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334 /   HD   TUNERS

9  DF  .~> With electromagnetic operator {1}


Classification: 334/8

(under the class definition) Subject matter in which the operation of the tuner is controlled from a relatively distant point removed from the tuner by an extended or remote control device or circuit.

(1) Note. Remote control devices as found in this subclass may include a tuner having a separate extended control shaft connected to an original shaft of the variable tuner element, thus extending the distance from the tuner to the point where a control knob or operator may be located; or the remote control device may consist of circuit means responsive to space transmitted electromagnetic, electrostatic or radiant energy.

(2) Note. To be properly classified in this subclass, some significant details of the tuner must be claimed. A tuner broadly recited with details to the control system or device is classified with the control system or device. The control of a tuner plus some other radio circuit, such as, for example, an on-off switch is classified with the radio circuit controlled, such as, for example, radio receivers.


74, Machine Element or Mechanism,

10+, for positioning or rotating means for one or more shafts of an electronic tuning device such as a radio tuner.

307, Electrical Transmission or Interconnection Systems, 140, for remote control switching systems.

318, Electricity: Motive Power Systems,

16, for motors which are controlled or supplied by space transmitted electromagnetic or electrostatic energy; subclass 460 for sound or vibration responsive systems, and subclass 480 for radiant energy responsive systems.

340, Communications: Electrical,

825+, for selective remote control systems.

343, Communications: Radio Wave Antennas,

745+, for antennae with a variable reactance for tuning the antenna.

348, Television,

734, for television receiver circuitry having remote control means associated therewith.

361, Electricity: Electrical Systems and Devices,

173+, for photosensitive circuits for relays and electromagnets. 455, Telecommunications,

151.1+, and 352+ for radio receivers with remote control.