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396  DF  .~> Vertically adjustable or selectively lockable hitch
397  DF  .~> Tool land ground support moved together relative to frame {1}
399  DF  .~> With power take-off from plural wheels
400  DF  .~> Actuator and interconnected means for adjusting wheels on different axles {4}
407  DF  .~> Power operated adjustment {2}
414  DF  .~> Flexible or lost motion connection to actuator
415  DF  .~> Translating motion {3}
421  DF  .~> Plural ground supports vertically adjustable relative to each other and the frame
422  DF  .~> Crank axle with angularly spaced wheel carrying arms
423  DF  .~> With actuator {3}


Classification: 172/395

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising a frame, an earth working element carried by the frame, means connecting a ground support such as a wheel to the frame and means for adjusting the ground support vertically with respect to the frame or moving the ground support vertically with respect to the frame to some position of adjustment.

(1) Note. For the meaning of "adjustable" see the class definition.

(2) Note. The "frame" in this definition is the running gear or structure most closely associated with the ground support. The "earth working element" carried by the "frame" may itself comprise an extensive framework.

(3) Note. The relative movement between the frame and ground support must be produced by a force other than gravity applied to a wheel axle. Merely moving the frame, for example, by lifting the hitch to swing the frame about the axis of rotation of the wheel is not included. See subclasses 321 or 323 for such devices.

(4) Note. In that type of apparatus wherein the construction comprises a frame, wheels carrying the frame and a front- wheeled draft truck pivoted to the frame on a vertical axis and vertically adjustable with respect to the frame, the frame has been considered the running gear and the wheeled truck has been considered as movable vertically thereto so that such apparatus is classifiable under this definition.

(5) Note. A mere spring-mounting means is considered not to be a means for moving the wheel to an adjusted position. (6) Note. The ground support under this definition must be either a wheel or a wheel substitute as defined in subclass 387 of this class. The wheel substitute has been included under this definition so as to permit cross-referencing of such patents into appropriate subclasses hereunder.

(7) Note. Patents are classified under this definition even if the claims refer broadly merely to an implement adjusting means provided that the sole specific disclosure relates to a wheel-adjusting means.

(8) Note. A tilting movement of a frame about the axis of a wheel is not considered a vertical adjustment of the wheel relative to the frame. See subclass 323 for an unstable frame which may carry an earth working element and be tilted about a ground wheel axis.


78, for a driven tool with an articulated connection to a vehicle and a vertically adjustable ground support.

211, for an alternating implement with interrelated lift and shift, the lift being by wheel manipulation.

236, for ground-engageable draft responsive levers or wheel segments which contact the earth to resist motion of the apparatus, continued motion of the apparatus causing some adjustment thereof, usually due to a lifting force from the lever or wheel segment.

240+, for implements comprising ground supports which contact the ground for transport only.

259, for a propulsion unit guided by a walking attendant or part of an articulated vehicle and having a vertically adjustable wheel.

293+, for a series of like elements sequentially lifted by vertical adjustment of wheels by a power cycle.

315+, for an actuator on a trailing implement for vertically adjusting a wheel and controlled from a propelling vehicle, the relationship with the vehicle being significantly claimed.

318+, for an actuator on a vehicle for vertically moving a wheel on a trailing implement relative to the implement frame. 321, for an actuator on a vehicle for lifting a wheeled implement.

387, for an implement comprising a wheel substitute.


16, Miscellaneous Hardware,

19, for vertically adjustable casters, and subclasses 32+ for caster wheel or leg elevators.

104, Railways,

244.1, for furrow followers for guiding a vehicle along the furrow.

111, Planting,

68, for an auxiliary frame elevated and depressed by means of a cranked ground-wheel axle.

171, Unearthing Plants or Buried Objects, especially

139, for apparatus comprising an unearthing unit fixed on a vertically shiftable vehicle frame, and subclass 109 for an unearthing unit mounted on a vehicular break-frame. 280, Land Vehicles,

6.15+, for a land vehicle of general utility including means, interposed between the vehicle body, chassis, or frame and running gear thereof, for altering height or levelness of the vehicle body, chassis, or frame; subclasses 43+ for a land vehicle of general utility having a wheel that is vertically adjustable with respect to the running gear for altering a dimension of the vehicle or a part thereof; or subclass 414.5 for a vehicle train of articulated vehicles having an actuator for vertically moving a wheel of the trailing vehicle.