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237  DF  .~> Roll over type implement


Classification: 172/236

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising an earth working element adapted to be propelled over the earth and a lever adapted to be lowered into engagement with the earth so as to resist motion of the apparatus whereby when the lever is engaged with the earth and the apparatus moved thereover relative motion between the lever and apparatus occurs due to the resistance of the lever, which results in some manipulation of the apparatus or a part thereof.

(1) Note. A ground wheel adapted to supply a force for manipulation of the apparatus due to its rolling over the ground is not included. See subclasses 407+, particularly subclass 409 for such devices. However, a lever arrangement including an arc, which may be a portion of a wheel, for rolling contact with the ground to manipulate the device is included, if said lever does not pass through a complete cycle of 360 deg. by contact with the ground to again be in position to repeat the cycle. The lever is not considered to pass through a cycle of 360 deg. by contact with the ground when the initial movement of the lever through a portion of the cycle is effected by earth contact movement of an earth working tool connected therewith, and such devices would be included under this definition. See subclass 90 for an earth working element driven by an irregular ground- engaging wheel or support.


90, for ground-engaging levers or irregularly shaped wheels used to give a regular or intermittent cyclical motion to an implement as it is drawn over the ground without any manipulation from the operator, i.e., a device in which a latch is released by the operator and the ground-engageable lever or irregular wheel moves through a cycle of at least 360 deg. would be classified in subclass 90, while other latch-release type devices which must be manually advanced through part of their cycle of operation or which must be manually reset and which are not free to complete a cycle of 360 deg. once having been unlatched are included under this definition (236).

205, for implements alternating for right or left hand operation and draft revoluble about a transverse axis by means of a ground-engageable draft responsive lever.

233+, for apparatus comprising a feeler means which senses some special obstruction and which causes manipulation of a part due to a movement or tendency to movement of the apparatus past the obstruction, resistance to movement being not necessarily present. 238, for apparatus including a ground wheel or wheel substitute which is moved relative to the frame by the draft force.

239, for apparatus including ground wheels and linkages for providing a constant depth of operation.


254, Implements or Apparatus for Applying Pushing or Pulling Force,

418+, for attached vehicle jacks, including jacks comprising a leg which engages the ground and lifts the vehicle by moving the vehicle with respect to the ground.

280, Land Vehicles,

43, for devices for rendering an apparatus transportable by movement of the apparatus with respect to a leg lowered to engage the ground.

414, Material or Article Handling,

438, for a ground-engaging lever for manipulating a part of a load handler or transporter.