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301BLASTING {11}
302  DF  .~> Terrain clearance
303  DF  .~> Mat or deflector
304  DF  .~> Blasting plug including an opening for a fuse, fuse ignitor, or explosive
305  DF  .~> Detonation wave modifying {1}
311  DF  .~> Patterned blasting {1}
313  DF  .~> Borehole loading
314  DF  .~> Contained blasting charge {10}
325  DF  .~> Contained pressurized fluid blasting charge {3}
331  DF  .~> Blasting charge case
332  DF  .~> Blasting charge
333  DF  .~> Plug


Classification: 102/301


(under the class definition) Apparatus and corresponding methods involving the breaking up or the destruction of natural or man-made objects or material by the use of a fluid under high pressure including means for (a) the sudden release of the fluid under high pressure resulting from a chemical reaction, or (b) a very rapid escape or release of the fluid under high pressure.

(1) Note. This and the indented subclasses include accessories, e.g., mats, plugs, etc., or subcombinations specialized in blasting.

(2) Note. This group of subclasses does not include ammunition for weapons. See "SEARCH THIS CLASS, SUBCLASS", for notes to subclasses.

(3) Note. The objects or material broken up or destroyed may be above or below the ground or underwater.

(4) Note. The blasting may be for mining, excavation, or demolition purposes. See "SEARCH CLASS" notes for classes.


283+, for powder forms. 363+, for fuel air explosives.

382+, for drop bombs.

401+, for mines.

530+, for jacketed or cartridge gas generator sources.


37, Excavating,

201, for railway snow excavators of the blasting type.

72, Metal Deforming,

56, for metal deforming by an explosive force.

86, Ammunition and Explosive-Charge Making,

20, for methods and apparatus for placing of explosive compositions and devices to transport the composition into a blast hole without detonation of the composition; and subclass 22 for tools for cutting, capping, and placing fuses in a blasting charge.

89, Ordnance, 1.14, for explosively operated apparatus including

explosively operated splitting wedges.

109, Safes, Bank Protection, or a Related Device,

1, for bomb exploding or removing devices.

149, Explosive and Thermic Compositions or Charges, particularly

2+, for structure or arrangement of component or product.

166, Wells,

299, for a process involving an explosion; and subclass 63 for apparatus for causing an explosion in a well.

175, Boring or Penetrating the Earth,

2+, for boring with an explosion in an inaccessible hole.

250, Radiant Energy,

302+, for the testing for radiation tracing material in blasting charges. 264, Plastic and Nonmetallic Article Shaping or Treating: Processes,

3+, for explosive or propellent article shaping or treating.

299, Mining or In Situ Disintegration of Hard Material,

13, for processes involving explosives.

376, Induced Nuclear Reactions: Processes, Systems, and Elements,

914, for nuclear explosives.