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615.1  DF  .~> Variable guide path
615.11  DF  .~> Fluid suspension {1}
615.2  DF  .~> Rotatable
615.21  DF  .~> Angled turning guide for a web
615.3  DF  .~> With material confining portion
615.4  DF  .~> With particular guide surface formation or treatment


Classification: 242/615


(under the class definition) Apparatus or corresponding method for directing longitudinal movement of a flexible material of indeterminate length by either: (a) engaging the material to change the direction of movement of the material, or (b) confining movement of the material within limited variation with respect to a desired path.

(1) Note. Where a guide or guard is claimed with no significant guide structure but merely in terms of the composition of material or treatment, the guide or guard will be will be classified in the appropriate composition or treatment class.


157+, for a strand guide.

326.4, for a particular guide in an endless tape cartridge.

346+, for a particular guide in a coil-to-coil cartridge.

377, for a particular guide in a spring wound reeling device. 397+, for a particular guide or guard in a general use reeling device.

548+, for a particular guide or guard in a convolute winding machine.

566, for a particular guide or guard in an unwinding machine.


16, Miscellaneous Hardware,

2+, for a brushing or lining thimble for an opening or socket; or subclasses 108+ for a ferrule, ring, or thimble applied to the exterior opening of a rod, pipe, conduit, strand, or other device.

26, Textiles: Cloth Finishing,

71+, for cloth finishing that may involve specific guide structure as a component.

28, Textiles: Manufacturing,

232+, for a stripping guide used to clear running lengths of thread.

30, Cutlery,

127, for a twine guide combined with cutlery. 34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids,

117, 118, and 153 for a guide for directing strand or web subjected to a Class 34 art process or apparatus.

40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting,

341+, for a copyholder where the copy is advanced relative to a static guide by manual force applied directly to the copy, or to guide or advance material relative to a viewing locus; or an indicator (e.g., line guide or pointer) relative to the copy and a support therefor.

43, Fishing, Trapping, and Vermin Destroying,

24, for a line guide or tip for a fishing rod.

57, Textiles: Spinning, Twisting, and Twining,

115+, for a strand guiding device used in the twisting of strands.

66, Textiles: Knitting, particularly

126, 130, 146, 151, and 158 for a strand guide in a specified knitting process or apparatus.

83, Cutting, 438+, for passive guide means in a cutting device.

112, Sewing,

136+, for a work manipulating guide combined with a specified sewing process or apparatus, or subclass 302 for a thread guiding or handling means combined with a specified sewing process or apparatus.

139, Textiles: Weaving,

22, l+ for apparatus to facilitate threading of a specified weaving apparatus.

178, Telegraphy,

42, for a guide combined with the recorder or printer of a telegraph system.

226, Advancing Material of Indeterminate Length, may include a nominal recitation of a supply or take-up coil (e.g., less than a support for such a coil or a cooperative relationship between a tension or exhaust detector and reel driving or reel stopping means, etc.),

196.1, for a passive guide combined with a material feeder.

227, Elongated-Member-Driving Apparatus,

150, for a guide to move a workpiece relative to the elongated-member-driving apparatus.

254, Implements or Apparatus for Applying Pushing or Pulling Force, 389+, for a guide used for a load bearing line of a winch or hoist.

289, Knots and Knot Tying,

15, for a cord guide in a knot-tying apparatus.

396, Photography,

646, for a film guide for a fluid treating apparatus.

400, Typewriting Machines,

248, for a guide combined with typewriter structure.

474, Endless Belt Power Transmission Systems or Components,

140, for a belt guide having a surface in sliding contact with belt.

492, Metal Working, particularly

4, 5, 21, and 22+ for roller structure of general application.