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24  DF  .~> Around tree or stake
25  DF  .~> Rotatable about vertical axis
26  DF  .~> Guided by surface track or previously formed shoulder
26.5  DF  .~> Dragline scraper {1}


Classification: 172/23

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising an earth working means adapted (1) to coact with some fixed manmade structure so as to be driven relative to or guided by said structure, (2) to be anchored to some fixed structure such as a tree or stake to be guided thereby, (3) to be operated while anchored to or supported on the earth so as to prevent the apparatus as a whole from having any translatory movement during the earth working operation, or (4) to be guided by a guide means contacting a channel or shoulder previously made in the ground.

(1) Note. The fixed man-made structure may be portable. For example, a tractor carrying a winch intended to pull an earth working element relative to the tractor to work the earth is considered a "fixed installation", provided the earth working element is not carried by the tractor.

(2) Note. A means for feeling an obstruction and merely guiding or directing an implement to avoid such obstruction is not included in this definition. Such means are found in subclass 233. Also, an apparatus comprising merely a tool which shifts on meeting an obstruction is not included.

(3) Note. In connection with section (3) of the above definition the device must have some anchor, ground supporting feet or earth penetrating pilot in addition to the earth working means. However, the pilot may itself have some earth working function.

(4) Note. In connection with section (4) of the definition, in order to come within the definition an apparatus must have an element which does not support any substantial weight and which does not have an earth working function and is disclosed as intended to contact a channel or shoulder made on a previous pass of the apparatus or some other apparatus. A landslide of a plow or the like is not classified under this definition unless it is disclosed as specially intended to be used to guide the apparatus along a previously made shoulder since a landslide which inherently could be used to guide an apparatus along a shoulder is very common in this art.

SEE OR SEARCH CLASS 104, Railways,

169, for railroad rolling stock or track type apparatus claiming an earth working implement by name only and concerned with means for reciprocating the implement across a field, and subclass 244.1 for means coacting with a furrow for guiding a vehicle or implement claimed by name only.

180, Motor Vehicles,

400+, for a motor vehicle steered by means extending from a post fixed in a field.

254, Implements or Apparatus for Applying Pushing or Pulling Force,

264+, for apparatus for hauling or hoisting a load including a driven device which contacts and pulls on a cable when the load is moved.

901, Robots, subcollection 14+ for the movement in space of a robot arm about its base.