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Classification: 434/

This is the generic class for apparatus and processes not elsewhere classifiable for: providing instruction about a subject or means; testing or grading a person's knowledge, skill, discipline, or mental or physical ability; displaying for purpose of comparison contrast, or demonstration; demonstrating characteristics and advantages of apparatus, objects, or processes; and cryptography apparatus.



40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting, for means to display cards, pictures, and signs of both a fixed and changeable nature. Class 40 contains devices which are directed to the

general purpose of conveying information by displaying words or the like (e.g.., alpha-numeric indicia). This class contains devices limited to the specific purposes of comparing, contrasting, or demonstrating the qualities of objects, machinery, and materials.

54, Harness,

71+, for breaking and training harness.

73, Measuring and Testing, appropriate subclasses for physical measuring and testing.

84, Music, 470+, for devices and methods of teaching music.

116, Signals and Indicators, for signals and indicators which may be used for educational purposes, especially

306+, for hand set indicators which indicate some fact or information.

119, Animal Husbandry,

712+, for animal breaking and training, and subclass 905 for a breaking and training method.

177, Weighing Scales, appropriate subclasses for a weigher not limited to mere teaching or demonstrating.

250, Radiant Energy, appropriate subclasses for testing objects or materials by invisible radiation.

273, Amusement Devices: Games, for a game which tests the skill of a person in accomplishing some sought result or for a means by which a contest of skill or chance may be engaged in among two or more players.

324, Electricity: Measuring and Testing, for general electric testing.

345, Computer Graphics Processing, Operator Interface Processing, and Selective Visual Display Systems, subclasses

326+, for operator interfaces.

356, Optics: Measuring and Testing, for the testing of visible light or material by means of visible light or optical principles, particularly 51, for the testing of materials by optical means by means of ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

395, Information Processing System Organization,

101+, for methods or apparatus for processing data for (a)

static presentation (hard copy) or (b) display, wherein the processing of data for display includes the creation or manipulation of s:graphic objects (e.g.., artificial images) or text by a computer prior to use with or in a specific display system and for computer s:graphics and control of data presentation with creation or manipulation of s:graphic objects or text performed by a computer or processor.

436, Chemistry: Analytical and Immunological Testing,

1+, for chemical analytical processes.

446, Amusement Devices: Toys, appropriate subclasses for a device whose purpose is for amusement rather than education. An amusement device having a specific modification in its design or operation to effect instruction of the individual is classified originally in Class 434.

472, Amusement Devices, for an amusement device proper therefor which may simulate an actual event or apparatus or provide an environment in which physical training may occur.

473, Games Using Tangible Projectile, for an amusement game or sport device adapted to be used in a competitive and amusing contest of skill or chance between two or more participants, whereby the results of the contest can be indicated according to rules defined for the game or sport, which device may also have an educational effect, benefit, or value. Class 473 contains devices which are to be used for practice by, or for perfecting the skill of, a person who already knows how to play the game, sport, or the like. Class 434 contains devices which are to be used for instructing an unknowledgeable person in some aspect of the game, sport, or the like. A device which is used for both instruction and practice or perfecting game skills is classifiable in Class 434 and cross-referenced into Class 473.

482, Exercise Devices, for an exercise device proper therefor which may involve training a human user in an exercise activity.

707, Data Processing: Database and File Management, Data Structures, or Document Processing,

500, 542 for document processing performed by a computer for presentation.