.~ Having combustion products generated in or fed to shaft

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432 /   HD   HEATING

95  DF  SHAFT TYPE {2}
96.~ Having combustion products generated in or fed to shaft {5}
97  DF  .~.~> Having flow controller restraining solid and passing melt
98  DF  .~.~> Having agitator or movably mounted baffle for shaft or shaft outlet
99  DF  .~.~> Having vertically spaced gas supply ports
100  DF  .~.~> Having distinct fume outlet and work inlet
101  DF  .~.~> Having distinct combustion products generator chamber


Classification: 432/96

(under subclass 95) Apparatus in which the work is heated by combustion products formed by the burning of material within the work chamber or by combustion products produced externally and fed into the chamber.