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87.01WRAPPER {17}
87.02  DF  .~> Shock protection
87.03  DF  .~> Expansible (e.g., pleated, stretchable, etc.)
87.04  DF  .~> With handle
87.05  DF  .~> Including means to facilitate severing the wrapper (e.g., cutting, tearing, etc.)
87.06  DF  .~> Including transparent portion or window
87.07  DF  .~> For chewing gum
87.08  DF  .~> For food {2}
87.12  DF  .~> For a single cigar or cigarette
87.13  DF  .~> For a pack of cigarettes or cigars
87.14  DF  .~> For tobacco
87.15  DF  .~> For apparel {2}
87.18  DF  .~> For a paperboard box (e.g., cardboard) {1}
87.2  DF  .~> Coin type
87.5  DF  .~> Pocketed
89  DF  .~> Bottle {2}
92  DF  .~> Mailing sheets
92.1  DF  .~> Letter sheets {4}


Classification: 229/87.01


(under the class definition) Subject matter comprising a single-use covering made of paper or paper-substitute material and having a structural element (e.g., fastener, seal, etc.) or a specified shape adapting it for a wrapping a mercantile unit.

(1) Note. A "single-use" covering is one which is discarded after use. (By contrast, Class 150, Purses, Wallets, and Protective Covers, provides for a flexible, protective article cover which is reusable).

(2) Note. An example of a paper-substitute material is a flexible sheet of cellulosic or resinous material (e.g., plastic film).

(3) Note. A mercantile unit includes means in or by which goods are displayed, protected, packaged, or arranged in a particular manner to facilitate sale, transportation in commerce, use or storage.


47, Plant Husbandry,

72, for a wrapper for a flower pot.

131, Tobacco, 365, for a cigar or cigarette, per se, which may have a paper or tobacco leaf wrapper which remains in place during smoking and is normally consumed.

150, Purses, Wallets, and Protective Covers,

154+, for a flexible, protective article cover made of flaccid material, which cover is intended to be reused.

206, Special Receptacle or Package, for an article and its containment means (wrapped goods), particularly

597, for a package with a pallet feature and a binder wrap for content, and subclass 497 for a shrink film package.

383, Flexible Bags, for a receptacle having a flaccid or flexible wall, at least one closed end, and an access opening through which contents may be inserted or removed.

426, Food or Edible Material: Processes, Compositions, and Products,

106+, for a wrapped or packaged food product.

428, Stock Material or Miscellaneous Article,

68+, for a sheet of material having a cover or casing.