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14.01MILKERS {18}
14.02  DF  .~> Methods of milking
14.03  DF  .~> Milking station arrangements; e.g., parlors {1}
14.05  DF  .~> Releasers {2}
14.08  DF  .~> With automatic control
14.09  DF  .~> With cooling means
14.1  DF  .~> With supporting means {3}
14.14  DF  .~> With signals, indicators, registers, and timers {2}
14.18  DF  .~> Combined
14.19  DF  .~> Catheter {2}
14.22  DF  .~> With hand compression {1}
14.24  DF  .~> With mechanical compression {2}
14.27  DF  .~> With fluid compression {10}
14.43  DF  .~> With receiver between teat cups and pump; e.g., vacuum pump
14.44  DF  .~> With fluid pressure regulator
14.45  DF  .~> With nonuse securing means
14.46  DF  .~> Receiver
14.47  DF  .~> Teat compressor or cup {5}
14.54  DF  .~> Claw {1}


Classification: 119/14.01

(under the class definition) Methods and apparatus peculiarly designed for extracting milk from cows by force exerting or manipulative devices, and including ancillary devices, not provided for in other classes, associated with a collateral to milk extracting apparatus.


15, Brushing, Scrubbing, and General Cleaning,

236.01, for teat cup cleaning implements having a hard blade-like or scraping edge.

55, Gas Separation, appropriate subclasses, especially

434+, for deflection type separating means peculiarly adapted for separating a fluid from a mixture of gas and liquid as for example in a vacuum line.

73, Measuring and Testing, 61.64+, for sediment type milk testers, and subclasses 863+ for devices for obtaining samples, usually either of absolute volume or of a predetermined ratio to the source from which the sample is taken.

73, Measuring and Testing,

34, for lactometers and visual inspecting means for detection of abnormal milk, e.g., strip cuts.

74, Machine Element or Mechanism,

20+, for drives for mechanical milking machines.

92, Expansible Chamber Devices, appropriate subclasses for an expansible chamber device, and particularly

34+, for a bellows type expansible chamber device, and subclasses 89+ for a collapsible wall type expansible chamber device.

95, Gas Separation: Processes,

241+, for degasification of liquid, per se.

96, Gas Separation: Apparatus,

155+, for degasifying means for liquid, per se. 99, Foods and Beverages: Apparatus, appropriate subclasses for apparatus relating to the production of dairy products.

134, Cleaning and Liquid Contact with Solids, appropriate subclasses, for such subject matter, and see the appropriate search class note in section I of the class definition of this class (119) for a statement of the line.

137, Fluid Handling,

103+, for vacuum type pulsators, per se, (see section I of the class definition of this class (119) for the line).

138, Pipes and Tubular Conduits,

37+, for flow restrictors and regulators including variable restrictors.

210, Liquid Purification or Separation,

416.1+, for a filter combined with a pump, gas pressure or suction source.

251, Valves and Valve Actuation,

12+, for fluid actuated valves and subclasses 149+ for stall cocks and vacuum line connections.

426, Food or Edible Material: Processes, Compositions, and Products, for process of treating milk.