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21.5  DF  .~> Skiving or splitting
22  DF  .~> Fur


Classification: 69/21

Processes of treating hides, skins or leather not otherwise provided for, and combinations of such processes with the

fluid treatment of hides, skins, or leather.

(1) Note. Products of leather or fur will be found in appropriate subclasses in Class 112, Sewing, if sewn only, and in appropriate subclasses in Class 428, Stock Material or Miscellaneous Articles, if not provided for elsewhere.

(2) Note. This subclass includes processes involivng laminating leather where the process also includes steps not ancillary to the laminating process. For processes of laminating leather including steps ancillary to the laminating process, see Class 156, Adhesive Bonding and Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture, appropriate subclasses.


8, Bleaching and Dyeing; Fluid Treatment and Chemical Modification of Textiles and Fibers,

94.1+, and the notes thereto, for a process of treating a hide, skin or leather with chemicals and fluids, particularly see subclasses 94.16+ for a method of removing hair from a hide by the use of a chemical.

29, Metal Working,

90.01+, for processes for condensing, compacting, smoothing or polishing the surface of metallic or nonmetallic articles. 100, Presses,

35+, for methods of pressing not elsewhere provided for.

112, Sewing, appropriate subclasses for sewn leather or fur stock material.

156, Adhesive Bonding and Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture, and see (2) Note above.

205, Electrolysis: Processes, Compositions Used Therein, and Methods of Preparing the Compositions,

692, for electrolytic treatment of hides or skins.

428, Stock Material or Miscellaneous Articles, apporpriate subclasses, particularly

102+, for stock material which may be of leather and which includes stitching and a discrete fastener, coating or adhesive bond, subclass 473 for a plural layer product including a layer of animal membrane (e.g., leather), and subclass 904 (a cross-reference art collection) for artificial leather product or stock material.