.~ Combustion products heat work by contact

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432 /   HD   HEATING

159.~ Combustion products heat work by contact {19}
160  DF  .~.~> Furnace or work holder of furnace mounted for tilting discharge
161  DF  .~.~> Having separator of flow director for melted work
162  DF  .~.~> Having shelf, rack, tray or chamber on guide or pivot
163  DF  .~.~> Plural structurally related work chambers {3}
173  DF  .~.~> Having protective cooling means for combustion material feed structure
174  DF  .~.~> Including noncommunicating combustion products flue
175  DF  .~.~> Radiant-type burner in or on wall (e.g., surface combustion, etc.)
176  DF  .~.~> Having exhaust return passage or recirculating fan or jet
177  DF  .~.~> Chamber exhaust transfers heat with chamber wall
178  DF  .~.~> Work chamber or its wall heats chamber feed
179  DF  .~.~> Work chamber exhaust heats chamber feed {1}
183  DF  .~.~> For annular article (e.g., wheel rim, etc.)
184  DF  .~.~> Article inserted type
185  DF  .~.~> Dividing baffle or screen in cabinet forms upper work and lower burner chambers
186  DF  .~.~> Distinct combustion chamber feeds work chamber {6}
193  DF  .~.~> Spaced exhaust ports from work chamber
194  DF  .~.~> Baffle, shield, heat absorber, work support or flow directing means in work chamber
195  DF  .~.~> Hearth-type or tank-type furnace
196  DF  .~.~> Spaced fuel or air feeds to work chamber


Classification: 432/159

(under subclass 120) Apparatus in which fuel and oxidizer react within the work chamber to produce heat or in which a combustion device produces hot gases that are fed into the work chamber.


96+, for a gravity flow shaft type furnace having combustion products generated in or fed to the shaft.

105+, for a tumbler type rotary drum furnace having combustion products generated in or fed to the drum.

136+, for apparatus having combustion products generated in or fed to a work chamber that also includes means by which work is progressed or moved mechanically in the chamber.

SEE OR SEARCH CLASS 110, Furnaces, appropriate subclasses for a furnace in which solid material is burned.

431, Combustion,

159+, for a fluid fuel disperser installed in a chamber not having a work related feature.