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223  DF  .~> Fishing rod reel {8}
371  DF  .~> With spring motor {12}
386  DF  .~> With orbital wrapping guide
387  DF  .~> Axial unwinding
388  DF  .~> Multiple windings {2}
388.9  DF  .~> Material stored in loops or variable-size coils {1}
389  DF  .~> With particular drive (e.g., ratchet drive, motor drive) {6}
396  DF  .~> With brake {2}
397  DF  .~> With particular guide or guard {3}
398  DF  .~> With particular frame or frame carrier {8}
407  DF  .~> With particular spool {1}


Classification: 242/370


(under the class definition) Apparatus or method capable of repeatedly winding and unwinding an elongated material on a spool or similar support mounted on a frame, usually by power applied by a drive mechanism, to either rotate a spool or orbit a guide about a stationary spool.

(1) Note. The terms reeling device or reel are used here to denote a device typically including a frame, a spool, and a drive mechanism to cause elongated material to be alternately wound and unwound, not to be confused with reel commonly used to denote the material holder or spool, per se.

(2) Note. An inclusive exception is made for a disclosure of: (a) a particular spool provided with a distinct hand grip that replaces a distinct frame; (b) a frame-supported, stationary spool on which the same material is to be hand wrapped replacing the typical drive mechanism; or (c) a drive mechanism mounted on a frame for winding and unwinding a material in which the inner convolution (e.g., a metal tape) serves in lieu of a distinct spool.

(3) Note. Excluded from this section is a coil holder to which a previously wound coil is introduced for dispensing even though a manual drive may be provided with a drive mechanism such as a crank to rewind a temporary excess of dispensed material.

(4) Note. Reeling apparatus normally provide convenient storage for material in contrast to a winch or hoist that moves or lifts a load attached to the material. However, practical similarities justify an exception wherein convenient storage of material is dominant over accommodation of a possible load as in fishing and seatbelt reels.


4, Baths, Closets, Sinks, and Spittoons, 502, for a reeling device for positioning a specified pool cover.

8, Bleaching and Dyeing; Fluid Treatment and Chemical Modification of Textiles and Fibers,

151+, for a reeling device for positioning material with respect to a specified treatment apparatus.

15, Brushing, Scrubbing, and General Cleaning,

256.5+, for a reeling device combined with a brush or similar structure for cleaning running material as it is wound or unwound.

24, Buckles, Buttons, Clasps, etc.,

3+, for an article holder that may include a reeling component (e.g., to wind and unwind an article tether).

34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids,

117, 118, and 153 for a reeling device for handling strand or web subjected to a Class 34 art process or apparatus.

40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting, particularly

347, 348, 385+, 470+, 483, 514, 518, and 529 for a reeling device combined with a specific register, file, or changing exhibitor.

43, Fishing, Trapping, and Vermin Destroying, 8, 20, 21, 25, 26.1, 42.28+, and 57.3 for a reeling device combined with apparatus particularly useful in the capture of fish.

160, Flexible or Portable Closure, Partition, or Panel,

120+, 170+, and 238+ for a reeling device for positioning a specified closure member or similar panel.

239, Fluid Sprinkling, Spraying, and Diffusing, particularly

34, 52, 195+, 736, and 745 for a reeling device combined with a specified fluid coupling to a hose or other conduit.

248, Supports, particularly

75, 266, 329, 330.1, and 492 for a reeling device with a particular supporting structure.

254, Implements or Apparatus for Applying Pushing or Pulling Force, particularly

264+, for reeling structure specially constructed or used to haul or hoist a disconnectable load.

362, Illumination, particularly

258, 388, and 407 for a reeling device for an electrical conductor combined with an electrical connector. 441, Buoys, Rafts, and Aquatic Devices,

23+, for a reeling device used to tether a specified buoy.

451, Abrading,

176, for a reeling device used to position a work piece relative to an abrading station.