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519  DF  .~> Yieldable material rim (e.g., rubber, etc.)
520  DF  .~> Tools on different axes in mutual driving relationship
521  DF  .~> With power take-off from tool or wheel
522  DF  .~> Axis substantially vertical {1}
527  DF  .~> Axis substantially longitudinal
528  DF  .~> With means for stopping or retarding rotation {1}
531  DF  .~> Wobble discs
532  DF  .~> Screw or spiral
533  DF  .~> Clutch between shaft and rotating element
534  DF  .~> Wheel or roller with peripherally spaced plant saving means
535  DF  .~> Detachable rim for disk
536  DF  .~> Wheel, roller or gauge and axially adjacent tool on same axis
537  DF  .~> Corrugated surface rollers
538  DF  .~> Paired press rims (e.g., planter press wheels, etc.)
539  DF  .~> Smooth roller with groove, rim or disk
540  DF  .~> Tool has circumferentially spaced teeth, tines, blades or the like {13}
557  DF  .~> Rim with spokes
558  DF  .~> With disk cleaning means {6}
567  DF  .~> Disk gang and single disk on diverse axes
568  DF  .~> Disk gang with movable or removable section
569  DF  .~> Disks pivoted on vertical axes with interconnected means for moving them indentically
570  DF  .~> With spring means other than for detent {2}
574  DF  .~> Plural disks with individual mount or axis {2}
577  DF  .~> Reversible group
578  DF  .~> With wheel (not on motor vehicle)
579  DF  .~> Plural groups of disks {5}
599  DF  .~> Disk gang {2}
602  DF  .~> Single disk freely swayable
603  DF  .~> Disk horizontally angularly changeable
604  DF  .~> Detailed disk structure per se


Classification: 172/518

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising an earth working element which has a rotational or orbital motion in use.

(1) Note. The motion of the element may be due to the resistance of the earth, or objects on or in the earth, as the element is moved over the earth; or it may be driven, but no more of the driving means is claimed than a driven shaft which supports the element or a wheel to which it is directly connected, and it does not require a drive means to operate it in the manner disclosed (see (3) Note under subclass 35).

(2) Note. An earth working device, comprising a plurality of earth working blades, tines, or projections mounted on an axis and intended to be used so that the earth is worked while a blade is relatively stationary with respect to its support frame and the device is rotated on its axis only occasionally to bring down another blade to engage the earth, is included even if the rotation is not a complete revolution.

(3) Note. The phrase "earth working element" or the word "tool" as applied to the subject mater of this group of subclasses includes in its meaning a unitary rotating device with a plurality of earth working blades or tines. The whole rotating device is considered a tool or earth working element, rather than merely a single blade of the device.

(4) Note. Patents are classified herein even if the claims do not describe an earth working element as being of the rolling or rotating type, provided that the sole specific disclosure relates to rolling or rotating earth working elements.


15, for a lawn edger with a rolling cutter. 21, for lawn aerators.

31, for a rolling cutter in an implement with means for shifting surface material without soil disturbance.

35+, for driven tools or cleaners, especially subclasses 68+ for a driven tool combined with a rolling tool.

133+, for diverse tools including rolling tools. The rolling

tools are not found in the generic subclass but are found in indented subclasses 144, 149+, 153, 154, 156, 157, 158, 164, 166, 169, 170+, 174+, and 184+.

219+, for an alternating implement comprising a disk.

349+, for a rolling tool guided or propelled by a walking attendant.

440+, for angled disk gangs liftable as a unit by a mast-type hitch.

454+, for angled disk gangs adapted to be liftable as a unit by an actuator for transport on a wheeled frame or broadly claimed implement, the lifting means not comprising a mast-type hitch.

683, for a tool latched in earth working position.

715, for a rotary landside.

716+, for a movable moldboard. SEE OR SEARCH CLASS

30, Cutlery, appropriate subclasses for general utility cutting implements which may roll, rotate, or move through an orbital path as the same are moved along the earth's surface.

56, Harvesters,

256, for rotating disk cutters for harvesters of the vertical-cut type, and subclasses 500+ for stalk choppers for cutting dead crop material.

111, Planting,

112+, for a rotary furrow opener claimed in combination with a plant setting machine; subclasses 121+ for a rotary furrow opener claimed in combination with liquid or gas soil treatment; and subclasses 157+ for a rotary furrow opener claimed in combination with a planting machine.

152, Resilient Tires and Wheels, appropriate subclasses for tires and wheels. A tire or wheel may inherently have an earth working function but is not classified in Class 172 unless the earth working function is claimed or specifically described in the specification as an important feature.

171, Unearthing Plants or Buried Objects,

93, for a rolling unearthing device.

175, Boring or Penetrating the Earth,

331+, for a rolling cutter-type earth boring bit. 180, Motor Vehicles,

20, for motor vehicles wherein one or more rollers support the body or frame.

301, Land Vehicles: Wheels and Axles,

5.1+, for wheels. A wheel may inherently work the earth due to its configuration, but wheels are not classified in Class 172 unless the earth working function is claimed or unless the earth working function is specifically described in the specification as an important feature.

384, Bearings,

157, for a plain bearing and 460 for an antifriction bearing for plow or colter disks which may include the bearing support.

404, Road Structure, Process, or Apparatus,

122+, for a smooth-surface compaction roller for compressing or packing clods of earth, for rolling out an earthy mass, or for rolling a cementitious mass, and subclass 121 for a sheep's foot roller.

492, Roll or Roller, for a roll, per se, not elsewhere provided for, and see the notes thereunder.