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432 /   HD   HEATING

37  DF  .~> Analyzer or composition sensor of work, work atmosphere or exhaust gas
38  DF  .~> Control of or response to apparatus protecting fluid or means
39  DF  .~> Of selection or load balancing of furnace exhaust heated regenerators
40  DF  .~> Of hot blast stove (i.e., of Cowper stove)
41  DF  .~> Of purger, purge period, scavenger or cleaner
42  DF  .~> Of protective work shield, cooler or atmosphere; or of heat applicator position
43  DF  .~> Of discharging, or stopping the heating of a unit or batch on sensed completion of heating {1}
45  DF  .~> Of or by means sensing or controlling work movement, quantity or position
46  DF  .~> Condition responsive shutdown requiring reset
47  DF  .~> Of or by pressure of fluid work or work chamber atmosphere
48  DF  .~> Of cooling, dilution, withdrawal, bypass or circulation of work chamber atmosphere
49  DF  .~> Of or by heat generation or transmission


Classification: 432/36

(under the class definition) Apparatus that has a means that senses a condition or change of condition and effects a control on the apparatus.


34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids,

524+, for the automatic control of a heater supplying heat to a drier or to a gas or vapor and solid contact apparatus.

65, Glass Manufacturing,

160+, for the automatic control of a heater for glass manufacturing. 99, Foods and Beverages: Apparatus,

325+, for the automatic control of a food cooking apparatus.

165, Heat Exchange,

201+, for the automatic control of a combined heating and cooling system where the cooling is more than the reduction to ambient temperature of the heated material.

219, Electric Heating,

490+, for the automatic control of the power supply, voltage or current of an electrical heater and subclasses 509+ for an electrical heater having an automatically controlled switch.

236, Automatic Temperature and Humidity Regulation, appropriate subclass for an automatically operating temperature or humidity controlling mechanism actuating a broadly recited device that modifies temperature or humidity.

237, Heating Systems,

2+, for the automatic control of an enclosure heating system comprising a combination of heat generators or a combination of a heat generator and a heat distribution system.

364, Electrical Computers and Data Processing Systems,

130+, for data processing control systems wherein the control system is claimed generically, and subclasses 477.01+ for the application of a computer in the manufacturing of a product which includes heating.

431, Combustion, 18+, for the automatic control of a combustion device, per se.