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Current as of: June, 1999
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Classification: 186/

This class comprises methods and apparatus relating to (a) the performing of the various and usually normal but required activities pursuant to a selling or other mutually beneficent transaction at a retail or like service level available to the public or (b) activities directly relating to dining.

(1) Note. The transaction is normally held between persons in or at a building or other structure.

(2) Note. The subject matter of the class is intended to include the combination of a device classifiable, per se, in another class, e.g., conveyor, dispenser, etc., and structure adapting it for use in a business establishment available to the public. No attempt has been made to clear other classes of conflicting art and lines and/or placement of art between other classes and this class remains the same.

(3) Note. Dining activities include those which transpire between a prospective diner and a person or apparatus whereby a contract is satisfied or operations are completed whereby a certain desired food or foods and related appurtenances are made available to the diner for his or her consumption.

(4) Note. Mere method of doing business which consists of nonstatutory matter is not subject matter for this class.



104, Railways, appropriate subclasses for railway systems, per se. 105, Railway Rolling Stock,

327, and 328 for dining and merchandising cars, respectively.

108, Horizontally Supported Planar Surfaces,

94+, for rotatable terraced horizontal planar surfaces, for example, self-waiting tables; and subclasses 103+ for plural related horizontal planar surface members which are rotatable about a vertical axis.

141, Fluent Material Handling, With Receiver or Receiver Coacting Means, for devices for transfer of fluent material from a source and relatively movable coacting receiver.

187, Elevator, Industrial Lift Truck, or Stationary Lift for Vehicle, for an elevator, per se.

191, Electricity: Transmission to Vehicles, appropriate subclasses for the transmission of electrical energy between a relatively moving vehicle and another object.

194, Check-Actuated Control Mechanisms, for a check-controlled device, per se.

198, Conveyors: Power-Driven, for power-driven conveyors, per se.

221, Article Dispensing, for a dispenser, per se, for articles.

222, Dispensing, for a dispenser, per se, for fluent material.

364, Electrical Computers and Data Processing Systems, for electrical apparatus for, and corresponding methods of, performing calculation operations. 406, Conveyors: Fluid Current, for apparatus for the propulsion of a carrier through a tube means by fluid pressure.

414, Material or Article Handling, for devices for handling material or an article, and especially

9, for a human body operated eating aid.

452, Butchering,

177+, for an elevator and conveyor means used in a butchering operation.

705, Data Processing: Financial, Business Practice, Management, or Cost/price Determination,

15, for a data processing system for administration of restaurant ordering; subclasses 16+ for a data processing system having an electronic cash register or point of sale terminal.