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380  DF  .~> Agitating circulator
*  DD  .~> Blow off {3}
390  DF  .~> Fluid jet {2}
393  DF  .~> Mud drum
394  DF  .~> Pans
395  DF  .~> Sandblast
396  DF  .~> Systems
397  DF  .~> Trapped circuit {3}
405  DF  .~> Wash-out nozzle


Classification: 122/379

(under the class definition) Devices comprising boilers provided with mechanism for cleaning the boiler or purifying the water while the boiler is in operation and so united therewith that it remains in position when the boiler is in

operation, or the mechanism is of such specific application that it is adapted for use with no other art, and not provided for in other subclasses in this class. In general, this subclass, and indented subclasses take cleaning apparatus combined with boiler structure and cleaning processes combined with steps of boiler operation, for example, such operations as are provided for below under the titles "Blow-off" and "Trapped circuit". It also takes apparatus and processes, per se, for cleaning boilers not elsewhere provided for.


91, for horizontal fire tube boilers with water heating circulating tubes with a sediment trap.

202, for horizontal cylindrical boilers with water heating and circulating tubes provided with a sediment trap.

360, for structure of headers for water tube boilers with hand openings and closures therefor, when the structure of the header is modified.

361, for headers provided with special boiler cleaning devices. 364, for headers provided with tube closures.

429, and 433, for feed heaters with automatically operated valves for reversing the flow of water through the trap when the blow-off is opened.

431, for feed water heaters with a filter inside the boiler.


15, Brushing, Scrubbing, and General Cleaning, appropriate subclasses for cleaning apparatus, which involve at least one of the following means. A gas blast or vacuum, brushing, beating, scraping, shaking, wiping, shotting, the use of a squeegee, with or without detergents.

134, Cleaning and Liquid Contact With Solids, for cleaning processes and apparatus including the cleaning and/or pickling of metal.

148, Metal Treatment, appropriate subclasses for metal cleaning processes (1) of any kind combined with other metal treating steps.

165, Heat Exchange,

95, for a heat exchanger with cleaning means.

196, Mineral Oils: Apparatus,

122, for mineral oil vaporizers provided with means to remove

carbon from the oil or from the vaporizer. 204, Chemistry: Electrical and Wave Energy,

196+, for electrolytic protection apparatus (e.g., to keep the surfaces of liquid heaters and vaporizers clean, etc.).

205, Electrolysis: Processes, Compositions Used Therein, and Methods of Preparing the Compositions,

724+, for processes of electrolytic protection of metal objects (e.g., to keep the surfaces of liquid heaters and vaporizers clean, etc.).

208, Mineral Oils: Processes and Products,

48, for mineral oil conversion processes which include some procedure for preventing the formation of deleterious carbon accumulations or removing such accumulations from the equipment.

210, Liquid Purification or Separation,

175+, for a heater in combination with separating apparatus, especially subclasses 177+ having means to add a treating material.

220, Receptacles,

200+, for boiler manholes and closures.

252, Compositions, for boiler compounds or mixtures and chemicals for introducing into boilers for preventing the formation of scale or for removing the scale from the boiler when formed, and processes involving the mere use of the composition even though the thing or surface treated be specified.

261, Gas and Liquid Contact Apparatus, for boiler purposes.