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Current as of: June, 1999
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Classification: 411/

This class is the locus for the following types of fasteners when they are adapted for general use and are not sufficiently limited to use with special articles or structures as to require classification therewith:

A. An anchoring-type or holding-type fastener which expands upon receiving a driven fastener or when driven by a tool;

B. A tool driven externally threaded fastener (e.g., bolt, screw);

C. A tool driven internally threaded fastener (e.g., nut);

D. An impact driven fastener (e.g., nail, staple);

E. A tool driven or discrete (i.e., not affixed to workpiece), headed, elongated-shank fastener adapted to be moved along its longitudinal axis into coaxial apertures in a workpiece, wherein the headed, elongated-shank fastener is secured by either (1) a deformable end (e.g., rivet), (2) means other than threads requiring rotation for engagement (e.g., Dzus-type or quarter-turn fastener), (3) pivotable securing means (e.g., toggle bolt), (4) retractable securing means (e.g., ball detent fastener), or (5) a separate retaining element; and

F. A tool deformed or tool driven fastener (e.g., cotter pin) which is closely allied in use with the other fasteners of this class.

This class is also the locus for a threaded bolt (i.e., externally threaded fastener) or a threaded nut (i.e., internally threaded fastener), either singly or interthreaded with one another, which bolt or nut, or a mating pair thereof, is not free to turn about the axis of its thread (i.e., its longitudinal axis), by virtue of being (A) combined with means which restrict its rotation relative to a coating structure, or (B) combined with means which prevent its rotation relative to its complementary nut or bolt, respectively, or (C) combined with means which both restruct its rotation as in (A) and prevent its rotation as in (B). The bolt and the nut, either single or together, are associated with a fastening function. This class also provides for devices (e.g., washers) which are used in conjunction with fasteners of this class and which perfects the fastening operation thereof. This class additionally provides for those subcombinations (e.g., fastener heads) of its subject matter for which no other locus exists.


If otherwise proper for this class, fasteners capable of either manual or tool operation (e.g., tacks) are placed in this class and not in Class 24.