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670  DF  .~> All wheels on one side of tool
671  DF  .~> Mounted on single longitudinal beam in tool path {1}
673  DF  .~> Laterally adjustable tool
674  DF  .~> With bracket to hold tool off ground
675  DF  .~> Vertically adjustable tool
676  DF  .~> Tool follows wheel path


Classification: 172/669

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising an implement with a ground wheel or supported on a vehicle other than by a mere articulated hitch so that the vehicle carries a substantial portion of the weight of the implement rather than merely serving to pull it over the ground.

(1) Note. Where the disclosure shows a framework having a wheel or wheels and an earth working element attached to the framework so that it can be supported thereby in nonearth working position the claim is classifiable under this definition if it recites the framework even if it does not call for the wheel.

(2) Note. The support of the implement contemplated in the second part of the definition must be such that the implement would be held in substantially working position by the vehicle even if the ground did not support the implement or can be held off the ground by the vehicle.

(3) Note. Where a wheel is not carried on a wheel frame (as a tractor) but is merely supported directly on the implement (as a gauge wheel on a plow beam) then the wheel must be claimed for the patent to be classifiable under this definition.

(4) Note. The wheel under the first portion of this definition must be capable of carrying a portion of the vertical load of the implement. Wheels or rollers rotatable on a vertical or substantially vertical axis and acting as a rotary landside are excluded. See subclass 715 for such devices.

(5) Note. The "vehicle" in this definition may be a broadly claimed implement supporting another implement. See (4) Note in subclass 133. The implements must be disclosed as related in a manner appropriate for a vehicle-carried implement. A disclosure of a specifically claimed implement supported on a shank of a broadly claimed implement would be classifiable in subclasses 681+. SEE OR SEARCH THIS CLASS, SUBCLASS:

17, for a lawn edger with a wheel.

35+, for apparatus comprising a driven tool mounted on a wheeled frame.

90, for an implement comprising an irregular ground-engaging wheel for giving a tool a cyclical motion.

126+, for an earth marker carried on a broadly claimed implement.

204+, for alternating tools carried on vehicles.

240+, for an implement with a ground support engageable with

the ground for transport only.

255, for a vehicle mounting a tool which is lifted off or lowered into the ground on turning.

256+, for a propulsion unit guided by a walking attendant or part of an articulated vehicle.

272+, for means for facilitating mounting of an implement on a motor vehicle.

278+, for an implement with wheel steering or actuator for horizontally angling a wheel axis. 297+, for a tool mounted forward of the rear of a motor vehicle.

321, for an actuator on a vehicle for moving a wheeled implement.

322+, for an actuator for rocking a tool about a wheel axis.

324, for an implement comprising an actuator on a wheeled frame for moving hitch means laterally or vertically.

332+, for an implement mounted on a wheeled frame and manipulated and held in position by an attendant.

354+, for an implement with a wheel guided or propelled by a walking attendant.

383+, for an implement with a wheel having an axis of rotation which is lockable or angularly adjustable.

387+, for an implement with a wheel substitute.

395+, for an implement with a ground support vertically adjustable relative to the frame.

452+, for an apparatus comprising an actuator adapted to lift an implement for transport on a wheeled frame or broadly claimed implement.

507, for an implement with a ground support movable horizontally.

518+, for a rolling tool, especially subclass 578 for an apparatus comprising a rolling tool and a wheel (not on a motor vehicle). 780, and 781+, for a scraper mounted between the front and rear wheels of a vehicle.

810+, for a tool mounted ahead of a vehicle.


104, Railways,

244.1, for furrow followers for guiding a vehicle along the furrow.

171, Unearthing Plants or Buried Objects,

140, for an unearthing unit provided with a gauge runner or wheel, subclass 143 for wheeled chassis.

280, Land Vehicles, appropriate subclasses for wheeled vehicles, and

80.1+, for a wheeled vehicle with special reference to that portion of the vehicle which is directly concerned in enabling it to be moved along the surface.

492, Roll or Roller,

9+, for a roll, per se, not elsewhere provided for, having measuring, testing, or indicating means.