem from being pulled out too far [G04B 37/06B]
324  DD  .~.~.~ By a tirette [G04B 37/06B2]
325  DD  .~.~ Divided stem (tige brisee) (normal winding stems subclass 31) [G04B 37/06D]
326  DD  .~.~ Stem passage not being part of the layout of the clockwork [G04B 37/06F]
327  DD  .~ Hermetic sealing of openings, joints, passages, or slits (covers or protecting devices which can be directly removed, or by sliding or turning subclass 300; hermetic sealing of watch or crystal with special pieces subclass 373; hermetically-sealed electrical switches H01H 23/06) [G04B 37/08]
328  DD  .~.~ Complete encasings for wrist or pocket watches also comprising means for hermetic sealing of the winding stem and crown (hermetic sealing of the stem or crown subclass 339) [G04B 37/08B]
329  DD  .~.~.~ Without special hermetic sealing pieces [G04B 37/08B2]
330  DD  .~.~.~ For shaped watches [G04B 37/08B5]
331  DD  .~.~ Complete encasings for wrist or pocket watches without means for hermetic sealing of winding stem or crown [G04B 37/08C]
332  DD  .~.~.~ Without special hermetic sealing pieces [G04B 37/08C2]
333  DD  .~.~.~ For shaped watches [G04B 37/08C5]
334  DD  .~.~ Of the bottom of wrist or pocket watches [G04B 37/08K]
335  DD  .~.~.~ Without special hermetic sealing pieces [G04B 37/08K2]
336  DD  .~.~.~ For shaped watches [G04B 37/08K5]
337  DD  .~.~ Protection of wrist or pocket watch cases against dust [G04B 37/08M]
338  DD  .~.~ Means affording hermetic sealing inside the case, e.g., protective case for the clockwork against dust, the escapement being in a hermetically sealed case, etc. (case for watch pieces subclass 305; synchronous motor lubrication subclass 563) [G04B 37/08P]
339  DD  .~.~ Of winding stems (construction of winding crowns subclass 24; in combination with hermetic sealing subclass 328) [G04B 37/10]
340  DD  .~.~.~ By screwing the crown onto the case [G04B 37/10D]
341  DD  .~.~.~ Of pushbuttons (winding up by pushbutton subclass 24; crown in the form of pushbutton subclass 34; construction of pushbuttons subclass 35) [G04B 37/10F]
342  DD  .~ Cases for special purposes, e.g., watch combined with ring, watch combined with button, etc. (see note attached to this subclass)
343  DD  .~.~ Used as a mirror [G04B 37/12B]
344  DD  .~.~ Allowing note taking (cases with means for holding sheets of note-paper subclass 345; adjustable guide marks or pointers for indicating determined points of time subclass 211; changeable indicators subclass 393) [G04B 37/12C]
345  DD  .~.~ Used as containers or cartridges [G04B 37/12D]
346  DD  .~ Suspending devices, supports, or stands for timepieces insofar as they form part of the case (wrist watch straps, fastening means therefor A44C 5/00) [G04B 37/14]
347  DD  .~.~ Means for fixing the clockwork pieces on other objects (possibly on walls) [G04B 37/14B]
348  DD  .~.~.~ Separable means [G04B 37/14B2]
349  DD  .~.~.~ Means which can be adjusted as a function of the clockwork piece [G04B 37/14B3]
350  DD  .~.~.~ Means whereby the clockwork piece may move with regard to its suspension device [G04B 37/14B4]
351  DD  .~.~.~ Fixation on items of clothing, e.g., with clips, etc. (button watches subclass 342; brooches A44C 1/00; other similar fixation means, in general A45F 5/02) [G04B 37/14B5]
352  DD  .~.~.~ Fixation on flat support, e.g., on dashboard, etc. [G04B 37/14B6]
353  DD  .~.~ Means for suspending pocket, or other types of watches, e.g., on small chains, etc. (bracelet fixings subclass 359) [G04B 37/14C]
354  DD  .~.~.~ Construction and manufacture of case crown and clip [G04B 37/14C2]
355  DD  .~.~.~ With the case crown and a clip [G04B 37/14C3]
356  DD  .~.~.~ Fixing the case crown onto the case [G04B 37/14C4]
357  DD  .~.~ Supports and feet for supporting the clockwork (cases for standing clockworks in general subclass 302) [G04B 37/14D]
358  DD  .~.~.~ Formed by parts of the case (standing watches by bringing them out of the case or purse subclass 318) [G04B 37/14D2]
359  DD  .~.~ Arrangements for fixing to a bracelet (building watches into bracelets montre marquise subclass 342; arrangements for hanging pocket or other watches on chains subclass 353) [G04B 37/14F]
360  DD  .~.~.~ By means of a feather spring [G04B 37/14F2]
361  DD  .~.~ Fastening the case to the bracelet [G04B 37/16]
362  DD  .~ For pocket or wrist watches (subclasses 306-361 take precedence) [G04B 37/18]
363  DD  .~.~ With hinged covers or backs [G04B 37/20]
364  DD  .~ Materials or processes of manufacturing pocket watch or wrist watch cases (machines or tools for the manufacture of clockwork cases subclasses 709, 710, and 734; decoration or tools therefor subclass 391) [G04B 37/22]
365  DD  .~.~ Wear resistant cases [G04G 37/22D]
366  DD  .~.~ Nonmetallic cases (subclass 365 takes precedence) [G04B 37/22K]
367  DD  .~.~.~ Coated with a metallic layer [G04B 37/22K2]
369  DD  .~ Made of glass [G04B 39/00B]
370  DD  .~ From a material other than glass [G04B 39/00C]
371  DD  .~.~ Out of wear resistant material, e.g., sapphire, etc. [G04B 39/00C2]
372  DD  .~ With means for magnified reading (combinations with a magnifying glass in general subclass 398) [G04B 39/00G]
373  DD  .~ Arrangements for sealing (sealing the case and winding stem subclass 327) [G04B 39/00K]
374  DD  .~.~ Without special sealing parts [G04B 39/00K2]
376  DD  .~ Holding and locking of the pendulum only [G04B 41/00B]
378  DD  .~ Component shock protection arrangements (shock damping bearings subclass 282; shock-damping in the case subclass 307; protection of the pendulum or chime during transport subclass 375) [G04B 43/00B]
379  DD  .~ Protection against temperature influences [G04B 43/00C]
380  DD  .~ Antimagnetic alloys (antimagnetic alloys with temperature compensation subclass 129; apparatus for antimagnetizing subclass 783; alloys in general C22C) [G04B 43/00R]
381  DD  TIMEPIECES OF WHICH THE INDICATING MEANS OR CASE PROVOKE SPECIAL EFFECTS, E.G., AESTHETIC EFFECTS, ETC. (ornamental shaping of dials subclass 153 special effects and pictures in general B44F) [G04B 45/00]
382  DD  .~ Light-, colour-, line-, or spot-effects caused by parts or pictures moved by the clockwork (disc-shaped indicating parts subclasses 145 and 163; figures or parts thereof for indicating the time, moved by the clockwork subclass 247) [G04B 45/00B]
383  DD  .~ Light-, colour-, line- or spot-effects caused by or on stationary parts (change of appearance by exchangeable case parts subclass 409) [G04B 45/00C]
384  DD  .~ Inscriptions or pictures moved by the clockwork, e.g., for advertising, etc. (clocks with abrupt time indication subclass 85; disc-shaped indicating elements subclasses 145 and 163; advertising in general G09F) [G04B 45/00D]
385  DD  .~ Inscriptions and pictures moved by hand (clockworks with abrupt time indication subclass 85; adjustable hands or mechanisms subclass 211; combination of clockwork with counter, e.g., for sports results, etc., subclass 381; movable ornaments and decorations subclass 408) [G04B 45/00F]
386  DD  .~ Figures or parts thereof moved by the clockwork (disc-shaped indicating by moving figures subclass 247; normal moving parts of the clockwork visible through a window, e.g., the escapement, etc., subclass 394) [G04B 45/00H]
387  DD  .~.~ With oscillating motion, in pocket- or wrist watches [G04B 45/00H2]
388  DD  .~.~ With oscillating motion in hanging or standing clockworks such as imitation of a real pendulum [G04B 45/00H3]
389  DD  .~.~ Moving parts of the clockwork e.g., pendulum, hands in special form, mostly constructed as a figure (cases and nonmoving parts of the clockwork in various forms subclass 390; decoration and manufacturing methods therefor, also for moving parts subclass 391; construction of normal pendulums subclass 105; construction of normal hands subclass 143) [G04B 45/00H4]
390  DD  .~ Cases and movable parts with a special shape (movable parts with a special shape subclass 389; decoration in general, and methods of manufacture thereof subclass 391; cases in general subclass 294; combination with genuine utensils or mounting therein subclass 398) [G04B 45/00K]
391  DD  .~ Decoration of the case and of parts thereof, e.g., as a method of manufacture thereof, etc. (specially shaped subclasses 389 and 390; decoration with inscriptions and pictures subclass 392; construction of the hands subclass 143; decoration by adding extra pieces to the clockwork subclass 406; coloring by treatment of the surface, e.g., by oxidation C25D) [G04B 45/00M]
392  DD  .~ Pictures or inscriptions on the case or parts thereof, attaching complete pictures (decoration and manufacture thereof subclass 391; special decorative parts which are attached to the case or other parts subclass 406) [G04B 45/00P]
393  DD  .~.~ Changeable parts (cases or clockworks with holders or as holders subclass 345) [G04B 45/00P2]
394  DD  .~ Timepieces of which the clockwork is visible partly or wholly (figures or parts thereof moved by the clockwork subclass 391) [G04B 45/02]
395  DD  .~ Timepieces with invisible drive, e.g., with hands attached to a rotating glass disc, etc. (for advertising G09F 23/00; disc-shaped hands with marks or notches subclass 145) [G04B 45/04]
396  DD  .~.~ Whereby the clockwork is positioned in the hands or pendulum (gearwork subclass 2; pendulums subclass 105; construction of the hands subclass 143) [G04B 45/04B]
397  DD  .~.~ Whereby the driving mechanism of the hand is invisible because of special shielding (construction of the hands subclass 143) [G04B 45/04C]
398  DD  TIMEPIECES COMBINED WITH OTHER ARTICLES WHICH DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE RUNNING OR THE TIMEKEEPING OF THE TIMEPIECE (with magnifying glass built into the face subclass 368; clockwork cases for special purposes subclass 342; inscriptions or pictures moved by hand subclass 385; specially shaped cases, also imitation utensils subclass 390) [G04B 47/00]
399  DD  .~ Mounting or fixing to the steering wheel of a vehicle [G04B 47/00B]
400  DD  .~ Mounting in and combined with adjustable indicating means, e.g., date indicating means adjustable by hand, marks or counters, etc. (calendar clocks subclass 170) [G04B 47/00C]
401  DD  .~ Combined with a key [G04B 47/00E]
402  DD  .~ Combined with a lighter [G04B 47/00G]
403  DD  .~ Combined with a pen [G04B 47/00I]
404  DD  .~ Installations within mirrors, pictures, furniture or other household articles (see note attached to this subclass)
405  DD  .~.~ In musical instruments or loudspeakers (sounding bodies with chimes subclass 225; in alarm clocks subclass 237; cases with arrangements for enhancing the sound production subclass 303) [G04B 47/02C]
406  DD  .~ With attached ornaments or amusement apparatus (decorated cases see subclass 381) [G04B 47/04B]
407  DD  .~.~ Fastening of jewels and the like (set on or into numbers subclass 272; jewel bearings subclass 153; setting of jewels and tools therefor A44C; devices for setting jewel bearings subclass 735) [G04B 47/04B]
408  DD  .~.~ Movable decorations and parts thereof (inscriptions and pictures moved by hand subclass 385) [G04B 47/04C]
409  DD  .~ Changeable decorations and parts thereof, decorations for the case which change the external appearance of the clockwork (see note attached to this subclass)
410  DD  .~.~ Clockwork combined with toys (devices for teaching clock reading G09B 19/12; indicating play time G07C 1/28) [G04B 47/04K]
411  DD  .~ With attached measuring instruments, e.g., pedometer, barometer, thermometer, or compass, etc. (in combination with a tachometer which winds up the clockwork subclass 64) [G04B 47/06]
412  DD  .~.~ With measuring instruments or calculating scales for indicating relationship between quantity and time (meters for measuring average speed, measuring speed by chronograph G01P; slide rules, and calculating wheels G06G; indicating or recording of quantity-time ratios G01D) [G04B 47/06B]
413  DD  .~.~ With a compass (compasses G01C 17/00) [G04B 47/06K]
414  DD  TIMEPIECES USING THE POSITION OF THE SUN, MOON, OR STARS (devices for fixing the place and time by astronomical observations G01C 21/00) [G04B 49/00]
415  DD  .~ Sundials (normal dials subclass 147) [G04B 49/02]
416  DD  .~.~ Graduation or shaping of dials [G04B 49/04]
426  DD  WINDING MECHANICAL CLOCKS ELECTRICALLY (winding mechanically subclass 23; electrical winding of spring-driven arrangements for gramophones G11B 19/20) [G04C 1/00]
427  DD  .~ By electrothermal or electro-pneumatic arrangements [G04C 1/00B]
428  DD  .~ For clock systems (subclasses 429-434 take precedence) [G04C 1/00F]
429  DD  .~ By electromagnets [G04C 1/02]
430  DD  .~.~ With snap-acting armature [G04C 1/02B]
431  DD  .~.~.~ Winding up springs [G04C 1/02B2]
432  DD  .~.~ Having unipolar rotating armature (two-pole or multipole arrangements subclasses 434, 435, and 439) [G04C 1/02C]
433  DD  .~.~ With linearly moving armature [G04C 1/02D]
434  DD  .~ By electric motors with rotating or with reciprocating movement [G04C 1/04]
435  DD  .~.~ Winding up springs [G04C 1/06]
436  DD  .~.~.~ By oscillating movement [G04C 1/06B]
437  DD  .~.~.~ By continuous rotating movement [G04C 1/06C]
438  DD  .~.~.~ By stepping rotating movement [G04C 1/06D]
439  DD  .~.~ Raising weights [G04C 1/08]
440  DD  .~.~.~ By oscillating movement [G04C 1/08B]
441  DD  .~.~.~ By continuously rotating movement [G04C 1/08C]
442  DD  .~.~.~ By stepping rotating movement [G04C 1/08D]
443  DD  .~ Protection against overwinding (in mechanical clocks or watches subclasses 16, 36, 38, 66, and 71) [G04C 1/10]
444  DD  .~.~ Of the spring [G04C 1/12]
445  DD  .~.~ Of the weights [G04C 1/14]
447  DD  .~ Electromechanical switches for setting or display [G04C 3/00K]
448  DD  .~.~ Position, e.g., inclination dependent switches, etc. [G04C 3/00K2]
449  DD  .~.~ Magnetically controlled [G04C 3/00K3]
450  DD  .~.~ Multiple switches (subclass 449 takes precedence) [G04C 3/00K4]
451  DD  .~.~ Electromechanical contact-making and breaking devices acting as pulse generators for setting [G04C 3/00K5]
452  DD  .~ Mounting, assembling of components [G04C 3/00M]
453  DD  .~ Wherein movement is regulated by a pendulum [G04C 3/02]
454  DD  .~.~ Using mechanical coupling (using more than one pendulum subclass 457; using torsion pendulums subclass 464; using conical pendulums subclass 465) [G04C 3/02B]
455  DD  .~.~.~ With constant impulses [G04C 3/02B2]
456  DD  .~.~ Using other coupling means, e.g., electrostrictive, magnetostrictive, etc.) [G04C 3/02D]
457  DD  .~.~ Using more than one pendulum (synchronization between master and slave pendulums subclass 532) [G04C 3/02K]
458  DD  .~.~ Using electromagnetic coupling between electric power source and pendulum (subclass 464 takes precedence) [G04C 3/027]
459  DD  .~.~.~ The pendulum controlling contacts and mechanically driving the gear-train (constructional details of contact devices subclasses 545 and 608) [G04C 3/027B]
460  DD  .~.~.~ The pendulum controlling contacts, thereby electromagnetically driving the gear-train or several gear-trains (generating driving pulses in master-clocks subclass 541) [G04C 3/027C]
461  DD  .~.~.~ The pendulum controlling contacts, the pendulum driving electromagnet simultaneously driving the gear-train [G04C 3/027D]
462  DD  .~.~.~ The pendulum controlling indirectly, i.e., without mechanical connection, contacts, e.g., by magnetic or optic means, etc. [G04C 3/027E]
463  DD  .~.~.~ The pendulum controlling the gear-train by means of static switches, e.g., transistor circuits, etc. [G04C 3/027F]
464  DD  .~.~ Using torsion pendulums; using conical pendulums (construction thereof subclass 103) [G04C 3/033]
465  DD  .~.~.~ Using conical pendulums (construction thereof subclass 134) [G04C 3/033B]
466  DD  .~ Wherein movement is regulated by a balance (construction thereof subclass 110) [G04C 3/04]
467  DD  .~.~ Using mechanical coupling [G04C 3/04B]
468  DD  .~.~.~ With constant impulses [G04C 3/04B2]
469  DD  .~.~.~ Using other coupling means, e.g., electrostrictive, magnetostrictive, etc. [G04C 3/04D]
470  DD  .~.~ Using electromagnetic coupling between electric power source and balance [G04C 3/06]
471  DD  .~.~.~ The balance controlling contacts and mechanically driving the gear-train [G04C 3/06B]
472  DD  .~.~.~ The balance controlling contacts, the gear-train or several gear-trains being driven electromagnetically thereby [G04C 3/06C]
473  DD  .~.~.~ The balance controlling contacts, the balance driving electromagnet simultaneously driving the gear-train [G04C 3/06D]
474  DD  .~.~.~ The balance controlling indirectly, i.e., without mechanical connection, contacts, e.g., by magnetic or optic means, etc. [G04C 3/06E]
475  DD  .~.~.~ The balance controlling gear-train by means of static switches, e.g., transistor circuits, etc. (synchronization of balance subclass 520) [G04C 3/06F]
476  DD  .~.~.~.~ Constructional details, e.g., disposition of coils, etc. [G04C 3/06F2]
477  DD  .~.~.~.~ Driving circuits with distinct detecting and driving coils [G04C 3/06F3]
478  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ Provided with automatic control [G04C 3/06F3B]
479  DD  .~.~.~.~ Driving circuits using a single coil for detection and driving purposes [G04C 3/06F4]
480  DD  .~ Wherein movement is regulated by a mechanical oscillator other than a pendulum or balance, e.g., by a tuning fork, e.g., electrostatically, etc. [G04C 3/08]
481  DD  .~.~ Driven by electromagnetic means [G04C 3/10]
482  DD  .~.~.~ Constructional details [G04C 3/10B]
483  DD  .~.~.~.~ Of the mechanical oscillator or of the coil [G04C 3/10B2]
484  DD  .~.~.~.~ Of the pawl or the ratched-wheel [G04C 3/10B3]
485  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ Pawl and ratched-wheel being magnetically coupled [G04C 3/10B3B]
486  DD  .~.~.~.~ Controlling frequency or amplitude of the oscillating system (circuits subclass 487) [G04C 3/10B4]
487  DD  .~.~.~ Driving circuits [G04C 3/10C]
488  DD  .~.~ Driven by piezoelectric means; driven by magnetostrictive means [G04C 3/12]
489  DD  .~.~.~ Driven by magnetostrictive means [G04C 3/12B]
490  DD  .~ Incorporating a stepping motor (subclasses 302 to 488 take precedence) generating timing pulses subclasses 817 and 901; setting subclass 906; synchronization subclass 920; generating commutating pulses in masterclocks subclasses 525 and 541; slave clocks actuated intermittently by electromechanical step-advancing mechanisms subclass 548; control circuits for stepping motors in general H02P 8/00) [G04C 3/14]
491  DD  .~.~ Means to reduce power consumption by reducing pulse width or amplitude and related problems, e.g., detection of unwanted or missing step, etc. [G04C 3/14B]
492  DD  .~.~ Incorporating two or more stepping motors or rotors [G04C 3/14C]
493  DD  .~ Incorporating an electrodynamic continuously rotating motor (subclasses 453 and 488 take precedence; clocks driven by synchronous motors subclass 553) (apparatus which can be set and started to measure off predetermined or adjustable fixed time intervals with electric driving means, e.g., incorporating clocks, etc., subclasses 815 and 816; electromechanical stopwatches subclass 837) [G04C 3/16]
494  DD  .~.~ Comprising a mechanical regulating device influencing the electromotor (constructional details of the mechanical regulating device subclass 103) [G04C 3/16B]
495  DD  .~ Incorporating electrothermal or electro-pneumatic driving means [G04C 3/18]
497  DD  .~ Magnetic or electromagnetic means [G04C 5/00B]
498  DD  ELECTRICALLY ACTUATED DEVICES FOR SETTING THE TIME-INDICATING MEANS (of slave clocks subclass 533; of synchronous clocks subclass 561; mechanical setting devices subclass 248; electronic setting devices subclass 906) [G04C 9/00]
499  DD  .~ Brought into action by radio transmission [G04C 9/02]
500  DD  .~ By blocking the driving means [G04C 9/04]
501  DD  .~ By decoupling the driving means (combined with blocking means subclass 500) [G04C 9/06]
502  DD  .~ By electric drive, i.e., for mechanical clocks [G04C 9/08]
503  DD  ARRANGEMENTS OF ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLIES IN TIMEPIECES (circuits subclass 888; mounting, assembling of components of electromechanical watches subclass 452, of electronic watches subclass 877) [G04C 10/00]
504  DD  .~ The power supply being a radioactive or photovoltaic source [G04C 10/02]
505  DD  .~ With means for indicating the condition of the power supply (in general G01R 31/00B) [G04C 10/04]
506  DD  SYNCHRONIZATION OF INDEPENDENTLY DRIVEN CLOCKS (synchronization between master and slave pendulums subclass 532; synchronization of electronic oscillators in general H03L 7/00) [G04C 11/00]
507  DD  .~ By changing the driving speed [G04C 11/00B]
508  DD  .~ By changing the ratio of the driving gear [G04C 11/00C]
509  DD  .~ By positioning of the index or by regulating the length of the pendulum in dependence on the time difference with a standard [G04C 11/00H]
510  DD  .~ By radio (time setting brought into action by radio subclass 499) [G04C 11/02]
511  DD  .~.~ Provided with arrangements to prevent synchronization by interfering signals [G04C 11/02B]
512  DD  .~.~ The timepiece preparing itself on set times on the reception of the synchronizing signal [G04C 11/02C]
513  DD  .~ Over a line (transmitting time signals over telephone networks H04M 11/06; time setting subclass 498) [G04C 11/04]
514  DD  .~.~ Provided with arrangements to prevent synchronization by interfering signals [G04C 11/04B]
515  DD  .~.~ The timepiece preparing itself on set time on the reception of the synchronizing signal [G04C 11/04C]
516  DD  .~ With direct mechanical action on the time-indicating means (time setting subclass 498) [G04C 11/06]
517  DD  .~ Using an electro-magnet or -motor for oscillation correction [G04C 11/08]
518  DD  .~.~ Using an electromagnet [G04C 11/08K]
519  DD  .~.~.~ Acting on the pendulum (mutual synchronization of pendulums subclass 532) [G04C 11/08K5]
520  DD  .~.~.~ Acting on the balance [G04C 11/08K6]
521  DD  .~.~ Using an electromotor [G04C 11/08M]
522  DD  .~.~.~ Acting on the pendulum (mutual synchronization of pendulums subclass 532) [G04C 11/08M5]
523  DD  .~.~.~ Acting on the balance [G04C 11/08M6]
525  DD  .~ Circuit arrangements; electric clock installations [G04C 13/02]
526  DD  .~.~ Master-slave systems using transmission of singular pulses for driving directly slave clocks step-by-step (subclass 533 takes precedence) [G04C 13/02B]
527  DD  .~.~.~ Via existing power distribution lines [G04C 13/02B2]
528  DD  .~.~.~ Via existing transmission lines (transmitting time signals over telephone networks H04M 11/06) [G04C 13/02B3]
529  DD  .~.~.~ Via special lines [G04C 13/02B4]
530  DD  .~.~.~ By radio [G04C 13/02B5]
531  DD  .~.~ Master-slave systems using transmission of other driving signals, e.g., coded signals, etc. [G04C 13/02F]
532  DD  .~.~ Transmission systems for synchronization of pendulum of slave clocks by pendulums of master clocks [G04C 13/02K]
533  DD  .~.~ Pulse transmission systems with additional means for setting the time indication of slave clocks (subclass 532 takes precedence) [G04C 13/03]
534  DD  .~.~ Master clocks [G04C 13/04]
535  DD  .~.~.~ Monitoring or controlling master clock or system with more than one master clock, e.g., for switching over to standby motor or power system, etc. [G04C 13/04B]
536  DD  .~.~.~.~ By using devices similar to slave clocks [G04C 13/04B2]
537  DD  .~.~.~.~ Systems in which slave clocks function as master clocks for other slave clocks (synchronization of independently driven clocks subclass 506; setting subclass 498) [G04C 13/04B3]
538  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with supplementary means for setting or changing the time indication of the slave clocks [G04C 13/04C]
539  DD  .~.~.~.~ For automatically correcting or compensating for disturbances [G04C 13/04C2]
540  DD  .~.~.~.~ For automatically setting of slave clocks after correction or after setting of master clock [G04C 13/04C3]
541  DD  .~.~.~ Arrangements for generating normal driving pulses (generating timing pulses in general subclass 817) [G04C 13/04D]
542  DD  .~.~.~.~ By starting an independent mechanical driving device, e.g., motor controlling the contacts, etc. [G04C 13/04D2]
543  DD  .~.~.~.~ By switching on an electromagnetic driving device, e.g., electromotor, controlling the contacts, etc. [G04C 13/04D3]
544  DD  .~.~.~.~ By using current generating driving device [G04C 13/04D4]
545  DD  .~.~.~ Contact devices (for simultaneously winding several clocks subclass 426) [G04C 13/06]
546  DD  .~.~.~.~ Controlled by a pendulum or a balance [G04C 13/06B]
547  DD  .~ Slave clocks actuated intermittently [G04C 13/08]
548  DD  .~.~ By electromechanical step-advancing mechanisms (independent clocks or watches incorporating a stepping motor subclass 490; stepping motors in general H02K 33/00) [G04C 13/10]
549  DD  .~.~.~ Setting the time-indicating means (master-slave systems with setting means subclass 533; adjusting independently driven clocks subclasses 498 and 506) [G04C 13/10C]
550  DD  .~.~.~ With rotating armature [G04C 13/11]
551  DD  .~.~ By continuously rotating electric motors (independent clocks subclass 493; clocks driven by synchronous motors subclass 553) [G04C 13/12]
552  DD  .~.~ By electrically released mechanical driving mechanisms [G04C 13/14]
554  DD  .~ Without power reserve [G04C 15/00B]
555  DD  .~.~ Provided with hand-actuated starting device [G04C 15/00B2]
556  DD  .~.~ Provided with automatic starting device [G04C 15/00B3]
557  DD  .~.~ Provided with means for indicating disturbance [G04C 15/00B4]
558  DD  .~.~ Provided with means for checking sense of rotation [G04C 15/00B5]
559  DD  .~ With power reserve [G04C 15/00C]
560  DD  .~ Synchronous clock systems, e.g., provided with radiolink or using transmission of alternating current via existing power distribution lines, etc. [G04C 15/00H]
561  DD  .~.~ Setting the time-indicating means, e.g., by controlling the frequency or by changing the drive of the separate clocks by using an auxiliary motor, etc. [G04C 15/00H2]
562  DD  .~.~ Automatic stabilization of net frequency with regard to time, e.g., by comparing one of the clocks with an independent clock, means being provided for automatic compensation of disturbances, etc. [G04C 15/00H3]
563  DD  .~ Lubricating [G04C 15/00T]
564  DD  INDICATING THE TIME OPTICALLY BY ELECTRIC MEANS (subclass 577 takes precedence; by mechanical means subclasses 139 and 162) [G04C 17/00] precedence; by mechanical means subclasses 139 and 162) [G04C 17/00]
565  DD  .~ By hands [G04C 17/00B]
566  DD  .~.~ With date indication [G04C 17/00B2]
567  DD  .~ By flaps [G04C 17/00F]
568  DD  .~.~ With date indication [G04C 17/00F2]
569  DD  .~.~ By a combination of different types of indicating devices, e.g., flaps and drums, etc. [G04C 17/00K]
570  DD  .~ By discs (by drums subclass 573) [G04C 17/00S]
571  DD  .~.~ With date indication [G04C 17/00S2]
572  DD  .~.~.~ Electromagnetically driven, e.g., intermittently, etc. (clocks incorporating stepping motor subclass 490) [G04C 17/00S2B]
573  DD  .~ By drums or drumlike devices [G04C 17/00T]
574  DD  .~.~ With date indication [G04C 17/00T2]
575  DD  .~ Combined electro-optical and electromechanical displays [G04C 17/00V]
576  DD  .~ By electric lamps [G04C 17/02]
578  DD  .~ By electric lamps [G04C 19/02]
579  DD  .~ By indicating members moved electrically, e.g., flap, band, etc. [G04C 19/04]
580  DD  PRODUCING ACOUSTIC TIME SIGNALS BY ELECTRICAL MEANS (for mechanical clocks or watches subclasses 225 and 243) [G04C 21/00]
581  DD  .~ Constructional details (subclasses 582 and 588 take precedence) (sound- producing devices in general G10K, e.g., 1/00) [G04C 21/02]
582  DD  .~ Indicating the time of the day (acoustic indication of time subclass 217) [G04C 21/04]
583  DD  .~.~ By striking mechanism [G04C 21/06]
584  DD  .~.~.~ With snail [G04C 21/08]
585  DD  .~.~.~ With locking plate [G04C 21/10]
586  DD  .~.~ By electro-acoustic time means [G04C 21/12]
587  DD  .~.~.~ Electro-acoustic time announcement, i.e., spoken [G04C 21/14]
588  DD  .~ Producing the signals at adjustable fixed times [G04C 21/16]
589  DD  .~.~ By mechanically unlocking an electromechanical vibrator, e.g., actuated by the leakage flux of the electric driving means, etc. [G04C 21/18]
590  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with means for sheeting off or temporarily stopping the signal [G04C 21/20F]
591  DD  .~.~ By closing a contact to ring an electromechanical alarm [G04C 21/20]
592  DD  .~.~.~ By the hand(s) or handlike members closing the contact [G04C 21/20B]
593  DD  .~.~.~ Put into action by the arbor of a mechanical alarm work [G04C 21/22]
594  DD  .~.~.~ Put into action by the spring of a mechanical alarm work [G04C 21/24]
595  DD  .~.~.~ Put into action by the vibrations caused by the operation of a mechanical alarm work [G04C 21/26]
596  DD  .~.~ By closing a contact to put into action electro-acoustic means, e.g., awakening by music, etc. [G04C 21/28]
597  DD  .~.~ With provision for a number of operations at different times, e.g., ringing the bells in a school, etc. [G04C 21/30]
598  DD  .~.~.~ By the hand(s) or handlike members closing the contacts [G04C 21/30B]
599  DD  .~.~.~ Giving indications at a number of places each at a different time, e.g., system of alarms in a hotel, etc. [G04C 21/32]
600  DD  .~.~.~.~ By the hand(s) or handlike members closing the contacts [G04C 21/32B]
601  DD  .~.~.~ Adjustable from the different places themselves [G04C 21/32K]
602  DD  .~.~ Devices on watches or similar portable timepieces [G04C 21/34]
603  DD  .~.~ Signal-repeating devices [G04C 21/36]
604  DD  .~.~ Adjusting the duration of signals [G04C 21/38]
605  DD  CLOCKS WITH ATTACHED OR BUILT-IN MEANS OPERATING ANY DEVICE AT PRESELECTED TIMES OR AFTER PRESELECTED TIME INTERVALS (if restricted to producing acoustic time signals by electrical means subclass 580; mechanical alarm clocks subclass 231; apparatus which can be set and started to measure off predetermined intervals subclass 815; time or time-program switches which automatically terminate their operation after the program is completed H01H 43/00) [G04C 23/00]
606  DD  .~ Constructional details [G04C 23/02]
607  DD  .~.~ Housings, supports, shielding, or similar stationary parts [G04C 23/04]
608  DD  .~.~ Driving or regulating means [G04C 23/06]
609  DD  .~.~ Programming means [G04C 23/08]
610  DD  .~.~ For actuating any element which operates, or initiates the operation of, the device concerned [G04C 23/10]
611  DD  .~.~ Electric circuitry [G04C 23/12]
612  DD  .~ Mechanisms continuously running to relate the operation(s) to the time of day [G04C 23/14]
613  DD  .~.~ Acting only at one preselected time or during one adjustable time- interval [G04C 23/16]
614  DD  .~.~ For operating one device at a number of different times [G04C 23/18]
615  DD  .~.~.~ With contacts operated, or formed by clock hands or elements of similar form [G04C 23/20]
616  DD  .~.~.~ With the actuating element carried by a disc [G04C 23/22]
617  DD  .~.~.~.~ The actuating element controlling another element mechanically [G04C 23/24]
618  DD  .~.~ For operating a number of devices at different times [G04C 23/26]
619  DD  .~.~.~ With contacts operated, or formed, by clock hands or elements of similar form [G04C 23/28]
620  DD  .~.~.~ With the actuating element carried by a disc [G04C 23/30]
621  DD  .~.~.~.~ The actuating element controlling another element mechanically [G04C 23/32]
622  DD  .~.~ With provision for automatic modification of the program, e.g., on Sunday, etc. [G04C 23/34]
623  DD  .~.~.~ Some operations being performed at another time [G04C 23/34G]
624  DD  .~.~.~ Another program being carried out [G04C 23/34H]
625  DD  .~.~.~ Some operations being overridden [G04C 23/34M]
626  DD  .~.~.~ By external influences [G04C 23/36]
627  DD  .~ Mechanisms measuring a chosen time interval independently of the time of day at which interval starts [G04C 23/38]
628  DD  .~.~ Using continuously running mechanism [G04C 23/40]
629  DD  .~.~ Acting only at the end of a single time interval [G04C 23/42]
630  DD  .~.~.~ With provision for selection from a number of preset intervals [G04C 23/44]
631  DD  .~.~.~ With provision for adjustment of the interval (subclass 630 takes precedence) [G04C 23/46]
632  DD  .~.~ Acting at the end of successive time intervals [G04C 23/48]
633  DD  .~.~ With provision for modification of the interval(s) by external influences [G04C 23/50]
651  DD  GRIPPING, HOLDING OR SUPPORTING DEVICES (stands in general F16M; for instruments G01D 11/30, B01L) [G04D 1/00]
652  DD  .~ For assembly entirely by hand [G04D 1/00B]
653  DD  .~.~ Workbenches, supports; workbenches provided with suction devices; for dust; illumination [G04D 1/00B2]
654  DD  .~.~ Supporting means facilitating assembly and mechanization, e.g., magazines for components, etc. (machines for assembly subclass 661; supports in general subclass 680) [G04B 1/00B3]
655  DD  .~.~ Screwdrivers (screwdrivers in general B65B) [G04D 1/00B5]
656  DD  .~.~.~ With power source for driving the screwdriver [G04D 1/00B5B]
657  DD  .~.~ Tools for setting, riveting or pressing, e.g., nippers for this purpose, etc. (machines therefor subclass 736, 737, and 738) [G04D 1/00B6]
658  DD  .~ For nonautomatic assembly, with automatic transport between workbenches [G04D 1/00C]
659  DD  .~.~ Conveyor belts or chains (in general B65C) [G04D 1/00C2]
660  DD  .~.~ Turntables or plates, e.g., carousels, etc. (in general B65G 47/00) [G04D 1/00C3]
661  DD  .~ For totally automated assembly [G04D 1/00D]
662  DD  .~ Automated gripping means (hand-operated gripping means subclass 665) [G04D 1/00G]
663  DD  .~.~ With pneumatic holding means (hand tools with pneumatic means subclass 665) [G04D 1/00G2]
664  DD  .~ Devices for positioning and sorting of the components (sorting and positioning in general B23Q) [G04D 1/00H]
665  DD  .~ Tweezers; vice clamps or other special hand tools for watchmakers (subclasses 673, 683, and 684 take precedence; vices B25B; devices for setting bearing jewels and parts thereof subclass 735; devices for setting watch glasses subclass 739) [G04D 1/02]
666  DD  .~.~ Tweezers (tweezers for medical purposes A61B; setting tools B41B 1/00) [G04D 1/02B]
667  DD  .~.~ Universal nippers (nippers for setting watch glasses digest 742) [G04D 1/02C]
668  DD  .~.~ Revolving-head nippers (jaw plates for latches subclass 726) [G04D 1/02D]
669  DD  .~.~ Hand screws [G04D 1/02F]
670  DD  .~.~ Clamps for holding bearing jewels (machines for setting bearing jewels subclass 685) [G04D 1/02G]
671  DD  .~.~ Hand tools for gripping or holding by magnetic means [G04D 1/02H]
672  DD  .~.~ Hand tools for gripping or holding by pneumatic means [G04D 1/02K]
673  DD  .~ Tools for setting springs [G04D 1/04]
674  DD  .~.~ For springs of driving mechanisms (machines therefor subclass 710) [G04D 1/04B]
675  DD  .~.~ For coil springs in regulating mechanisms (machines therefor subclass 701) [G04D 1/04C]
676  DD  .~.~.~ For working the ends (machines therefor subclass 701) [G04D 1/04C2]
677  DD  .~.~.~ For fastening the ends (machines therefor subclass 701) [G04D 1/04C3]
678  DD  .~.~.~.~ On the coil roll [G04D 1/04C3B]
679  DD  .~.~.~.~ On the coil bobbin [G04D 1/04C3C]
680  DD  .~ Supporting devices for clockworks or parts of timepieces (for automatic assembly subclass 654) [G04D 1/06]
681  DD  .~.~ Provided with a pickup means, e.g., microphone, etc. (measuring and control means for comparison with a standard frequency subclass 769) [G04D 1/06B]
682  DD  .~.~ Packaging and boxes for transport (packaging for small items, packaging for special items B65D) [G04D 1/06G]
683  DD  .~ Tools for setting or removing hands [G04D 1/08]
684  DD  .~ Devices for opening or closing watch bottoms or covers (machines therefor subclass 685) [G04D 1/10]
686  DD  .~ For mechanical working other than with a lathe (lathes for watchmakers subclass 724) [G04D 3/00B]
687  DD  .~.~ For parts of driving means [G04D 3/00B2]
688  DD  .~.~.~ For springs (springs in general B21F; mainspring construction subclass 10; springs for the regulating mechanism subclass 701) [G04B 3/00B2B]
689  DD  .~.~.~ For spring barrels (construction of spring barrels subclasses 12 and 14) [G04D 3/00B2C]
690  DD  .~.~ For parts of the winding-up mechanism, e.g., for winding axles, crowns, etc. (construction thereof subclasses 23 and 40) [G04D 3/00B4]
691  DD  .~.~ For components of the pawl construction, stop clicks, clutches (construction thereof subclass 73) [G04D 3/00B6]
692  DD  .~.~ For components of gearworks (construction thereof subclass 85) [G04D 3/00B8B]
693  DD  .~.~.~ For gear wheels or gears [G04D 3/00B8B]
694  DD  .~.~.~ For axles or sleeves [G04D 3/00B8C]
695  DD  .~.~.~ For axle taps, e.g., for grinding or polishing thereof, etc. (on a lathe subclass 724) [G04D 3/00B8D]
696  DD  .~.~ For components of the escape mechanism (construction thereof subclass 95) [G04D 3/00B10]
697  DD  .~.~.~ For levers [G04D 3/00B10B]
698  DD  .~.~.~ For lever wheels [G04D 3/00B10C]
699  DD  .~.~ For components of the regulating mechanism [G04D 3/00B12]
700  DD  .~.~.~ For balances (construction therefor subclass 110) [G04D 3/00B12B]
701  DD  .~.~.~ For coil-springs (coil-springs in general B12F; springs for the driving mechanism subclass 710) [G04D 3/00B12C]
702  DD  .~.~ For components of the time-indicating mechanisms (construction thereof subclass 139) [G04D 3/00B14]
703  DD  .~.~.~ For hands (construction thereof subclass 139) [G04D 3/00B14B]
704  DD  .~.~.~ For dials (construction thereof subclasses 139 and 153) [G04D 3/00B14C]
705  DD  .~.~.~ For time markers [G04D 3/00B14D]
706  DD  .~.~ For framework components (construction thereof subclass 265) [G04D 3/00B16]
707  DD  .~.~ For bearing components (construction thereof subclass 271) [G04D 3/00B18]
708  DD  .~.~.~ For bearing jewels (machines for boring through stones B28D; for diamonds B24B; diamond polishing B24B 9/16; manufacture of drawing stones B23P 5/00; setting of industrial stones B23P 15/24) [G04D 3/00B18B]
709  DD  .~.~ For components for protecting the mechanism against external influences (construction thereof subclasses 294 and 377) [G04D 3/00B20]
710  DD  .~.~.~ For cases [G04D 3/00B20B]
711  DD  .~.~.~ For the fastening means of the case or bracelet (construction thereof subclass 359) [G04D 3/00B20C]
712  DD  .~ For working with nonmechanical means, e.g., chemical, electrochemical, metallizing, vaporizing, etc; with electron beams, laser beams [G04D 3/00C]
713  DD  .~.~ For bearing components [G04D 3/00C1]
714  DD  .~ For treatment of the material, e.g., surface treatment, etc. [G04D 3/00D]
715  DD  .~.~ For components of driving mechanisms, e.g., mainspring, etc. [G04D 3/00D2]
716  DD  .~.~ For gearwork components [G04D 3/00D8]
717  DD  .~.~.~ For gear wheels or gears [G04D 3/00D8B]
718  DD  .~.~.~ For axles, sleeves [G04D 3/00D8C]
719  DD  .~.~ For components of the escapement mechanism, e.g., lever escapement, escape wheel, etc. [G04D 3/00D10]
720  DD  .~.~ For components of the regulating mechanism, e.g., coil springs, etc. [G04D 3/00D12]
721  DD  .~.~ For components of the time-indicating mechanism, e.g., dials, etc. [G04D 3/00D14]
722  DD  .~.~ For bearing components [G04D 3/00D18]
723  DD  .~.~ For components of the means protecting the mechanism against external influences, e.g., cases, etc. [G04D 3/00D20]
724  DD  .~ Lathes, with one or more supports; burnishing machines, with one or more supports (metal lathes B23B; automatic lathes B23B; grinding and polishing in general class B24) [G04D 3/02]
725  DD  .~.~ Components [G04D 3/02B]
726  DD  .~.~.~ Jaw-plates, revolving-head nippers [G04D 3/02B2]
727  DD  .~.~ For the manufacture of special components for clockworks [G04D 3/02C]
728  DD  .~.~.~ For gearwork components [G04D 3/02C8]
729  DD  .~.~.~.~ For gear wheels or gears [G04D 3/02C8B]
730  DD  .~.~.~.~ For axles, sleeves [G04D 3/02C8C]
731  DD  .~.~.~.~ For axle taps [G04D 3/02C8D]
732  DD  .~.~.~ For components of the time-indicating mechanism, e.g., dials, etc. [G04D 3/02C14]
733  DD  .~.~.~ For bearing components [G04D 3/02C18]
734  DD  .~.~.~ For components of the means protecting the mechanism from external influences, e.g., cases, etc. [G04D 3/02C20]
735  DD  .~ Devices for placing bearing jewels, bearing sleeves, or the like in position (fixing jewels A44C 17/04; tools for assembling and taking apart gear wheels and bearing components B25B; machines for the manufacture of bearing jewels and components digest 686) [G04D 3/04]
736  DD  .~.~ For bearing jewels (pressing nippers and handtools subclass 657) [G04D 3/04B]
737  DD  .~.~ For lever, impulse-pin (adjustment of the escapement subclass 760) [G04D 3/04C]
738  DD  .~.~ For the coil rolls or bobbins [G04D 3/04D]
739  DD  .~ Devices for shaping or setting watch glasses (cutting watch glasses C03B 33/04; grinding and working of spectacle lenses and lenses B24B; working plastic materials in general B29B) [G04D 3/06]
740  DD  .~.~ Shaping without chipping away, e.g., by hot pressing or by punching out the whole piece from a plate, etc. [G04D 3/06B]
741  DD  .~.~ Shaping by removing material, e.g., cutting out from a plate, milling the edges, etc. [G04D 3/06C]
742  DD  .~.~ Setting or taking apart, whereby a temporary deformation of the glass may take place [G04D 3/06D]
743  DD  .~ Machines or apparatus for cleaning [G04D 3/08]
744  DD  .~.~ Whereby the components to be cleaned are placed in a container [G04D 3/08B]
745  DD  .~.~.~ Whereby the container rotates in a cleaning fluid [G04D 3/08B2]
746  DD  OILING DEVICES; SPECIAL LUBRICANT CONTAINERS FOR WATCHMAKERS (bearings constructed with regard to oiling of the clockwork subclass 281; oilcans for lubricating in general F16N 3/04) [G04D 5/00]
747  DD  .~ Oilcans and other handtools for lubricating special parts of the clockwork mechanism [G04D 5/00B]
748  DD  MEASURING, COUNTING, CALIBRATING, TESTING, OR REGULATING APPARATUS (measuring devices and calibers in general G01B; counters in general H03K) [G04D 7/00]
749  DD  .~ Purely mechanical measuring and testing apparatus [G04D 7/00B]
750  DD  .~ Electrical measuring and testing apparatus [G04D 7/00C]
751  DD  .~.~ For electric or electronic clocks [G04D 7/00C2]
752  DD  .~ Optical measuring and testing apparatus [G04D 7/00D]
753  DD  .~ Counters for small components, e.g., bearing jewels, etc. [G04D 7/00G]
754  DD  .~ Testing apparatus for complete clockworks with regard to external influences or general good working [G04D 7/00K]
755  DD  .~.~ With regard to the sealing of the case [G04D 7/00K2]
756  DD  .~.~ With regard to the reaction to shocks [G04D 7/00K3]
757  DD  .~.~ With regard to the functioning of the automatic winding-up device [G04D 7/00K4]
758  DD  .~ For mainsprings [G04D 7/02]
759  DD  .~ For gearwork, e.g., optical control of gear wheels, etc. (optical control in general G01B, G01B 9/08) [G04D 7/04]
760  DD  .~ For escapements [G04D 7/06]
761  DD  .~ For balance wheels [G04D 7/08]
762  DD  .~.~ For adjusting the felloe or the shafts (adjustment of the gear wheels subclass 759) [G04D 7/08B]
763  DD  .~.~ For balancing [G04D 7/08C]
764  DD  .~.~.~ By setting adjustable elements, e.g., balance wheel screws, etc. [G04D 7/08C2]
765  DD  .~.~.~ By removing material from the balance wheel itself [G04D 7/08C3]
766  DD  .~.~.~.~ Automatic devices therefor (balancing and loading or removing, carried out automatically) [G04D 7/08C3B]
767  DD  .~.~.~ By loading the balance wheel itself with material [G04D 7/08C4]
768  DD  .~ For hairsprings of balances [G04D 7/10]
769  DD  .~ Timing devices for clocks or watches for comparing the rate of the oscillating member with a standard (supporting devices for clocks with built-in recording apparatus subclass 681; measuring short time intervals subclass 844; frequency measuring in general H04B, G01R) [G04D 7/12]
770  DD  .~.~ Only for measuring [G04D 7/12B]
771  DD  .~.~.~ For complete clockworks [G04D 7/12B2]
772  DD  .~.~.~.~ With recording, e.g., vibrograph, etc. [G04D 7/12B2B]
773  DD  .~.~.~.~.~ Devices for facilitating the reading or the interpretation of the recording [G04D 7/12B2B2]
774  DD  .~.~.~ For the control mechanism only found from outside the clockwork [G04D 7/12B3]
775  DD  .~.~.~.~ For measuring amplitude [G04D 7/12B3B]
776  DD  .~.~.~.~ For measuring frequency [G04D 7/12B3C]
777  DD  .~.~ Wherein further adjustment devices are present [G04D 7/12C]
778  DD  .~.~.~ For complete clockworks [G04D 7/12C2]
779  DD  .~.~.~ For the control mechanism only from outside the clockwork [G04D 7/12C3]
780  DD  .~.~.~.~ Whereby the adjustment device works on the compass [G04D 7/12C3B]
781  DD  .~.~.~.~ Whereby the adjustment device works on the mainspring [G04D 7/12C3C]
782  DD  .~.~.~.~ Whereby the adjustment device works on the balance wheel [G04D 7/12C3D]
783  DD  DEMAGNETIZING DEVICES (demagnetizing in general H01F 13/00) [G04D 9/00]
802  DD  .~ Using electronic timing, e.g., counting means, etc. (pulse time delay arrangements H03K 5/13; modifications of electronic switches for introducing a time delay before switching H03K 17/28) [G04F 1/00B]
803  DD  .~ By consuming prefixed quantities of materials, e.g., by burning candle, etc. [G04F 1/02]
804  DD  .~ By movement or acceleration due to gravity [G04F 1/04]
805  DD  .~.~ By flowing away of a prefixed quantity of fine granular or liquid materials, e.g., sand-glass, water-clock, etc. [G04F 1/06]
806  DD  .~.~.~ Using acoustic signalling [G04F 1/06B]
807  DD  .~.~.~ Using electrical contact device [G04F 1/06C]
808  DD  .~.~ By a body falling a prefixed distance in air or in a viscous material [G04F 1/08]
810  DD  .~ With mechanical driving mechanisms [G04F 3/02]
811  DD  .~.~ Using mechanical signaling device [G04F 3/02B]
812  DD  .~.~ Mechanically actuated (cigar or cigarette receptacles or boxes with means for limiting the frequency of smoking A24F 15/00B) [G04F 3/02C]
813  DD  .~.~ Using electrical contacts, e.g., for actuating electro-acoustic device, etc. [G04F 3/02D]
814  DD  .~.~ Additional arrangements in connection with ordinary nonelectric clocks for this purpose [G04F 3/04]
815  DD  .~ With electric driving mechanisms [G04F 3/06]
816  DD  .~.~ Additional arrangements in connection with ordinary electric clocks for this purpose [G04F 3/08]
817  DD  APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING PRESELECTED TIME INTERVALS FOR USE AS TIMING STANDARDS (generating clock signals for electric digital computers G06F 1/04; regulating frequency in general H03C, L) [G04F 5/00]
818  DD  .~ Metronomes (periodic signalization by acoustic signals in general subclass 218) [G04F 5/02]
819  DD  .~.~ Mechanic metronomes [G04F 5/02B]
820  DD  .~.~ Electronic metronomes (rhythm generation for electrophonic musical instruments G10H 1/36) [G04F 5/02C]
821  DD  .~.~ Using electromechanical driving, e.g., of optical scanned recordings, etc. (electrophonic musical instruments in which tones are generated by electromechanical means, e.g., by using pickup means for reading recorded waves, etc. G10H 3/00) [G04F 5/02D]
822  DD  .~ Using oscillators with electromechanical resonators (producing electric oscillations or timing pulses [G04F 5/04]
823  DD  .~.~ Using piezoelectric resonators [G04F 5/06]
824  DD  .~.~.~ Constructional details (details of resonators in general H03H 9/02) [G043F 5/06B]
825  DD  .~.~.~.~ Trimmer condensators (capacitors in general H01G) [G04F 5/06B2]
826  DD  .~.~ Using magnetostrictive resonators [G04F 5/08]
827  DD  .~ Using electric or electronic resonators (subclass 829 takes precedence) [G04F 5/10]
828  DD  .~ Using fluidic devices [G04F 5/12]
829  DD  .~ Using atomic clocks [G04F 5/14]
830  DD  .~ Using pulses produced by radioisotopes [G04F 5/16]
832  DD  .~ By measuring the distance of fall or the final velocity of a falling body [G04F 7/02]
833  DD  .~ Using a mechanical oscillator [G04F 7/04]
834  DD  .~.~ Running only during the time interval to be measured, e.g., stopwatch, etc. [G04F 7/06]
835  DD  .~.~ Watches or clocks with stop devices, e.g., chronograph, etc. [G04F 7/08]
836  DD  .~ Means used apart from the timepiece for starting or stopping same [G04F 7/10]
838  DD  .~ Using continuously running driving means [G04F 8/00B]
839  DD  .~ Running only during the time intervals to be measured, e.g., stopwatch, etc. [G04F 8/00C]
840  DD  .~ Using an electromechanical oscillator (subclasses 817 and 844 take precedence) [G04F 8/02]
841  DD  .~.~ Using a piezoelectric oscillator [G04F 8/04]
842  DD  .~.~ Using a magnetostrictive oscillator [G04F 8/06]
843  DD  .~ Means used apart from the timepiece for starting or stopping same [G04F 8/08]
844  DD  APPARATUS FOR MEASURING UNKNOWN TIME INTERVALS BY ELECTRIC MEANS (timing devices for clocks or watches for comparing the rate of the oscillating member with a standard subclass 769; radar systems, analogous systems G01S 9/00; measuring frequency G01R 23/00; measuring phase angle G01R 25/00) [G04F 10/00]
845  DD  .~ Using oscillators with passive electric resonator, e.g., lumped LC, etc. (subclasses 846, 847, and 849 take precedence) [G04F 10/02]
846  DD  .~ By counting pulses or half cycles of an alternating current [G04F 10/04]
847  DD  .~ By measuring phase [G04F 10/06]
848  DD  .~ Using pulses produced by radioisotopes [G04F 10/08]
849  DD  .~ By measuring electric or magnetic quantities changing in proportion to time [G04F 10/10]
850  DD  .~.~ With conversion of the time intervals [G04F 10/10B]
852  DD  .~ Using optical means [G04F 13/02]
853  DD  .~.~ Using cathode-ray oscilloscopes (circuits for inserting reference time markers for cathode-ray oscilloscopes G01R 13/30B) [G04F 13/02B]
854  DD  .~.~ Measuring duration of ultrashort light pulses, e.g., in the picosecond range, etc; particular detecting devices therefor (nonlinear optics G02F 1/35; monitoring arrangements for lasers in general H01S 3/00D; photometry, radiation pyrometry G01J 1/00, 5/00) [G04F 13/02C]
855  DD  .~ Using electrochemical means [G04F 13/04]
856  DD  .~ Using fluidic means [G04F 13/06]
877  DD  .~ Structural aspects; housings; aesthetical aspects [G04F 1/00B]
878  DD  .~.~ Assembly of components [G04G 1/00B2]
879  DD  .~.~.~ Mounting of electronic components [G04G 1/00B2B]
880  DD  .~.~.~.~ Mounting of the display [G04G 1/00B2B2]
881  DD  .~.~.~ Electric connectors, e.g., conductive elastomers, etc. [G04G 1/00B2C]
882  DD  .~.~ Housings [G04G 1/00B3]
883  DD  .~.~.~ Watches distributed over several housings [G04G 1/00B3B]
884  DD  .~.~.~ Desktop clocks [G04G 1/00B3C]
885  DD  .~.~ Timepieces combined with an external data detector [G04G 1/00B4]
886  DD  .~.~.~ For measuring physiological data [G04G 1/00B4B]
887  DD  .~.~ Timepieces combined with games [G04G 1/00B5]
888  DD  .~ Electric power supply circuits (in general H02M 1/00) [G04G 1/00C]
889  DD  .~.~ Conversion or regulation of current or voltage [G04G 1/00C2]
890  DD  .~.~.~ Capacitive voltage division or multiplication [G04G 1/00C2B]
891  DD  .~.~.~ Regulation [G04G 1/00C2C]
892  DD  .~.~ Preventing voltage drop due to overloading the power supply [G04G 1/00C4]
893  DD  .~.~ Backup power supply [G04G 1/00C5]
894  DD  .~.~ Reducing power consumption during the storage of the watch [G04G 1/00C6]
895  DD  .~ Input or output device integrated in a timepiece [G04G 1/00D]
896  DD  .~.~ Using radiowaves (setting by radio subclass 907; synchronization by radio subclass 922; transmission of control signal subclass 926) [G04G 1/00D2]
897  DD  .~.~ Using voice (producing acoustic time signals subclass 968) [G04G 1/00D3]
898  DD  .~ Pulse shaping; amplification [G04G 1/00E]
899  DD  .~ Touch switches particularly adapted to timepieces (in general H03K 17/96) [G04G 1/00K]
900  DD  .~ Electronic timepieces using a microcomputer, e.g., for multifunction clocks, etc. [G04G 1/00M]
901  DD  PRODUCING TIMING PULSES (driving circuits for stepping motors subclass 490; producing preselected time intervals for use as timing standards subclass 817; pulse technique in general H03K; control, synchronization, or stabilization of generators in general H03L) [G04G 3/00]
902  DD  .~ Circuits for deriving low frequency timing pulses from pulses of higher frequency (pulse frequency dividers in general H03K 23/00 to 29/00) [G04F 3/02]
903  DD  .~.~ The desired number of pulses per unit of time being obtained by adding to or substracting from a pulse train one or more pulses (in general G06F 7/68) [G04G 3/02B]
904  DD  .~.~ By storing time and date which are periodically investigated and modified accordingly, e.g., by using cyclic shift registers, etc. [G04G 3/02D]
905  DD  .~.~ By combining pulse trains of different frequencies, e.g., obtained from two independent oscillators or from a common oscillator by means of different frequency dividing ratios, etc. (synchronization of electric timepieces subclasses 506 and 920) [G04G 3/02E]
906  DD  SETTING, I.E., CORRECTING OR CHANGING THE TIME-INDICATION (synchronization combined with automatic setting at regular intervals, e.g., by coded signals, etc., subclass 920) [G04G 5/00]
907  DD  .~ Brought into action by radio [G04G 5/00B]
908  DD  .~ Debouncing circuits [G04G 5/00C]
909  DD  .~ By using a separate register into which the entire correct setting is introduced, which is thereafter transferred to the time counters [G04G 5/00D]
910  DD  .~ By temporarily changing the number of pulses per unit time, e.g., quick-feed method, etc. [G04G 5/02]
911  DD  .~.~ Quick-feed method [G04G 5/02B]
912  DD  .~.~.~ The time counters first being reset to zero [G04G 5/02B2]
913  DD  .~.~ By adding or suppressing individual pulses, e.g., for step-motor, etc. [G04G 5/02C]
914  DD  .~ By setting each of the displayed values, e.g., date, hour, etc. independently [G04G 5/04]
915  DD  .~.~ Correction of the minutes counter in function of the seconds counter position at zero adjustment of the latter [G04G 5/04B]
916  DD  .~.~ Using a commutating device for selecting the value, e.g., hours, minutes, seconds, etc. to be corrected [G04G 5/04C]
917  DD  .~.~.~ Using a sequential electronic commutator [G04G 5/04C2]
918  DD  .~.~.~.~ By using a separate register into which the correct setting of one of the counters is introduced which is thereafter transferred to the selected time counter to be reset [G04G 5/04C2D]
919  DD  .~.~.~ By using a separate register into which the correct setting of the selected time counter is introduced which is thereafter transferred to the time counter to be reset [G04G 5/04C3]
921  DD  .~ Provided with arrangements to prevent synchronization by interfering signals [G04G 7/00B]
922  DD  .~ By radio [G04G 7/02]
923  DD  .~.~ Provided with arrangements to prevent synchronization by interfering signals [G04G 7/02B]
924  DD  .~.~ The timepiece preparing itself on set times on the reception of the synchronizing signal [G04G 7/02C]
926  DD  .~ Transmission of control signals [G04G 9/00]
927  DD  .~.~ Using coded signals (synchronization combined with automatic setting at regular intervals, e.g., by coded signals, etc. subclass 920) [G04G 9/00B2]
928  DD  .~ In which the light emitting display elements may be activated at will or are controlled in accordance with the ambient light [G04G 9/00C]
929  DD  .~ By light valves in general (subclasses 950 and 962 take precedence; electro-, magneto-, or acoustic-optic devices in general G02F 1/00) [G04G 9/00D]
930  DD  .~.~ Details [G04G 9/00D1]
931  DD  .~.~.~ Constructional [G04G 9/00D1B]
932  DD  .~.~.~.~ Illumination devices [G04G 9/00D1B2]
933  DD  .~.~.~ Electrical, e.g., selection or application of the operating voltage, etc. [G04G 9/00D1C]
934  DD  .~.~.~.~ Using means to adjust the display in accordance with the ambient light, e.g., switching or controlling a supplementary light source, etc. [G04G 9/00D1C2]
935  DD  .~ Using a cathode-ray tube as display device (displaying supplementary information, such as, time on TV screen H04N 5/445) [G04G 9/00E]
936  DD  .~ In which functions not related to time can be displayed (digital output to display devices of digital computers G06F 3/14) [G04G 9/00F]
937  DD  .~.~ Combined with a calculator or computing means [G04G 9/00F2]
938  DD  .~ In which the time in another time zone or in another city can be displayed at will [G04G 9/00G]
939  DD  .~ By building up characters using a combination of indicating elements and by selecting desired characters out of a number of characters or by selecting indicating elements the positions of which represent the time (this subclass is a combination of subclasses 942 and 954) [G04G 9/00H]
940  DD  .~.~ By controlling light sources, e.g., electroluminescent diodes, etc. [G04G 9/00H2]
941  DD  .~.~ Using light valves, e.g., liquid crystals, etc. [G04G 9/00H3]
942  DD  .~ By selecting desired character out of a number of characters or by selecting indicating elements the position of which represent the time, e.g., by using multiplexing techniques, etc. [G04G 9/02]
943  DD  .~.~ Using multiplexing techniques [G04G 9/02B]
944  DD  .~.~ Provided with date indication [G04G 9/02C]
945  DD  .~.~ Provided with means for displaying at will a time indication or a date or a part thereof [G04G 9/02D]
946  DD  .~.~ By controlling light sources, e.g., electroluminescent diodes, etc. (subclass 935 takes precedence) [G04G 9/04]
947  DD  .~.~.~ Using multiplexing techniques [G04G 9/04]
948  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with date indication [G04G 9/04C]
949  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with means for displaying at will a time-indication or a date or a part thereof [G04G 9/04D]
950  DD  .~.~ Using light valves, e.g., liquid crystals, etc. [G04G 9/06]
951  DD  .~.~.~ Using multiplexing techniques [G04G 9/06B]
952  DD  .~.~.~ Using a drop of liquid suspended by capillary forces and moved by an electric field [G04G 9/06F]
953  DD  .~.~.~ Using mechano-optical means [G04G 9/06G]
954  DD  .~ By building up characters using a combination of indicating elements, e.g., by using multiplexing techniques, etc. [G04G 9/08]
955  DD  .~.~ Using multiplexing techniques [G04G 9/08B]
956  DD  .~.~ Provided with date indication [G04G 9/08C]
957  DD  .~.~ Provided with means for displaying at will a time indication or a date or a part thereof [G04G 9/08D]
958  DD  .~.~ By controlling light sources, e.g., electroluminescent diodes, etc. (subclass 935 takes precedence) [G04G 9/10]
959  DD  .~.~.~ Using multiplexing techniques [G04G 9/10B]
960  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with date indication [G04G 9/10C]
961  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with means for displaying at will a time indication or a date or a part thereof [G04G 9/10D]
962  DD  .~.~ Using light valves, e.g., liquid crystals, etc. [G04G 9/12]
963  DD  .~.~.~ Using multiplexing techniques [G04G 9/12B]
964  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with date indication [G04G 9/12C]
965  DD  .~.~.~ Provided with means for displaying at will a time indication or a date or a part thereof [G04G 9/12D]
966  DD  .~.~.~ Using mechano-optical means [G04G 9/12G]
969  DD  .~ At preselected times, e.g., alarm clocks, etc. [G04G 13/02]
970  DD  .~.~ Details [G04G 13/02A]
971  DD  .~.~.~ Adjusting the duration and/or amplitude of signals [G04G 13/02A2]
972  DD  .~.~ Acting only at one preselected time [G04G 13/02B]
973  DD  .~.~ Acting at a number of different times [G04G 13/02C]
974  DD  .~.~ Combined with a radio [G04G 13/02D]
975  DD  TIMEPIECES COMPRISING MEANS TO BE OPERATED AT PRESELECTED TIMES OR AFTER PRESELECTED TIME INTERVALS (subclasses 967 and 968 take precedence; pulse delay circuits H03K 5/13; electronic time delay switches H03K 17/28; electronic time program switches which automatically terminate their operation after the program is completed H03K 17/296; electronic timers digest 802) [G04G 15/00]
976  DD  .~ Acting only at one preselected time or during one adjustable time interval [G04G 15/00B]
977  DD  .~ For operating at a number of different times (cigar or cigarette receptacles or boxes with means for limiting the frequency of smoking A24F 15/00B) [G04G 15/00C]