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851  DF  .~> Horn, spur, or claw shield
852  DF  .~> Udder or teat
853  DF  .~> Bird
854  DF  .~> Female-carried sexual barrier
855  DF  .~> Neck or throat protector


Classification: 119/850


(under the class definition) Subject matter wherein an animal borne guard or garment is used to protect or cover the animal or to protect another being or object from the animal.

(1) Note. A body-carried shield acts as a barrier, pad, etc. for protecting the animal from an external source, e.g., dirt, a disease, an insect, enemy, etc. It may also be used to protect another animal, human, or object, e.g., a stall, etc., from the animal carrying the shield, such as a cover to blunt or soften the point of a claw or horn, which is distinguishable from a controlling device that restrains or discourages an animal from using a claw, horn, etc. A sex

preventing barrier carried on a female animal is considered to be a shield, which is to be distinguished from a device to obstruct or discourage use of the penis of a male animal, which is considered to be a controlling device. A weaning device carried by a female that covers an udder or teat is considered to be a shield, while a weaning device carried by an animal to limit use of its mouth to nurse is a controlling device. A head-carried pick preventing device for a bird, or a collar barrier which prevents an animal from picking, biting, chewing, etc. at a portion of its body or the body of another animal, is considered to control the actions of the animal wearing it and is provided for elsewhere. In sum, a protective shield may be distinguished from a controlling device since the function of a shield is to cover a localized area of the body, which may, for example prevent an animal from using its mouth to bite the localized area, while a controlling device generally prevents or discourages an animal from reaching to the localized area and/or prevents use or movement of a body part in an action other than, for example, biting only a localized area. See the search notes below.

(2) Note. This is the residual area for animal apparel other than a collar or harness not provided for elsewhere. Such apparel, even if ornamental, is considered to shield an animal from temperature extremes and is thus appropriate for this subclass. An animal blanket is not considered to be body worn apparel for this subclass even if provided with a preformed opening or strap for a neck or leg of an animal. If a neck or leg accommodating and covering feature, e.g., a collar, sleeve, etc., extends along the neck or leg, i.e., is more than an opening or reinforced opening, then classification under this subclass (850) is considered proper. A manure pouch is not considered to be a body-carried shield or apparel. See the search notes below.

(3) Note. A horse boot and a bonnet or shield adapted to be attached to a working animal, or a harness therefor, are excluded from this subclass. See the search notes below.


95, for a manure pouch.

712+, for a controlling device which deters an undesired action or promotes a desired action of an animal wearing it, particularly subclass 715 for a head-carried pick preventing device for a bird, subclasses 814+ for an animal-carried device for restraining use or movement of a specific body part, particularly subclass 838 for a male sex organ restraining device for an animal, e.g., to prevent intercourse or self abuse by an animal wearing it, etc., and subclasses 821+ for an animal-carried mouth or throat guard used to limit the use of the mouth or throat of an animal, e.g., a muzzle or a neck-supported barrier which prevents an animal from picking, biting, chewing, etc., either another animal or object or a portion of its own body, etc. See the (1) Note above.

856+, for a body- or appendage-encircling collar or band worn on an animal, particularly subclass 862 for a collar or harness having a pricker or spur element mounted thereon.

907, for a harness of general utility.


2, Apparel, for a garment worn by a human being.

36, Boots, Shoes, and Leggings, particularly

111, for a shoe for covering the foot of an animal.

54, Harness, for an animal harness for a draft, work, breaking, or training purpose, particularly

79.1+, for a animal blanket or a garment for a working animal, subclasses 80.1+ for a bonnet or shield for a working animal and subclass 82 for a horse boot. Subclass 79.1 is the residual location for an animal blanket. See the (1), (2), and (3) Notes above.

128, Surgery, particularly

846+, for a body-protecting device for a patient or an infant.

168, Farriery, particularly 1+, for an overshoe for a cattle- or horse-type animal and subclasses 4+ for a shoe for a cattle- or horse-type animal.

604, Surgery, particularly

358+, for an absorbent pad, e.g., a diaper, etc., for application to a human or an animal.