Services Offered

  • Patent Watches Weekly, monthly or quarterly, we will watch your technologies for you and inform you of important activity

  • State-of-Art Searches We will provide an assortment of patents in a general field, as a guide to what's out there. If you wish, we can provide the patents on CD

  • Novelty Searches Our experienced searchers will pinpoint relevant published information

  • Validity Searches Just because it issued doesn't mean it's valid. We can perform extensive and thorough investigations far exceeding in scope and depth the efforts of typical US Patent Examiners

  • Infringement Searches We will preview the claims of unexpired patents, and bring important ones to your attention

  • Collection Searches We will make a collection of all locatable patents relevant to your topic. If you provide multiple search criteria, we will create a chart listing each located patent and specifying which criteria are relevant. If you wish, we can provide the entire collection on CD


The searching staff at PATENTEC are recognized among searching professionals to be accurate, efficient, experienced and among the most knowledgeable in ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES.

If you are not satisfied with your present searching service, please consider us.



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