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214  DF  .~> Pupillary
215  DF  .~> Integrating
216  DF  .~> Heat absorbing (e.g., radiometers)
217  DF  .~> Modulating (e.g., flicker beam)
218  DF  .~> Photoelectric {9}
229  DF  .~> Comparison {1}
233  DF  .~> With variable light aperture size
234  DF  .~> Light absorbing {1}
236  DF  .~> Integrating spheres


Classification: 356/213

(under the class definition) Subject matter for determining the intensity or quantity of light emanating from a particular location or direction.

(1) Note. This and the indented subclasses provide for both the photocell type and the visual type of photometers, the visual type being where the eye makes the detection as opposed to the automatic detection of the photocell in this photocell type. The light whose intensity is to be determined may be natural light such as the sun or moon or artificial sources such as light bulbs or gas lamps. This and the indented subclasses provide for actinometers, per se, but actinometers with camera structure are provided for elsewhere.


43, for optical pyrometers where the intensity of emitted light is correlated to temperature of the substance emitting the light.

51, for measuring the intensity of invisible radiation involving only optical principles and no significant invisible radiation structure. See also (1) Note.

432+, for measuring the intensity of the light transmitted through substances.

445+, for measuring the intensity of the reflected light from substances. SEE OR SEARCH CLASS

250, Radiant Energy,

336.1+, for methods and apparatus including electric signalling devices to detect or measure invisible radiant energy and subclasses 472.1+ for methods of nonelectric detection of radiant energy and invisible radiant energy responsive nonelectric signalling devices.

324, Electricity: Measuring and Testing,

403+, for measuring and testing the electrical operating characteristics of electric lamps with or without optical measuring or testing.

342, Communications: Directive Radio Wave Systems and Devices (e.g., Radar, Radio Navigation),

417+, for direction finding radio receivers which detect the intensity and direction of beams of electromagnetic radiation.

374, Thermal Measuring and Testing,

32, for thermal measurement of the power or energy emitted from a radiation emissive source; and subclasses 121+ for radiation type thermometers.

396, Photography,

213+, for actinometers combined with cameras. See (1) Note above.