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682  DF  .~> Tool flexed to change contour
683  DF  .~> Latched in earth working position
684  DF  .~> Tool pivots on member when member moves
684.5  DF  .~> Frame-supported blade, scraper, or smoother drawn by vehicle
685  DF  .~> Plural tools {6}
698  DF  .~> Tool with laterally spaced standards
699  DF  .~> Subsoilers {1}
701  DF  .~> Ridgers
701.1  DF  .~> Tool is transversely elongated blade (e.g., bulldozer) {2}
702  DF  .~> Reversible part {1}
705  DF  .~> Spring biased or formed tool or tool part {5}
712  DF  .~> Tool assumes different position for opposite draft
713  DF  .~> Tooth
714  DF  .~> Plural earth engaging parts relatively movable because of operation {2}
719  DF  .~> With add-on cutting or wearing element applied directly over, or onto, the original cutting element
720  DF  .~> Subsurface blade (e.g., weeder, etc.)
721  DF  .~> Non-rectangular, symmetrical type {8}
734  DF  .~> Adjustable {5}
745  DF  .~> Welded
746  DF  .~> With portion extended beyond landslide
747  DF  .~> Specific material
748  DF  .~> Pivoted tool
749  DF  .~> Having separable parts interconnected without detachable fastening means {2}
752  DF  .~> With separable vertical planar longitudinal cutter (e.g., colter, etc.)
753  DF  .~> Interlocked or interfitted parts
754  DF  .~> Share and furrow slice inverting moldboard {7}
762  DF  .~> Specific tool and standard connection
763  DF  .~> Specific standard and beam connection
764  DF  .~> With separate runner, gauge, shoe or landslide
765  DF  .~> Specific tool shape {5}
772  DF  .~> Removable tool portion (e.g., replaceable cutting or wearing element for tool) {1}
773  DF  .~> Specific standard {2}


Classification: 172/681

(under the class definition) Apparatus comprising earth working elements, standards (i.e., a generally vertically extending member to which the earth working element is connected and which is in turn connected to a frame or beam member), or miscellaneous joints and connections between parts of an earth working apparatus not otherwise provided for.

(1) Note. Patents included herein may disclose and/or claim a tool, standard, or connection, "per se," or that combined with a frame.

(2) Note. Patents which are limited by disclosure or claims to a hand held tool of the type classifiable in subclasses 371+ are classified there even if only the earth working portion of the tool is claimed.

(3) Note. Frames, per se, for earth working elements which may include a plurality of joints, are not included. See subclass 776 for such apparatus.

(4) Note. Included under this definition are (1) a joint between earth working portions, (2) a joint between a non-earth working portion and an earth working portion if the claim includes some detail of significance in the earth working function (such as the shape of the earth contacting part), (3) plural joints between portions of an earth working apparatus and (4) a joint of special utility in earthworking such as a spring-biased joint. A joint between nonearth working portions and a joint between a nonearth working portion and an earth working portion identified as such by name only except for the parts related to the joint are classified in the appropriate class devoted to joints of general utility. See especially Class 403, Joints and Connections, subclasses 58+ for the joint between a standard and a beam and the joint between a standard and an earth working element.

SEE OR SEARCH THIS CLASS, SUBCLASS: 35+, for driven tools.

133+, for diverse tools.

261+, for an apparatus permitting shifting of a part on occurrence of an overload.

272+, for means to facilitate the mounting of an implement on a motor vehicle.

371+, for hand tools.

382, for multiple level tools.

518+, for rolling, rotating, or orbitally moving tools.

766, for miscellaneous nonwheeled frames for earth working elements in which the earth working elements are not claimed and including those in which a joint or connection between parts thereof is specifically claimed.


175, Boring or Penetrating the Earth,

327+, for an earth-boring bit or bit element.