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Current as of: June, 1999
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Classification: 452/

This class is limited to processes and apparatus for killing or dressing animals or fish for food or pelts and includes processes and apparatus for working with meat and not otherwise provided for, such as making and processing sausages, shirring sausage casings, cleaning intestines and tenderizing meat.

(1) Note. The illustrations provided herein are strictly exemplary of a type of subject matter which may be found in the subclasses and should not be construed as further limiting the written definitions.



30, Cutlery, appropriate subclasses for hand manipulated cutting tools adapted for use in butchering but capable of, and disclosed for a more general use.

53, Package Making, appropriate subclasses for the packaging of meat or fish and

517, in particular for the packaging of meat or fish involving reshaping the product by cutting.

83, Cutting, appropriate subclasses, for a slicing or cutting means of general utility which may include meat cutting. If the cutting device "recognizes" the article being cut as a meat product it is classified here (Class 452). If, on the other hand, there is no special adaptation of the machine for handling a particular piece of meat (i.e., it could be used to slice any object) it is classified in Class 83. Thus, for example, a mere meat slicing machine such as is commonly used to slice lunch meat would be classified in Class 83. However, cutting devices such as splitters which are designed to move along the backbone of a carcass, or cutting devices designed to cut through bone, are classified in Class 452.

99, Foods and Beverages: Apparatus, 324+, for apparatus for cooking meat products, subclass 342 for probes for internally testing meat for bruises,

subclasses 419+ for skewers for meat products, and subclasses 485+ for apparatus for chemically treating meat products with an additive, particularly, subclass 494 for larding pins.

241, Solid Material Comminution or Disintegration, appropriate subclasses for meat comminutors.

249, Static Molds, appropriate subclasses for static apparatus for molding ground meat products.

425, Plastic Article or Earthenware Shaping or Treating: Apparatus, appropriate subclasses for dynamic apparatus for molding ground meat products (e.g., briquetters).

426, Food or Edible Material: Processes, Compositions, and Products, appropriate subclasses for processes of chemically treating meat, mixing diverse meat products, heat treating meat, and molding comminuted meat, or meat products, per se.



Includes the dead body of either a land or marine animal.


Includes the preparation of animals (land or marine) for eatable consumption.