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366 /   HD   AGITATING



Classification: 366/349


(under the class definition) Apparatus which is not provided for in any of the preceding subclasses.


The following subclasses are collections of published disclosures pertaining to various specified aspects of the agitating art which aspects do not form appropriate bases for

subclasses in the foregoing classification (i.e., subclasses superior hereto in the schedule), wherein original copies of patents are placed on the basis of proximate function of the apparatus. These subclasses assist a search based on remote function of the apparatus and may be of further assistance to the searcher, either as a starting point in further related fields of search inside or outside the class. Thus, there is here provided a second access for retrieval of a limited number of types of disclosures.

(1) Note. Disclosures are placed in these subclasses for their value as references and as leads to appropriate main or secondary fields of search without regard to their original classification of their claimed subject matter.

(2) Note. The disclosure found in the following subclasses are examples only of the indicated subject matter, and in no instance do they represent the entire extent of the prior art.