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Classification: 7/

This class includes a hand-held tool which has thereon miscellaneous combinations of diverse tools, not properly classifiable in any other tool class.

(1) Note. Novel features of specific tools forming part of a structure proper for this class are cross-referenced to the appropriate tool classes.


Class 401, Coating Implements With Material Supply, is the locus of patents to implements which include plural tools. See the references to Class 401, below, for a definition of the subclasses of that class.

Search the classes below for tools to perform a given function combined with additional tool structure to perform an additional function, all within the definition of the

noted classes.



12, Boot and Shoe Making, 103+,.

15, Brushing, Scrubbing, and General Cleaning,


29, Metal Working,

270+, for compound assembly hand tools, subclasses 592+ for a process of applying a nail, staple or clip, and subclass 560.1 for a convertible machine of the vise type, not elsewhere provided for.

30, Cutlery,

123+, for cutlery combined with other devices provided for in that class definition and subclass 452 for a static implement having plural tools for performing successive dissimilar operations; e.g., rough-cut and finishing or wood cutting and graphite cutting operations.

33, Geometrical Instruments, appropriate subclasses, especially


34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids,

89.1+, for a blotting tool combined with another tool for a purpose other than drying.

42, Firearms, 53, for pistol swords, subclass 86 for bayonets, and subclass 90 for wirecutters combined with guns or bayonets.

47, Plant Husbandry, appropriate subclasses.

56, Harvesters,

400.04+, for hand rakes combined with other tools.

69, Leather Manufactures,

20, for tools under that class definition.

72, Metal Deforming,

460, for disclosure of a work-gripping clamp having an

adjacent deforming tool face, and subclasses 71, 186, 204, 325+, and 464 for disclosure of a deforming tool and a cutting tool in one structure.

81, Tools, appropriate subclasses for specific tool detail.

86, Ammunition and Explosive-Charge Making,

22, for combined tools adapted for preparing a fuse for application to a cap. 114, Ships,

221+, for implements and tools used with ships.

131, Tobacco,

233, for combinations of ash receivers and a cigar tip cutters, subclass 243 for combined or compound smoking device cleaning tools, and subclasses 248 and 253+ for combined cigar tip cutters, perforators and slitters.

132, Toilet,

75.3+, for compound manicuring implements.

140, Wireworking,

123+, for wireworking implements and tools under that class definition.

168, Farriery,

45+, for compound tools employed by blacksmiths in fitting and securing in place the shoes of cattle and horses.

172, Earth Working,

371+, especially subclass 375 for compound earth working tools, such as a tool with two hoe portions. 175, Boring or Penetrating the Earth,

327, for compound earth boring tool, such as a tool composed of rolling and nonrolling cutters or for a combined bit and reamer.

206, Special Receptacle or Package,

234, for a pocket-carried receptacle having diverse tools therein.

225, Severing by Tearing or Breaking,

96.5, for glass scoring means combined with breaking means.

227, Elongated-Member-Driving Apparatus,

12+, for combined apparatus for stretching and attaching flaccid material to a rigid supporting surface by applying a member, e.g., nail, staple, etc.

294, Handling: Hand and Hoist-Line Implements,

2+, and 51+ for combined handling implements.

299, Mining and In Situ Disintegration of Hard Material, appropriate subclasses. 401, Coating Implements With Material Supply,

9+, for plural, generally simultaneously operable coating tools for plural or curved surfaces, subclasses 16+ for diverse coating tools, subclasses 29+ for plural coating tools, including one which is projectable and retractable, subclasses 34+ for plural, simultaneously exposed, coating tools, each with individual supply, subclasses 37+ for plural coating tools with supply to less than all, sbuclass 52 for a tool which is a piece of solid coating material for rubbing contact with a surface, and a noncoating tool, subclass 195 for a tool which applies or spreads fluent coating material, and a noncoating tool.

408, Cutting by Use of Rotating Axially Moving Tool,

223+, for a tool including cutting edges for drilling and additional cutting edges for reaming or counter sinking.

425, Plastic Article or Earthenware Shaping or Treating: Apparatus,

183, for a compound hand tool having alternatively used plural shaping surfaces mounted on a common handle, and subclass 184 for a compound implement including distinct shaping and severing means.

452, Butchering, appropriate subclasses for compound tools used in butchering, particularly

2+, for a shrimp processing tool, subclasses 6+ for a hand tool used to process other crustaceans, subclass 17 for a bivalve opening tool, subclass 103 for a compound hand tool used for fish scaling, hair or feather removal, subclasses 132+ for a hand-held skinning tool, subclass 137 for a hand-held deboning tool, subclasses 145-147 for hand held meat tenderizers, and subclasses 161 and 166+ for fish processing hand tools.

463, Amusement Devices: Games,

47.4, for a striking type of weapon for use on a human being (e.g., a police club, etc.) which is combined with a cutter.