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Current as of: June, 1999
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Classification: 190/

This is the generic class for receptacles which are used to

transport personal items while traveling. Such receptacles combined with or convertible to other devices are included in this class.


The suitcases and briefcases provided for in this class (190) are distinguished from the purses and wallets of Class 150 by both (1) the type of personal items they normally carry (e.g., clothes, books, papers versus money, keys, identification) and (2) their proximity to the person (e.g., left in the hotel or office room versus kept on or near the person) respectively.

A camp kit is included in this class if it has room for storage of supplies and is convertible into a desk or table. Otherwise, it is classified in Class 206, Special Receptacle or Package, subclasses 541+.



16, Miscellaneous Hardware, appropriate subclasses, for trunk casters and hinges, even though combined with corner shields, and

110+, for a handle, per se. 24, Buckles, Buttons, Clasps, etc., for a fastener, per se.

29, Metal Working, for methods of assembly, in general.

40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting,

299.01+, for a check, label or tag, per se.

70, Locks, appropriate subclasses, and in particular

63+, for an article of luggage combined with a lock of that class type (e.g., key, combination, etc.) wherein the modification of the article of luggage is only of a character to accommodate the lock.

106, Compositions: Coating or Plastic, appropriate subclasses for material of that class type nominally claimed as an article of hand luggage.

116, Signals and Indicators,

200+, for indicators, per se.

150, Purses, Wallets, and Protective Covers,

100+, for a purse (i.e., a container which is used to carry personal items such as money, credit cards identification on one's person). Note. Purses and Wallets are distinguished

from suitcases and briefcases by both (1) the type of personal items they normally carry (e.g., money, key, identification versus clothes, books, papers) and (2) their proximity to the person (e.g., kept on or near the person versus remain at the hotel or office) respectively. 156, Adhesive Bonding and Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture, for adhesive bonding in general.

206, Special Receptacle or Package,

278+, for either (1) a special receptacle for apparel which is not of the 190 (for traveling) type or (2) an article of hand carried luggage which includes claimed structure to position or support the apparel, and in particular: subclasses 286+ for an article of hand carried luggage having an interior member for supporting an article of clothing and a second member for attachment to an external support; subclasses 289+ for an article of hand carried luggage having an apparel holding member hanging inside; and subclasses 292+ for an article of hand carried luggage which includes means for holding a clothing item in a predetermined position.

220, Receptacles, for a rigid receptacle not otherwise provided for, and in particular,

4.01+, for an enclosed container having two similar or identical halves and for a knockdown receptacle.

224, Package and Article Carriers, for an article of hand luggage having a strap or other means for supporting it on the body while allowing the bearer's hands to remain free. Any article of luggage of this type is proper for Class 224 even if it also includes an element which optionally may be gripped by the bearer's hand. This class (190) includes articles of hand carried luggage which are intended to be grasped by the hand. The test to be used is: as long as one of the bearer's hands must remain occupied in order to carry the luggage, it is proper for this class (190) if it is also intended to be simultaneously slung over the bearer's shoulder.

248, Supports, for a support, per se, and in particular,

461, for a knockdown easel having a housing for the collapsed components.

252, Compositions, for compositions of that class type nominally claimed as an article of luggage.

264, Plastic and Nonmetallic Article Shaping or Treating: Processes, appropriate subclasses, for a process of making an article of luggage by molding, casting, or shaping.

280, Land Vehicles,

37, 47.131+ and 47.34+ for an article of luggage combined with transporting wheels wherein the claim recites only so much of the luggage structure as is necessary to mount or house the wheels.

292, Closure Fasteners, for a means to fasten a closure, per se, and, in particular, Digest 42 for a trunk latch.

312, Supports: Cabinet Structure,

244, for a receptacle of that class type combined with a carrying handle.

383, Flexible Bags, for receptacles of that class type which are not articles of luggage, particularly

2, for volume adjustment means, 6+ for bag handles, 33+ for a bag mouth biasing or stiffening means, 38+ for a compartmented bag, 41 for a bag having plural access openings, 66 for a sidewall closure and 86+ for mail bags.

425, Plastic Article or Earthenware Shaping or Treating: Apparatus, appropriate subclasses for an apparatus of that class type which is used to make an article of luggage.

428, Stock Material or Miscellaneous Articles, appropriate subclasses, and in particular,

34.1+, for stock material nominally claimed as an article of luggage.

441, Buoys, Rafts, and Aquatic Devices,

125, for an article, in general, convertible to or from a flotation device. This Class 190, subclass 1 provides for an article of luggage convertible to a flotation device.