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401  DF  .~> Capillary passages or barometric column feed
402  DF  .~> Floating film or layer of coating material {1}
404  DF  .~> Work extending through pool-confining wall area {1}
406  DF  .~> Mask or stencil
407  DF  .~> Work-confined pool {6}
416  DF  .~> Rotating work about an axis through itself during coating
417  DF  .~> Tumbling particulate work {1}
419  DF  .~> Running length work, longitudinally traveling {1}
421  DF  .~> With means to move tank or pool
422  DF  .~> With pool surface skimming or conditioning
423  DF  .~> With means for moving work through, into or out of pool {3}
427  DF  .~> With opposed relatively movable members acting on immersed work
428  DF  .~> With work supports or guides
429  DF  .~> With tank structure, liquid supply, control, and/or nonradiant heating means


Classification: 118/400

(under the class definition) Coating apparatus wherein the work to be coated is (1) introduced or dipped wholly or partially into a bath, puddle or other enclosed or restricted bulk supply of coating material, or (2) where a supported stream, column, puddle or other enclosed restricted bulk supply of coating material is brought into contact with the work to be coated.

(1) Note. The base may contact the coating material in the bulk supply of coating material or it may contact only a thin

column of coating material which has been conducted away from the bulk supply of the coating material.

(2) Note. To be classified in this and the indented subclasses coating material must be supported up to the instant it contacts the base to be coated and must be more than a film on a solid supporting surface. Compare, for example, subject matter of subclass 300 in which the coating material is flung or projected against the base, and subclass 200 for solid applicators supporting a wetting film of coating material.


26+, for immersion coating devices in which the work is edible.

56, for the combination of an immersion coating device and means to manipulate the work in some manner to distribute or move surplus coating material. 76+, for coating apparatus in which the work contacts a solid self-sustaining block of coating material.

200+, and see (2) Note, above.

300+, and see (2) Note, above.


15, Brushing, Scrubbing, and General Cleaning,

257.05+, for applicator-loading supply means into which a coating tool is dipped to transfer material to the tool surface, particularly subclasses 257.07+ for inkwells; and see the search notes to subclass 257.07.

117, Single-Crystal, Oriented-Crystal, and Epitaxy Growth Processes; Non-Coating Apparatus Therefor, for processes and non-coating apparatus for growing therein-defined single-crystal of all types of materials, including inorganic or organic, especially

54+, for processes of liquid phase epitaxy corresponding to the liquid phase epitaxy apparatus found in Class 118.

119, Animal Husbandry,

158, for apparatus for dipping animals in an insecticidal liquid.

134, Cleaning and Liquid Contact With Solids, appropriate subclasses for other devices for contacting solids with liquids for cleaning and purposes not provided for in other classes. See (2) Note of the class definitions of that class (134) for the line between that class and Class 118. 137, Fluid Handling,

386+, for liquid level maintaining a responsive system, and appropriate subclass for fluid handling systems including receptacles with means to supply fluid material thereto.

144, Woodworking,

50+, for apparatus for dipping matches to form heads.

366, Agitating, appropriate subclass for commingling of fluid and particulate material. See section IX of the class definition of Class 118 for the line between Class 118 and Class 366.

396, Photography,

564+, for photos:graphic fluid-treating apparatus.

401, Coating Implements With Material Supply,

126+, for the combination of a supply container and an applicator which either overlies the supply of coating material or depends from a closure into the supply.

422, Chemical Apparatus and Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, or Sterilizing,

301, for apparatus for sterilizing by immersion.

451, Abrading, 113, for abrading apparatus wherein the article to be abraded is immersed in the abrading medium.