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451 RFEEDERS {4}
451.1  DF  .~> Automatic {1}
452  DF  .~> Boiler pressure
*  DD  .~> Gravity {2}
451 S  DF  .~> Once through

Unofficial Alpha Subclasses: R S


Classification: 122/451

(under the class definition) Devices for introducing water to boilers and controlling the introduction not otherwise provided for. Those devices that are of general application for feeding water to tanks, either open or closed, whether a boiler be disclosed or claimed in a general way, are not classified in class 122 at all, but are placed in classes that will be noted below.


1+, for boiler plants having a boiler feeder in combination.

11, where the movement of the boiler is combined with the feeding of water.

40, and 41, for boilers of the flasher type having special means for introducing water into the boiler combined


365, 428 and 444, for devices disclosing feed introducing apparatus for water tube boilers. 366, for absorbent wicks for feeding water from one portion of the boiler to another.

396, for combined cleaning, heating, and feeding devices.

398, and 403, for combined purifiers, circulators, heaters and feed introduction.

406, for feed introduction combined with circulation.

414, for injecting water into a circuit taking water from the boiler.

415, for boilers having a circuit communicating with the boiler and provided with a pump for withdrawing water from the water level in the boiler, introducing feed water, mixing it with the boiler water in the circuit, and maintaining the water level.

417, 435, 436, and 438, for devices for introducing water into the steam space.

431, and 433, for feed water conduits provided with traps and filters.

446, for combinations of fuel and water feeders.

446, through 449, under Regulation, Fuel and Water, Automatic control for automatic control of both fuel and water to the boiler.

447, for feeders with automatic cut-off for the fluid fuel upon the occurrence of an abnormal water level.

450, where the feed is governed by the movement of the boiler itself. 452, for art in this class where the feed is controlled by the pressure inside the boiler.

495, when water is fed upon the crown sheet.


60, Power Plants,

667, for a power plant energized by externally applied heat in which the boiler feed is automatically controlled.

95, Gas Separation: Processes,

241+, for degasification of liquid, especially subclass 244

for plural successive degassing treatments of boiler feed water.

96, Gas Separation: Apparatus,

155+, for degasifying means for liquid.

126, Stoves and Furnaces,

351, for automatically controlled valves for the type of water heater known in the art as "instantaneous water heaters". 137, Fluid Handling,

156+, for gas pressure discharge of a liquid as to a boiler, subclasses 171+ for steam traps, subclasses 386+ for liquid level responsive control of a valve.

200, Electricity: Circuit Makers and Breakers,

84, for electrical switches for controlling feed valves of boilers operated by a float.

236, Automatic Temperature and Humidity Regulation,

55, 60 for thermostatically operated steam traps; and subclass 52 for combinations of thermostatic valves and float valves or pressure operated valves in steam traps.

237, Heating Systems,

9+, for automatically controlled heating systems having means for introducing or controlling the introduction of water to boilers.

417, Pumps,

36+, for liquid level responsive control of a motor driving a pump, subclass 182.5 for liquid level responsive control of a jet pump and subclass 211.5 for liquid level responsive control of a pump displacement or drive transmission.