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Classification: 196/

This class relates to apparatus for treating, refining, or recovering mineral oils such as petroleum, coal tar, pitch, asphalt or related products, not elsewhere classified. Included specifically in this class are apparatus for dewaxing, solvent extraction or refining of such mineral oils as well as stills designed for mineral oil distillation and condensers peculiarly adapted and limited to the mineral oil art.



15, Brushing, Scrubbing, and General Cleaning,

104.011+, 104.02 and 104.03 for implements there provided for which are used for removing carbon and which are not claimed as being permanently associated with the vaporizing apparatus but may be applied to other chambers.

34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids,

72, for apparatus therein provided for combined with means to recover vapors or other substances from gases.

48, Gas: Heating and Illuminating, appropriate subclass for apparatus for converting mineral oil to gases (e.g., by cracking). 62, Refrigeration, particularly

93, 272, and 900 for processes and apparatus for separating vapors from gases by refrigeration.

96, Gas Separation: Apparatus, for apparatus for gas separation, in general, even though disclosed or claimed for separating mineral oil vapors from hydrocarbon gases or combined with broadly recited means for recovering the mineral oil after separation.

100, Presses, appropriate subclasses for presses not elsewhere provided for and particularly

104, for presses with drain means for expressed liquid.

110, Furnaces, for miscellaneous furnace structure.

122, Liquid Heaters and Vaporizers, appropriate subclass for liquid heaters and vaporizers of general application.

137, Fluid Handling, for fluid feeding and handling not elsewhere provided for, particularly

386, for liquid level responsive flow control.

159, Concentrating Evaporators.

165, Heat Exchange, appropriate subclasses for a heat exchanger not limited to the mineral oil art.

166, Wells, appropriate subclass for apparatus for treating oil or oil bearing mineral while in the ground. 201, Distillation: Processes, Thermolytic, appropriate subclasses for a process of producing coke from solid carbonaceous material and a mineral oil distillate.

202, Distillation: Apparatus, appropriate subclass for apparatus involving distillation of general utility or which may be used to treat mineral oils among other materials. Also apparatus for distilling solid carbonaceous materials is found in Class 202.

203, Distillation: Processes, Separatory, appropriate subclass, for a process involving distillation of general utility or which may treat mineral oils among other materials.

204, Chemistry: Electrical and Wave Energy, appropriate subclass for apparatus for treating mineral oils involving more than the mere thermal effects of the electrical or wave


208, Mineral Oils: Processes and Products, for processes of treating, refining or recovering mineral oils and for mineral oil products.

210, Liquid Purification or Separation, for processes and apparatus for separating liquids including mineral oils involving no chemical treatment of the mineral oil.

219, Electric Heating, for electric heaters which may be used for heating oil.

236, Automatic Temperature and Humidity Regulation, appropriate subclasses, for means for automatically maintaining desired temperatures or humidity.

366, Agitating, for means to cause fluid materials to be commingled.

261, Gas and Liquid Contact Apparatus, appropriate subclasses for gas-liquid scrubbing devices.

299, Mining or In Situ Disintegration of Hard Material, for a process or apparatus for treating oil or oil bearing minerals while in situ in a tunnel or excavation. 422, Chemical Apparatus and Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, or Sterilizing,

256, and 261 for extracting apparatus; and subclasses 171, 177, 191, and 211 for catalytic apparatus.

431, Combustion, appropriate subclass for residual combustion apparatus.

435, Chemistry: Molecular Biology and Microbiology, appropriate subclass for apparatus specialized for use in making, separating, or purifying mineral oils or hydrocarbons by operations that include fermentations.

494, Imperforate Bowl: Centrifugal Separators, appropriate subclasses, for apparatus for breaking up a mixture of fluids or fluent substances into two or more components by centrifuging within a generally solid-walled, receptacle-like member.

516, Colloid Systems and Wetting Agents; Subcombinations Thereof; Processes of Making, Stabilizing, Breaking, or Inhibiting,

135+, for processes of or compositions for or subcombination compositions for the breaking of or inhibiting of emulsion colloid systems, when generically claimed or when there is no hierarchically superior provision in the USPC for the specifically claimed art, including breaking petroleum emulsion when there is no additional treatment of the


585, Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Compounds, appropriate subclasses for processes of preparing, recovering or purifying hydrocarbons of known composition.