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453  DF  .~> Actuator electrically powered
454  DF  .~> Angled gangs lifted as a unit {1}
456  DF  .~> Central group liftable vertically, side groups movable inwardly
457  DF  .~> With means to restrain lateral sway when raised
458  DF  .~> Vertical movement interrelated with another
459  DF  .~> Pivotable about longitudinal axis (e.g., lateral levelling, etc.) {1}
461  DF  .~> Tool lifted with respect to stationary or relatively movable cleaner
462  DF  .~> Plural tools, individually spring biased down, lifted as unit
463  DF  .~> Lift actuator moves with tool or forms removable unit therewith
464  DF  .~> Servo-motor forces tool down
465  DF  .~> Servo-motor with follow-up control (e.g., motion responsive position control, etc.)
466  DF  .~> Tool held raised for relieving load on servo-motor
467  DF  .~> With shiftable hitch causing vertical movement
468  DF  .~> Plural tools, independently actuatable {3}
472  DF  .~> Plural tools simultaneously raised, individually lowered
473  DF  .~> Tool differentially or sequentially lifted at longitudinally spaced points
474  DF  .~> Tool rocked about independently vertically adjustable transverse axis {1}
476  DF  .~> With lateral adjustment {1}
478  DF  .~> Tool and lift actuator on opposite sides of transverse pivot axis
479  DF  .~> Tool lifted forward of transverse pivot axis
480  DF  .~> Tool swung about freely shiftable or delayed pivot
481  DF  .~> With separate latch
482  DF  .~> Tool swings about rock shaft axis
483  DF  .~> Translatable tool {1}
485  DF  .~> Power actuator with manual adjusting or supplemental manual actuating means {2}
488  DF  .~> Single lift actuator for plural relatively movable tools {1}
490  DF  .~> Rotary drum actuator
491  DF  .~> Servo-motor actuator
492  DF  .~> With power take-off for actuator {1}
494  DF  .~> Overcenter or toggle holding means
495  DF  .~> Foot operated actuator {1}
497  DF  .~> Tool spring biased during operation {3}
501  DF  .~> Lost motion connection between actuator and tool {1}
503  DF  .~> Actuator slidably connected to tool
504  DF  .~> Screw actuator
505  DF  .~> Tool connected to frame by bail
506  DF  .~> Spring assisted or spring actuator


Classification: 172/452

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising a frame supported on ground support means such as wheels, an earth working element and an actuator for lifting the earth working element for supporting it on the frame so that it may be transported without engaging the earth.

(1) Note. For the meaning of "actuator" see the class definition.

(2) Note. Apparatus comprising an earth working element and

a means for lifting the earth working element on an implement is classifiable under this definition if the implement is claimed broadly by name only, the implement being considered the equivalent of a frame supported on wheels.

(3) Note. An actuating means imparting vertical movement to an implement is considered to come under this definition unless the actuating means is disclosed as not usable to lift the implement off the ground for transport.

(4) Note. Apparatus comprising a frame, an earth working element and a means for lifting the earth working element on the frame is classifiable under this definition if the frame is disclosed as rigidly attached to a wheel frame.

SEE OR SEARCH THIS CLASS, SUBCLASS: 47, and 439+, for an actuator on a vehicle adapted to lift an implement with a mast-type hitch for transport on the vehicle.

74, for a driven tool with a power take-off from the drive to adjust the tool.

75, for a driven tool with an interconnected lift and drive control.

238, for an implement with a ground support moved vertically relative to the frame by a draft force.

240+, for an implement with a ground support engageable with the ground for transport only.

255, for an implement with an earth working element moved vertically when the implement is turned.

260, for a propulsion unit guided by a walking attendant or part of an articulated vehicle and with an actuator for moving a tool vertically.

261+, for means for shifting an earth working element on striking an obstruction.

272+, for means to facilitate mounting an implement on a motor vehicle.

293+, for a series of earth working elements sequentially lifted by a power cycle.

297+, for earth working elements mounted forward of the rear of a self-propelled vehicle.

315+, for an actuator on a trailing implement, controlled from a propelling vehicle, the relationship with the vehicle being significantly claimed. 317+, for an actuator on vehicle for relatively moving parts

of a trailing implement.

321, for an actuator on a vehicle for lifting a wheeled implement.

322+, for an actuator for rocking an implement about a wheel axis.

326+, for an actuator on a trailing ground- supported frame for moving a draft means vertically.

395+, for an implement with an actuator for moving a ground support vertically relative to a frame.

583+, for plural groups of disks comprising a vertically adjustable group.

663+, for actuators other than those adapted to lift a tool for transport on a wheeled frame or broadly claimed implement.

781+, for a scraper mounted between front and rear ground supports of a vehicle and an actuator for lifting it for transport.

810+, for earth working elements mounted ahead of a self-propelled vehicle.


37, Excavating, appropriate subclasses for lifting means for excavators. 56, Harvesters,

273, for power- operated lifts for reciprocating side cut type harvesters.

60, Power Plants,

325+, for hydraulic servomotors operated by a pump. See note under definition of this class for line between this class and Class 60.

171, Unearthing Plants or Buried Objects

141, for lifting or tilting means for unearthing apparatus.

254, Implements or Apparatus for Applying Pushing or Pulling Force,

2+, for hoisting trucks, and other appropriate subclasses for lifting devices such as cranes adapted for general utility lifting rather than forming part of a vehicle-implement combination intended to remain coupled when in use.

280, Land Vehicles,

407, for articulated vehicles wherein the load of a trailer on a leading vehicle is adjusted by adjusting the point of application of draft to the leading vehicle, and subclass 490.1 for articulated vehicles wherein the draft means may be vertically adjusted with respect to at least one of the vehicles or the ground.

414, Material or Article Handling, 680+, for vertically swinging load supports.