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Classification: 119/907


A device having a plurality of straps joined together in a spaced array that is adapted to be supported on an animal, with at least one strap of the array encircling a portion of the body.


702, for a harness used for exercising or amusing an animal.

712+, for a collar in combination with an animal controlling or handling means, particularly subclasses 713+ for a collar designed especially to control or handle a bird, subclasses 725+ for a body sling, subclass 792 for a collar combined with a leash, and subclasses 821+ for a mouth restraint, especially subclass 831 for a muzzle.

850+, for a protective shield or garment, particularly subclass 855 for a neck protector.

856+, for a body- or appendage-encircling collar or band.

857, for a collar or harness for a human being. SEE OR SEARCH CLASS

2, Apparel, for a human body harness in combination with or constituting apparel, including a bib for an infant which may also be used to restrain the infant, and particularly

44, and 45 for a body brace or support, subclass 102 for vest apparel, subclasses 129+ for a garment collar, and subclasses 300 through 342 for a garment supporter or retainer, particularly subclasses 311+ for a torso- or limb-encircling belt, e.g., a belt having handles and which is worn by a motorcyclist so that a motorcycle passenger may grasp the handles as necessary.

5, Beds, for a bed or bed accessory for a human body, particularly

600+, for a body harness used with an invalid bed or surgical support and subclasses 424+ for a restraint disclosed for protecting a person from injury or from rolling out of a bed.

34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids, particularly

96+, for a body harness in combination with a dryer for human hair.

40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting,

299.01+, for a card, label, or tag, per se, which may be intended for attachment to a Class 119 device, e.g., a collar, harness, leash, etc. See, in particular, subclasses 300+ for an animal marker, subclass 303 for a harness-supported animal marker, subclass 304 for a leg band type animal marker, subclasses 633+ for an identification bracelet and subclasses 642+ for a card, label, or tag holder.

42, Firearms, particularly

96, for a body harness with arm rest used with a firearm.

54, Harness, appropriate subclasses, for an animal harness provided for in that class (i.e., for a draft or work purpose), particularly 18.1, for a harness combined with a collar, subclass 19.1 for a harness collar, and subclasses 71+ for an animal breaking

or training harness, per se.

114, Ships, particularly

39.18, for a body harness designed to be connected to a sailboard-type marine vessel.

128, Surgery,

846+, for a body protecting or restraining device for a patient or infant, and subclasses 875+ for a body restraining or immobilizing belt, strap, or harness.

182, Fire Escape, Ladder, or Scaffold, particularly

3+, for a torso harness disclosed for supporting a workman or for a rescue or escape operation and which may employ an anchoring tether.

190, Trunks and Hand-Carried Luggage, particularly

26, and 27 for trunk harness.

222, Dispensing, particularly

175, for a body-carried dispenser. 224, Package and Article Carriers, for a body harness for a living bearer combined with package and article carrying means, particularly

158, for a carrier for a person and subclass 184 for means attached to a person for towing an object along a surface, e.g., a game animal, etc.

244, Aeronautics, for the combination of significant aircraft structure with body harness, particularly

122, for a device for holding an occupant to an aircraft seat and subclass 151 for a device for attaching a parachute to a person or object being lowered slowly to the ground.

248, Supports, particularly

444, for an easel, book copy, or music score holder in combination with body harness for the user thereof.

278, Land Vehicles: Animal Draft Appliances, for a land vehicle which is pulled by a draft animal.

280, Land Vehicles, particularly

290, for a body harness for attaching a human occupant to an occupant-propelled wheeled vehicle and subclasses 801.1+ for a safety belt or harness combined with significant vehicle structure and used to prevent, restrain, or limit movement of a human occupant relative to the vehicle in the event of a

sudden, unexpected movement.

294, Handling: Hand and Hoist-Line Implements, particularly

25, for a hand and finger attachment designed to facilitate the handling of articles or material and subclass 140 for a body harness having handles for transporting a person therein. 297, Chairs and Seats, particularly

275, for a belt or garment restrainer with an oscillatory suspended baby jumper and subclasses 464+ for a body restrainer disclosed for confining a seated human occupant to a chair or seat. The seat may be in a vehicle if no significant vehicle structure is claimed.

359, Optics: Systems (Including Communication) and Elements,

516, for a signal reflector combined with a nominally recited body support.

362, Illumination,

103+, for an illuminator having support from a nominally recited collar or harness.

424, Drug, Bio-Affecting and Body Treating Compositions,

411, for a nominally recited collar or harness impregnated or coated with a body treating composition, e.g., flea collar.

441, Buoys, Rafts, and Aquatic Devices, particularly

80+, for a water rescue or life protecting apparatus for a person which may include harness structure.

482, Exercise Devices, particularly

69, for a supporting harness disclosed for suspending a human user during exercise involving travel by foot and subclass 139 for a human user interface element in the form of a harness disclosed for employment while the user manipulates a force resisting exercise apparatus. 602, Surgery: Splint, Brace, or Bandage,

41+, for bandage structure, particularly subclasses 61+ for a covering for a particular body area.

604, Surgery,

308, for a bandage pad, shield, or attaching means extendable around a body portion for sustained application of a treating material to an external body surface.

623, Prosthesis (i.e., Artificial Body Members), Parts

Thereof, or Aids and Accessories Therefor, for a body harness combined with a device of that class.