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713  DF  .~> Bird {3}
718  DF  .~> Responsive to voice (e.g., bark, cry, etc.) of animal
719  DF  .~> Mechanical wave producing device (e.g., sound, ultrasound, vibration, etc.)
720  DF  .~> Electromagnetic remote control {1}
722  DF  .~> Having tiltable support {1}
725  DF  .~> Body sling {2}
728  DF  .~> Suspending
729  DF  .~> Head or neck stock {5}
738  DF  .~> Stanchion {5}
751  DF  .~> Holding crate or trap {1}
753  DF  .~> Platform (e.g., grooming table, etc.) {4}
758  DF  .~> Animal-carried hook or extension for engaging and preventing breaching or lifting of fence or barrier (e.g., poke, drag hook, etc.) {3}
769  DF  .~> Hitching or tethering {10}
800  DF  .~> Lip or nose twitch
801  DF  .~> Handheld catching and holding tool {3}
809  DF  .~> For inhibiting tail switching {4}
814  DF  .~> Inhibiting use or movement of specific body part other than tail by re- straint carried solely by animal (e.g., for ear, head, foot, etc.) {7}
839  DF  .~> Device simulates animal (e.g., steer, calf, etc.) for training a pursuing or regulating horse
840  DF  .~> Stock sorting (e.g., cutting gate, etc.) {2}
843  DF  .~> Animal relocating, loading or unloading (e.g., gangway, chute, conveyor, turntable, elevator, etc.) {3}


Classification: 119/712


(under the class definition) Subject matter wherein animal limiting means is used to deter an undesired action or promote a desired action of an animal; or to manipulate, direct, or cause an animal or body part thereof to be restrained, positioned, or repositioned, or to move an animal to a different location.

(1) Note. The action of the animal may be deterred or promoted either physically, e.g., by a physical restraint, an electrical shock, etc., or mentally, e.g., by breaking, training, etc.

(2) Note. This subclass array is the residual location for a tether for a lower (i.e., nonhuman) animal not classifiable elsewhere. Subclass 770, indented hereunder, is the residual location for a tether for a human being.

(3) Note. A body-carried diaper or manure pouch used to collect animal waste or to prevent an animal from depositing its waste in an undesirable location is also not considered to control the animal. See the search notes below.

(4) Note. An animal-controlling device deters or promotes an action of an animal to which it is secured while a shield for subclass 850 below acts as a barrier, pad, etc., for protecting the animal from an external source, e.g., dirt, a disease, an injury, an insect, or itself or another animal, etc.

(5) Note. A collar encircling a torso, neck, or appendage or a harness embracing a portion of an animal body is excluded

from this subclass unless:

(a) it is combined with animal-controlling structure, e.g., a claimed drag, weight, leash, poke, etc., or


by its structural nature it is adapted to restrain a body part on its own, e.g., a mouth restraining muzzle, etc. See the search notes below.

(6) Note. A method of controlling an animal would be classified in the subclass providing for the associated structure used in the method. A method not associated with any particular structure, or using a structure not provided for hereunder, would be classified in this subclass (712).


15+, for an animal maze combined with a significant confining or housing device.

700, for a treadmill which may also control an animal.

702+, for an exercise or amusement device which may also control an animal.

770, for a tether for a human being having a disclosure not classifiable in another class. See the (2) Note above.

840, for animal sorting.

843+, for an animal relocating, loading, or unloading means, e.g., a gangway, chute, lift, conveyor, turntable, elevator, etc., particularly for a conveyor which may include an animal holding device used only for the purpose of restraining an animal while being conveyed.

850+, for a body-carried protective shield or apparel for an animal used as a barrier or pad and not as means for controlling an action of the animal. 856+, for a body- or appendage-encircling collar, band, or harness not combined with animal controlling, handling, or protecting means, particularly subclass 857 for a collar or body harness for a human being having a disclosure not classifiable in another class. See the search class notes thereunder for other classes having harness structure.

867+, for a manure.

907, for a harness of general utility.


2, Apparel, for a human body harness in combination with or constituting apparel, including a bib for an infant which may also be used to restrain the infant, and particularly

44, and 45 for a body brace or support, subclass 102 for vest apparel, and subclasses 300 through 342 for a garment supporter or retainer, e.g., subclass 311 for a belt having a handle which is worn by a motorcyclist so that a motorcycle passenger may grasp the handle as necessary.

5, Beds, for a bed or bed accessory for a human body, particularly

600+, for a body harness used with an invalid bed or surgical support and subclasses 424+ for a restraint disclosed for protecting a person from injury or from rolling out of a bed.

24, Buckles, Buttons, Clasps, etc., particularly

712+, for a drawstring or laced-fastener, subclasses 115+ for a cord or rope holder, subclasses 163+ for a buckle, subclasses 455+ for a clasp, subclasses 572+ for a separable fastener, subclasses 598.4+ for a snap hook, subclasses 698.1+ for a hook and subclass 265 for a strap-end-attaching device.

40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting, 299.01+, for a card, label, or tag, per se, which may be intended for attachment to a Class 119 device, e.g., a collar, harness, leash, etc., particularly subclasses 300+ for an animal marker, subclass 303 for a harness-supported animal marker, subclass 304 for a leg band type animal marker, subclasses 633+ for an identification bracelet and subclasses 642+ for a card, label, or tag holder.

54, Harness, for an animal harness for a draft, work, breaking, or training purpose, particularly

71+, for a harness for controlling a vicious or unruly animal or training an animal to trot, pace, etc.

114, Ships, particularly

39.18, for a body harness designed to be connected to a sailboard-type marine vessel.

116, Signals and Indicators, particularly

22+, for automatic and periodic actuation of a mechanical signal which may be used to frighten an animal.

128, Surgery, particularly

846+, for a body protecting or restraining device for a patient or an infant, particularly subclasses 869+ for a body

restraining or immobilizing device, e.g., cropped ear restraint for a dog.

182, Fire Escape, Ladder, or Scaffold, particularly

3+, for a torso harness disclosed for supporting a workman or for a rescue or escape operation and which may employ an anchoring tether. 224, Package and Article Carriers, for a body harness for a living bearer combined with package and article carrying means, particularly

158, for a carrier for a person and subclass 184 for means attached to a person for towing an object along a surface, e.g., a game animal, etc.

231, Whips and Whip Apparatus, for a whip-related apparatus which may be used to control an animal.

242, Winding, Tensioning, or Guiding,

370+, for a reeling device.

244, Aeronautics, for the combination of significant aircraft structure with body harness, particularly

122, for a device for holding an occupant to an aircraft seat and subclass 151 for a device for attaching a parachute to a person or object being lowered slowly to the ground.

256, Fences, for a fence used as a physical barrier to an animal.

269, Work Holders, for apparatus used to restrain a work piece during a work treating operation.

280, Land Vehicles, particularly

290, for a body harness for attaching a human occupant to an occupant-propelled wheeled vehicle and subclasses 801.1+ for a safety belt or harness combined with significant vehicle structure and used to prevent, restrain, or limit movement of a human occupant relative to the vehicle in the event of a sudden, unexpected movement.

297, Chairs and Seats, particularly 275, for a belt or garment restrainer with an oscillatory suspended baby jumper and subclasses 464+ for a body restrainer disclosed for confining a seated human occupant to a chair or seat, wherein the seat may be in a vehicle if no significant vehicle structure is claimed.

434, Education and Demonstration, particularly

225, for subject matter related to teaching a human being the

occupations of farming, ranching, or occupations otherwise related to an animal.

441, Buoys, Rafts, and Aquatic Devices, particularly

80+, for a water rescue or life protecting apparatus for a person which may include tether structure.

452, Butchering, particularly

54+, for a device employed in holding an animal for slaughtering.

602, Surgery: Splint, Brace, or Bandage,

1+, for an orthopedic bandage for a human or an animal, particularly subclasses 5+ for a splint or brace.

604, Surgery, particularly

358+, for an absorbent body-carried pad, e.g., a diaper, etc., for a human or an animal. 606, Surgery, particularly

204.15+, for an instrument for applying pressure to the head of a human or animal, e.g., for bending a horn, etc.