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601  DF  .~> For electrical power distribution systems and devices {10}
679  DF  .~> For electronic systems and devices {15}
822  DF  .~> Contact banks
823  DF  .~> Terminal block {1}
825  DF  .~> Support brackets
826  DF  .~> Wire distribution (e.g., harness, rack, etc.) {2}
829  DF  .~> Frame {3}
833  DF  .~> Fuse block {1}
835  DF  .~> Fuse pullout device
836  DF  .~> For transformer
837  DF  .~> For switch or fuse


Classification: 361/600


(under the class definition) Subject matter comprising (a) housings, boxes, panels, or mounting arrangements with an electrical device, multiple electrical devices, or diverse electrical components or (b) housing or mounting arrangements with keyboards, CRTs, disk drive units, displays, or computer related equipment which inherently have diverse electrical components.

(1) Note. This subclass includes electrical housing or mounting assemblies where the combination is not provided for in any other class or in any other subclass in this class.

(2) Note. Nominal recitation of devices in conjunction with housings or mounting arrangements, without device structural details, are classified in this class.

(3) Note. Housing or mounting assemblies in combination with structural details, functional details, or equipment descriptions, of a particular art device, are classified with the art device.

(4) Note. Support equipment or housings for computer and computer related equipment will be classified in this class, if nominal recitation of the computer or computer related equipment is recited with no data processing or calculating procedures.

(5) Note. The term "computer means" or "data processing means" will be understood as nominal recitation whenever claims do not recite details for calculating or data processing.

(6) Note. Computer related equipment comprises memory unit or equipment, data processors, data input/output controllers,

data input/output units, and arithmetic units. (7) Note. Support equipment or housings for disk drives, keyboards, display units, and CRTs without particular equipment description or functional detail for a disk drive, keyboard, display unit, or CRT, will be classified in this class.

(8) Note. Housings with printed circuit and diverse electrical components or devices are classified in this class.

(9) Note. Recitations drawn to integrated circuitry, semiconductor device or package, silicon chip, hybrid device, pellet, disk type device, flip chip, etc., without structural or functional limitations defining topology or details of the semiconductor devices will be treated as diverse components and are classified in this class.


115+, for specific circuit breaker structure with protection and safety system or device.

142, for electromagnetic control circuit devices including housing.


33, Geometrical Instruments,

568+, for gauge work support adjustment, subclass 572 for gauge probe support, and subclass 573 for gauge work support.

73, Measuring and Testing,

756, for fluid pressure gauge mounting and connection.

84, Music, appropriate subclasses for musical instrument(s) with cases or supports. For instrument supports of general application not claimed in combination with musical instruments or structurally limited to use with specific musical instruments, see Class 248, Supports, appropriate subclasses. 174, Electricity: Conductors and Insulators,

50+, for boxes and housings with insulator or conductor structure, subclasses 250+ for printed circuits, per se, and subclass 260 for printed circuit(s) with one component or plural same components. A printed circuit with diverse components is classified in Class 361, appropriate subclass.

181, Acoustics,

148+, for diaphragm and enclosure, subclasses 171+ for

diaphragm mounting or suspension means, and subclasses 198+ for housing or enclosure of mechanical sound-modifying means.

200, Electricity: Circuit Makers and Breakers,

5+, for similar type switches arranged in keyboard manner. Class 200 is the generic class for devices having structural detail of closing or opening electrical circuits. Arrangement of circuit breakers, mounting of circuit breakers, or housing of circuit breakers are classified in Class 361, subclasses 600+.

211, Supports: Racks,

71.01+, for receptacle support type racks.

219, Electric Heating, appropriate subclasses for heater-unit with housing, casing, or support means.

220, Receptacles,

3.9, for outlet or junction box type receptacle with support. 235, Registers,

145, for support equipment and housings for keyboards comprising those portions of registers, usually manually actuated, including key, shift keys, space bars, etc., which control and initiate the action of the calculating machine to determine what numbers shall be introduced and how. Also to control subsidiary operation of the machine.

248, Supports,

637+, for machinery support excluding machinery structure. If machinery is recited, supports are classified with the art device.

250, Radiant Energy,

239, for photocell (circuits and apparatus) housings, subclasses 453.1+ for nonsignalling objects of irradiation supports and subclass 522.1 for radiation source supports.

257, Active Solid-State Devices (e.g., Transistors, Solid-State Diodes),

678+, for housing with details to specific materials, construction or topology of a semiconductor device, or integrated circuits such as barrier layer structure, specific semiconductor contact arrangements and P/N junctions, and subclasses 701+ for insulating support details in combination with semiconductor device specifics. Class 257 also provides for housings wherein (a) the housing is for an active solid state device, details of which are positively recited in the

claims, or (b) wherein the recited housing is necessary to make a usable active solid state device whether the active solid state device is recited nominally or in detail. Otherwise, housing with nominally recited active solid state active device will be classified in Class 361. Claims that contain only nominal recitations of integrated circuitry, semiconductor devices or packages, silicon chips, hybrid devices, pellets, disk type devices, flip chip bonds, etc., with no significant structural or functional details will be classified in Class 361. If a claim recites significant details of active semiconductor devices; e.g., specific materials, topological details, specific contacts, junctions, etc., along with a housing assembly, in general, the claims will be properly classified in Class 257. If significant contact structure of an active semiconductor device is recited, it will be classified in Class 257.

307, Electrical Transmission or Interconnection Systems,

9.1+, for vehicle mounted systems and subclasses 147+ for conductor arrangements or structure.

310, Electrical Generator or Motor Structure, 42, for rotary dynamoelectric machinery with assembling, metal casting, or machining feature; subclass 89 for housings, windows, or covers of rotary dynamoelectric machinery having mechanical shields or protectors; and subclasses 348+ for non-dynamoelectric piezoelectric elements and devices with mounting or support means.

312, Supports: Cabinet Structure, appropriate subclasses for supports or cabinet with nonreceptacle feature (e.g., door, shelf, or partition);

7.1+, for enclosures or cabinets without radio and television devices, per se; and subclass 20 for picture machine or film type device supports. Radio and television mount including electrical structure are classified in Classes 455 and 358, respectively.

313, Electric Lamp and Discharge Devices,

364+, for support equipment and housings with CRTs having structural or functional CRT detail.

314, Electric Lamp and Discharge Devices: Consumable Electrodes,

130+, for electric lamp and discharge devices (consumable electrodes) frames and electrode supports.

318, Electricity: Motive Power Systems,

17, for portable-mounted motor and/or portable-mounted electrical motive power systems.

322, Electricity: Single Generator Systems,

1, for a portable mounted single generator system. 331, Oscillators,

68+, for oscillators with outer casing or housing.

334, Tuners,

85, for tuners with shielding or housing means.

336, Inductor Devices,

65+, for inductor devices with mounting or supporting means, subclasses 90+ for inductors with outer casing or housing, subclass 195 for coil supported within grooved or hollow coil conductor of another coil, and subclasses 199+ for coil or coil turn supports.

337, Electricity: Electrothermally or Thermally Actuated Switches,

34, for electrothermally actuated switches with space discharge having housings or support means and subclasses 112+ for electrothermally actuated switches housing or support means.

338, Electrical Resistors,

315+, for resistor with mounting or support means.

340, Communications: Electrical,

391, for audible diaphragm with supports; subclasses 700+ for (a) support equipment and housings with selectable display units having structural display unit detail or (b) support equipment and housings with keyboards in conjunction with CRTs or selectable display units having structural detail of keyboard, CRT or display unit; subclass 814.14 for visual indicator (switchboard or panel type housings); and subclasses 815.15+ for visual indicator with lamp enclosed in housing. 341, Coded Data Generation or Conversion,

20+, for support equipment and housings with keyboards having a control element which an operator physically contacts to control the transmission or generation of a coded set of pulses.

342, Communications: Directive Radio Wave Systems and Devices (e.g., Radar, Radio Navigation), appropriate subclass for housing or support of directive radio wave system having directive radio wave structural details.

343, Communications: Radio Wave Antennas,

702, for antenna with radio cabinet; subclasses 872+ for antenna with housing or protective covering; and subclasses 878+ for antenna with support for antenna, reflector or director.

346, Recorders,

41, for recorder with case cover, case cover key, or keyhole cover; subclass 144 for watchman's or workman's key enclosing box; and subclass 145 for recorder with instrument support.

348, Television,

273+, for a television camera with housing or support and subclasses 787+, 789, and 836+ for a television projection or display device with cabinet or chassis structure. Television cabinet with no electrical limitation is classifierd in Class 312, subclass 7.2.

351, Optics: Eye Examining, Vision Testing and Correcting, appropriate subclass for rim mounts, semi-rim mounts, rimless mounting supports, and eye testing instrument supports.

352, Optics: Motion Pictures, 34+, for motion pictures (having sound accompaniment) with houses and supports, subclass 197 for camera and/or projector drive mechanisms with supporting structure, subclass 231 for motion picture gates with lens mounting, subclass 242 for motion picture with housing, and subclass 243 for motion picture with support.

353, Optics: Image Projectors, appropriate subclass for image projectors with case, cabinet, or housing.

355, Photocopying,

122+, for photocopying frames.

356, Optics: Measuring and Testing,

244+, for optical measuring and testing holder or support.

359, Optics: Systems (Including Communication) and Elements, appropriate subclass for optic system or element having supporting, mounting, or enclosing. House or support for diverse electrical components and optical components will be classified in Class 359, appropriate subclass.

360, Dynamic Magnetic Information Storage or Retrieval,

86, for support equipment and housing of disk record having record transport with head moving during transducing and structural details of disk record, subclasses 97.01+ for support equipment and housing of disk record having record transport with head stationary during transducing and

structural details of disk record, subclasses 104+ for recorder head mounting, and subclass 129 for recorder head accessory housing.

362, Illumination, appropriate subclass for light source with support, holder, casing, or housing.

363, Electric Power Conversion Systems, 144+, for current conversion system with conductive support mounting and subclass 146 for current conversion system encased in lug housing.

364, Electrical Computers and Data Processing Systems, appropriate subclasses for computer, per se.

365, Static Information Storage and Retrieval, appropriate subclass for support equipment and houses with static memory having structural details of memory.

367, Communications, Electrical: Acoustic Wave Systems and Devices,

173, for underwater signal transducer with support and subclass 188 for signal transducer receiver with casing or housing.

368, Horology: Time Measuring Systems or Devices,

88, for chronological device with casing or mount and subclasses 276+ for time measuring device with cases.

369, Dynamic information Storage or Retrieval,

6, for storage or retrieval device having structural details combined with radio, including cabinet details, and subclasses 75.1+ for storage or retrieval device having storage or retrieval structural details with particular cabinet structure.

372, Coherent Light Generators,

107, for resonant cavity with mirror support.

373, Industrial Electric Heating Furnaces, 128+, for resistance furnace device with mount.

374, Thermal Measuring and Testing,

208+, for thermal measuring and testing device with housing or support.

378, X-Ray or Gamma Ray Systems or Devices,

193+, for X-ray or gamma ray with source supports.

379, Telephonic Communications,

325+, for telephonic centralized switching system with housing, subclasses 428+ for telephone terminal with housing and subclasses 454+ for telephone terminal with accessory or auxiliary equipment with support or stand.

380, Cryptography,

52+, for electrical signal modification device with support or housing.

381, Electrical Audio Signal Processing Systems and Devices,

322+, for electrical hearing aids with casing or housing, subclasses 361+ for microphone with mounting or support feature, subclasses 386+ for electro-acoustic audio transducer with mount or support feature, and subclasses 386+ for electro-acoustic transducer with mount. 396, Photography, appropriate subclasses for photos:graphic support, mount, rest, or housing.

439, Electrical Connectors,

2, for interrelated connectors relatively movable during use having antivibration mounting and subclasses 278+ for connector having resilient housing. Connector in conjunction with diverse electrical components are classified in Class 361. See Class 439 Definition, section VI. Index and Miscellaneous Class Notes for line between Class 174 and Class 439.

455, Telecommunications,

90, for transceiver with enclosure or support means, subclass 128 for transmitter with casing or housing and subclasses 347+ for receiver or frequency converter with cabinet, housing, or chassis structure.