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Classification: 118/75

(under the class definition) Coating apparatus claimed in combination with features other than and in addition to work handling structure, applicator structure and/or means to modify the coating in some way, and not provided for in any of the preceding subclasses.

(1) Note. By work handling structure is meant any device for manipulating, restraining, retaining, supporting, guiding, feeding, and/or discharging the work.

(2) Note. By applicator structure is meant any instrument for contacting the work with a quantity of coating material, means to supply coating material to the coating instrument, means to heat, condition, clean, or manipulate the coating instrument.

(3) Note. By means to modify the coating is meant any solid member contacting the coating on the base after application

to the base, which member modifies the coating in some way, or any masking members which restrict the application of the coating to a particular area of the work.

(4) Note. See section III of the class definition for combinations of coating apparatus with other devices located in other classes.

(5) Note. In this subclass or in subclass 23 may be found, for example, the combination of bat forming and impregnating apparatus, the combination of coating plus a subsequent work handling feature which is more than mere removal of the work from the coating zone, the combination of washing machines and starching pans, coating apparatus combined with washing or liquid treating means for treating the coating after application to the base, (compare subclasses 73+), and coating apparatus combined with means to package the work after the coating operation. SEE OR SEARCH THIS CLASS, SUBCLASS:

23, for apparatus for coating edible work combined with noncoating devices, and see (3) Note, above.

73+, for apparatus for washing the base before coating, and see (5) Note, above.