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301  DF  .~ Condition responsive control means for vehicle or conveyor
302  DF  .~ Retractable ground wheel
303  DF  .~ Including three relatively movable interconnected wheel or track equipped vehicles
304  DF  .~ Dirigible vehicle
305  DF  .~.~ Pulling winch on vehicle
306  DF  .~ Ground wheel lockable in transverse or longitudinal position on vehicle
307.1  DF  .~ Bucket conveyor
308.1  DF  .~ Shovel or tine pushable under load
309  DF  .~ Support slidable on ground
310  DF  .~ Conveyor driven by motion of ground-engaging element
311  DF  .~ Including gravity conveyor section or bin with driven conveyor
312  DF  .~ Conveyor shiftably mounted on vehicle
313  DF  .~.~ Contractible or foldable conveyor section
314  DF  .~.~ Separate conveyors serially arranged on single vehicle
315  DF  .~.~ Power means for shifting conveyor
316.1  DF  .~.~.~ Fluid-actuated ram
317  DF  .~.~ Horizontally swingable conveyor
318  DF  .~.~ Vertically swingable conveyor
319  DF  .~.~.~ Means for maintaining conveyor-drive motor support in level position
320  DF  .~.~.~ Winch-operated shifting mechanism
322  DF  .~ With means to control the operation of the section
323  DF  .~.~ By means responsive to an unsafe operating characteristic of the system
324  DF  .~ With means to facilitate passenger entry or exit
325  DF  .~.~ By support having interdigitating members (e.g., comb plate, etc.)
326  DF  .~ By stairway having steps forming an endless member
327  DF  .~.~ Having hinged plates forming steps
328  DF  .~.~ Trained about vertical axis or axes
329  DF  .~.~ With means allowing tensioning of the endless member
330  DF  .~.~ With drive means
331  DF  .~.~.~ With means synchronizing the operation of the steps and a handrail
332  DF  .~.~ With paired track step levelers
333  DF  .~.~ With specified step structure
334  DF  .~ By support means having a zone of varying speed
335  DF  .~ Moving hand-support structure
336  DF  .~.~ With handrail tensioning means
337  DF  .~.~ Specific handrail configuration
338  DF  .~.~ Handrail guard
340  DF  .~ Having signalling or load identifying means
341.01  DF  .~ Condition responsive control of conveyor or station apparatus
341.02  DF  .~.~ Conveyor displacement controls station apparatus
341.03  DF  .~.~ Station operation responsive to presence or absence of item
341.04  DF  .~.~.~ Item size
341.05  DF  .~.~.~ Item position relative to station position
341.06  DF  .~.~.~ Quantity of items
341.07  DF  .~.~.~ Item presence
341.08  DF  .~.~ Conveyor responsive to station operation
341.09  DF  .~.~.~ Speed control
343.1  DF  .~ Load supporting conveyor portion is retarded or stopped with load at station without being disconnected from remainder of continuously moving conveyor
343.2  DF  .~.~ Load supporting conveyor portion is movably secured to conveyor drive
345.1  DF  .~ Means engaging conveyor or load on a conveyor to align load for working
345.2  DF  .~.~ Means engages conveyor to fix conveyor position relative to station
345.3  DF  .~.~.~ Means engages a conveyor portion (i.e., pallet) which is separable from the conveyor drive to fix the position of said conveyor portion
346  DF  .~ Static means for supporting load or workman adjacent conveyor for operation on load
346.1  DF  .~ Means to convey a palleted load back and forth between an initial location and the work station
346.2  DF  .~ Means to transfer a load back and forth between the mainline conveyor and the work station
346.3  DF  .~ Conveyor(s) lowers the load to at least one of a plurality of fixed work stations
347.2  DF  .~ Auxiliary section has the same entrance and exit
347.3  DF  .~.~ Auxiliary section has a reversibly driven conveyor for bidirectional article movement
347.4  DF  .~ Plural laterally spaced, same direction auxiliary paths
357  DF  .~ Condition responsive control means to prevent collision on merging conveyors
358  DF  .~ Condition responsive control means including sensing condition of source or destination
349  DF  .~ With selection responsive to means containing or introducing changeable operating instructions
349.1  DF  .~.~ By synchronously moving signal carrier distinct from conveyor
349.2  DF  .~.~.~ Moving at different velocity than conveyor
349.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Rotary signal carrier
349.4  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Magnetic means on rotary carrier stores code
349.5  DF  .~.~ Using central memory to store code until article is discharged
349.6  DF  .~.~.~ Memory stores plural sources or destinations
349.7  DF  .~.~.~.~ Inventory also in memory
349.8  DF  .~.~.~.~ Material detector indexes code
349.9  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Plural, longitudinally spaced, material detectors index code
349.95  DF  .~.~.~.~ Conveyor detector indexes code
350  DF  .~.~ By magnetic means
351  DF  .~.~ By selectively positioned abutment means
352  DF  .~.~.~ Having plural abutments arranged in a specific pattern
353  DF  .~.~.~ Having support means slidably mounting abutment means
354  DF  .~.~.~ Having an abutment support containing a plurality of abutment receiving means
355  DF  .~.~ By repositionable contact or switch actuator
359  DF  .~ With gravity-conveying means
360  DF  .~.~ By movably mounted, load-supporting, gravity section
361  DF  .~.~.~ By repositionable idler roll or rollway
363  DF  .~ By proportioning the feed from multiple sources
364  DF  .~ By moving a load directing means along the length of the section
890  DF  .~ Plural laterally spaced locations fed to or received from a conveyor having laterally movable article supports or pushers
890.1  DF  .~.~ Laterally moving article supports
367  DF  .~ By passive material-diverting means placed across the flow path
367.1  DF  .~.~ Material diverted by plural, successive gates
367.2  DF  .~.~ Plural, manually manipulated gate actuators
368  DF  .~ By a selectively movable stop means
369.1  DF  .~ One of a plurality of main line conveyors selectively moves to connect with a spaced path
369.2  DF  .~.~ Endless conveyor or portion thereof pivots about a horizontal axis perpendicular to path
369.3  DF  .~.~ Endless conveyor or portion thereof pivots about an axis parallel to path
369.4  DF  .~.~ Roller pivots about a vertical axis
369.5  DF  .~.~ Endless conveyor or portion thereof pivots about a vertical axis
369.6  DF  .~.~ Rollers shift the load vertically to a different plane
369.7  DF  .~.~ Conveyor slides to provide an opening in main path
370.01  DF  .~ By loading or unloading section at selected one of a plurality of pre-established locations along the length thereof
370.02  DF  .~.~ Conveyor has independent lateral pushers
370.03  DF  .~.~ Conveyor has independently movable load supporting portions
370.04  DF  .~.~.~ Supporting portions tilt about an axis parallel to path of travel
370.05  DF  .~.~.~ Supporting portions tilt vertically about an axis perpendicular to path of travel
370.06  DF  .~.~.~ Supporting portions are laterally extending belts
370.07  DF  .~.~ By separate reciprocating or oscillating pusher
370.08  DF  .~.~ By separate endless or rotary pusher
370.09  DF  .~.~ By separate supporting rollers
370.1  DF  .~.~ By separate endless or rotary supporting conveyor
370.11  DF  .~.~ By separate fluid jet
370.12  DF  .~.~ By selective application of suction
370.13  DF  .~.~ By selective application of magnetic field
371.1  DF  .~.~ By reversibly driving the main line section
371.2  DF  .~.~.~ Endless belt or chain
371.3  DF  .~.~.~ Rollers
374  DF  .~ By optionally facing successive items according to a predetermined recurring cycle
375  DF  .~ By actuating item-holder relative to holder-carrying conveyor
376  DF  .~.~ With holder-actuating means responsive to item-sensing means
377.01  DF  .~.~ Holder carried by orbiting conveyor
377.02  DF  .~.~.~ Holder rotates item about axis spaced from the item
377.03  DF  .~.~.~.~ Holder having load gripping element
377.04  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Holder having vacuum or air blast element
377.05  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Holder having magnetic or electrostatic element
377.06  DF  .~.~.~.~ Holder rotation stops at predetermined position
377.07  DF  .~.~.~ Holder having load gripping element
377.08  DF  .~.~.~.~ Holder having vacuum or air blast element
377.09  DF  .~.~.~.~ Holder having magnetic or electrostatic element
377.1  DF  .~.~.~ Holder rotation stops at predetermined position
378  DF  .~.~.~ Holder or conveyor moves intermittently (e.g., for "indexing" load)
379  DF  .~ By gripping item and turning item about fixed axis
380  DF  .~ With pressurized fluid causing change in attitude
381  DF  .~ With magnetism causing change in attitude
382  DF  .~ By conveying randomly faced items and turning items to uniform facing
383  DF  .~.~ Including significantly shaped portion of conveyor cooperating with significantly shaped item to face item
384  DF  .~.~.~ Including orbiting progression of item-receiving pockets and means moving item within pocket
385  DF  .~.~.~.~ By roller/finder to move item and/or fit surface indentation on item
386  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Roller/finder rotating about plural axes
387  DF  .~.~.~.~ Pockets comprise grooved, transversely disposed rollers
388  DF  .~.~.~ Including protruding portion of conveyor entering end of slotted or hollow item
389  DF  .~.~.~ For shaped item suspended in or by shaped passageway
390  DF  .~.~.~ For shaped item fitting outline of shaped passageway
391  DF  .~.~.~ Via vibrating bowl having shaped passageway
392  DF  .~.~.~ Via rotating means having shaped passageway or exit
393  DF  .~.~.~ Including orbiting progression of item-fitting elements passing through supply of scrambled items
394  DF  .~.~ By conveying an item that has a position characteristic and rotating the item until it is positioned
395  DF  .~.~ With control means actuated in response to sensing of improperly faced item
396  DF  .~.~ Including separating item from scrambled supply hopper
397.01  DF  .~.~.~ By orbiting progression of item-receiving pockets passing through supply
397.02  DF  .~.~.~.~ Rotary pocketed conveyor
397.03  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Horizontal axis of rotation
397.04  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Item oriented while on rotary conveyor
397.05  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Item oriented while on rotary conveyor
397.06  DF  .~.~.~.~ Item oriented while on endless conveyor
398  DF  .~.~ By distinguishing between alternatively faced items and conveying uniformly faced items
399  DF  .~.~.~ By turning only improperly faced items to uniform facing
400  DF  .~.~.~ By partially turning all items to uniform facing and direction
401  DF  .~ With control means for attitude-changer responsive to sensing of item
402  DF  .~ For inverting successive items
403  DF  .~.~ By means driven for inverting conveyed items
404  DF  .~.~.~ Orbiting conveyor-inverter means
405  DF  .~.~.~.~ Twisted-belt conveyor means
406  DF  .~ For changing both the elevation and the posture of successive items
407  DF  .~.~ By plural, sequentially acting conveyors
408  DF  .~.~ By an orbitally moving conveyor
409  DF  .~.~ By an oscillating or reciprocating conveyor
410  DF  .~ By plural distinct occurrences of turning each successive item
411  DF  .~ By conveyor and means driven for turning successive conveyed items
412  DF  .~.~ By means between successive conveyor sections or conveyor elements
413  DF  .~.~.~ By means which interdigitate with conveyor sections or elements
414  DF  .~.~.~.~ By turntable which lifts, turns and lowers item(s)
415  DF  .~.~ By plural, unequal-speed members simultaneously contacting and conveying items
416  DF  .~ By member adjacent conveyor for contacting successive conveyed items
417  DF  .~.~ Longitudinally twisted item-bounding passageway
418.1  DF  .~ Having items discharged from plural distinct outlets into group
418.2  DF  .~.~ With outlets longitudinally spaced along path of progressively formed group
418.3  DF  .~.~.~ Superposes items within group
418.4  DF  .~.~ With vertically aligned outlets discharging in the same direction and superposing items
418.5  DF  .~ Having plural successive groups discharged by single conveyor into larger group
418.6  DF  .~ Having conveyor drop grouped items simultaneously onto another conveyor
418.7  DF  .~ Subdivides continuous item stream into longitudinally spaced groups
418.8  DF  .~.~ By offsetting first or last article
418.9  DF  .~.~ And imbricates items within group
419.1  DF  .~.~ By item engaging stop means
419.2  DF  .~.~ By different speed conveyors
419.3  DF  .~.~.~ With spaced dividers on conveyor limiting group size
426  DF  .~ By shifting group of items simultaneously from stream conveyor to form a group
427  DF  .~.~ And distributing items of group into plural streams
428  DF  .~.~ By air blast or suction
429  DF  .~.~ By reciprocating shifter
430  DF  .~.~.~ Having oblique or orbital movement
431  DF  .~ By depositing items successively from one conveyor onto group conveyor
432  DF  .~ By shifting group from row conveyor onto row conveyor
433  DF  .~ By shifting group from row conveyor onto stream conveyor
435  DF  .~ By distributing items onto vertically tiered conveyor/receiver
436  DF  .~ By distributing items from one stream into plural streams
437  DF  .~.~ With control means responsive to sensing means
438  DF  .~.~ By air blast or suction diverter
439  DF  .~.~ By magnetic diverter
440  DF  .~.~ By orbiting progression of item engaging elements
441  DF  .~.~.~ On rotating carrier (e.g., star wheel, etc.)
442  DF  .~.~ By interposing a guide into path of stream
443  DF  .~ By queueing items from quantity source of items into stream(s) of items
444  DF  .~.~ With control means responsive to sensing means
445  DF  .~.~ Forming plural streams
446  DF  .~.~.~ By jiggling items into streams
447  DF  .~.~.~ And merging plural streams into one stream
448  DF  .~.~ Merging plural streams (i.e., source) into one stream
449  DF  .~.~.~ By synchronized orbiting progression of item-engaging elements
450  DF  .~.~.~.~ On rotating carrier (e.g., star wheel, etc.)
451  DF  .~.~.~ By synchronized gate(s) in paths of plural streams
452  DF  .~.~.~ By guide means in paths of streams
453  DF  .~.~ Via throat for restricting flow of massed items
454  DF  .~.~.~ With supplementary moving surfaces that form throat
455  DF  .~.~.~.~ Including retro-moving surface
456  DF  .~ By laterally or vertically moving successive items in longitudinally moving stream
457.01  DF  .~.~ To change direction of longitudinally moving stream
457.02  DF  .~.~.~ Item supporting rollers cause direction change
457.03  DF  .~.~.~ Item supporting endless belt causes direction change
457.04  DF  .~.~.~ Item supporting screw causes direction change
457.05  DF  .~.~.~ Fixed guide causes direction change
457.06  DF  .~.~.~ Nonsupporting endless belt causes direction change
457.07  DF  .~.~.~ Nonsupporting rotary member causes direction change
458  DF  .~.~ To respace plural streams laterally
459.1  DF  .~ By longitudinally respacing successive articles in stream
459.2  DF  .~.~ Rotating star wheel
459.3  DF  .~.~ Rotating screw
459.4  DF  .~.~.~ Varying pitch
459.5  DF  .~.~ Fixed obstruction and means for moving articles over or around the obstruction
459.6  DF  .~.~ Movable gate
459.7  DF  .~.~.~ Plural
459.8  DF  .~.~ Endless or rotary conveyor having zone of varying speed
460.1  DF  .~.~ With space-control means responsive to article sensing means
460.2  DF  .~.~.~ Variable conveying length conveyor
460.3  DF  .~.~.~ To crowd or imbricate
461.1  DF  .~.~ By successive conveyors having dissimilar speeds
461.2  DF  .~.~.~ Conveyors having increased speeds only
461.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Belt or chain conveyors only
462.1  DF  .~.~.~ To crowd or imbricate articles
462.2  DF  .~.~.~.~ Articles imbricated
462.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Crowding by endless belts or chain conveyors only
463.2  DF  .~ System includes a linear conveyor or portion thereof which bodily shifts transversely to move a load in synchronization with a transverse, continously operating conveyor section
463.3  DF  .~ System includes linear conveyor or portion thereof which shifts to lift or lower load before or after linearly conveying load relative to adjacent conveyor section
463.4  DF  .~ System includes gate means
463.5  DF  .~.~ Load obstructing gate and means for lifting load over the obstruction
463.6  DF  .~.~ Plural successively operated gate means
464.1  DF  .~ System includes control means responsive to sensing means
464.2  DF  .~.~ Responsive to load presence or absence
464.3  DF  .~.~.~ Responsive to condition of at least one conveyor
464.4  DF  .~.~ Responsive to undesired condition of load
465.1  DF  .~ System includes a load supported by a conveyor portion which is separable from the conveyor drive
465.2  DF  .~.~ Wherein the conveyor portion moves in a closed path in the horizontal plane only
465.3  DF  .~.~ Wherein the conveyor portion is supported and driven adjacent its opposite sides by horizontally spaced drives
465.4  DF  .~.~ Wherein the conveyor portion supports the load below the drive
466.1  DF  .~ System includes a T-shaped or headed load suspended between parallel conveyors directly
467.1  DF  .~ System includes a rotating screw
468.01  DF  .~ System includes an oscillating or reciprocating load engaging element
468.2  DF  .~.~ Comprising load gripping elements
468.3  DF  .~.~.~ Gripping elements movable relative to one another to space articles in the load
468.4  DF  .~.~.~ Suction gripping elements
468.5  DF  .~.~.~ Magnetic or electrostatic gripping elements
468.6  DF  .~.~ Engaging element moves load vertically and horizontally
468.7  DF  .~.~.~ Element pushes load over nonlinear support
468.8  DF  .~.~ Engaging element moves load vertically only
468.9  DF  .~.~ Engaging element moves load horizontally in a straight line
468.1  DF  .~.~.~ Element pushes load over separate support and has nonlinear path of travel
468.11  DF  .~.~.~ Element pushes load over separate support and has linear path of travel
469.1  DF  .~ System includes a rotating or endless carrier with a load engaging element
470.1  DF  .~.~ Comprising a load gripping element
471.1  DF  .~.~.~ Suction gripping element
472.1  DF  .~.~.~ Magnetic or electrostatic gripping element
473.1  DF  .~.~ Nongripping elements are adjustable or replaceable for different sized loads
474.1  DF  .~.~ With means to move load engaging elements relative to carrier
475.1  DF  .~.~.~ Whereby the load engaging component moves relative to the carrier to maintain load in a desired position during travel along a curved path
476.1  DF  .~.~.~ Element is shifted to discharge or receive a load
477.1  DF  .~.~.~.~ Element is only shifted with the load during discharge
478.1  DF  .~.~ Carrier rotates about a fixed axis
479.1  DF  .~.~.~ Elements push the load over a separate support
480.1  DF  .~.~.~.~ With a load retaining guard means
481.1  DF  .~.~.~ With load retaining guard means
482.1  DF  .~.~ Means mounted on the engaging element to forceably eject the load from the element
483.1  DF  .~.~ Means movably mounted inside the path of the element to eject the load
484.1  DF  .~.~ Elements comprise a nongripping pair of members which self-open as they pass through a curved path
485.1  DF  .~.~ Nongripping elements support the load below the endless carrier
486.1  DF  .~.~.~ Elements are hooks
487.1  DF  .~.~ Nongripping elements are laterally projecting pins which engage the interior of a hollow load
494  DF  .~ Having cleaning means
495  DF  .~.~ By fluid applying means
496  DF  .~.~ By conveyor contacting brush
497  DF  .~.~ By conveyor contacting scraper
498  DF  .~.~.~ Having a moving scraper
499  DF  .~.~.~ With scraper biasing means
500  DF  .~ Having lubricating means
501  DF  .~.~ For rollers forming belt troughing structure
502.2  DF  .~ Means for measuring dimensions (height, width, or length) of load on a conveyor
502.3  DF  .~ Means for indicating position of unit load
502.4  DF  .~ Means responsive to conveyor movement to indicate speed or to actuate alarm due to abnormal speed
507  DF  .~ Having control means responsive to load condition or unsafe operating condition
508  DF  .~ Having means to form a pile on a static support
509  DF  .~ Having buckets specialized to gather load batches
510.1  DF  .~ Power-driven feed means
511  DF  .~.~ Having vertically adjustable feeding means
512  DF  .~.~ Paired feeding means
513  DF  .~.~.~ Opposite hand screws
514  DF  .~.~.~ Opposed load engaging pushers
515  DF  .~.~.~.~ Orbiting progressions of pusher elements
516  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Mounted on endless carriers
517  DF  .~.~ Reciprocating pusher feeding means
518  DF  .~.~ Rotating feeding means
519  DF  .~ Having means mounting conveyor for pile surface attack
520  DF  .~ Self-gathering pusher
521  DF  .~ By vibratory trough entrance means
522  DF  .~ Having passive material collecting means
524  DF  .~ Condition responsive
525  DF  .~ With means to affect flow
526  DF  .~.~ Moving flow control means coordinated with power-driven conveyor section
527  DF  .~.~.~ Successive power-driven conveyor sections
528  DF  .~.~ Power-driven conveyor section operatively engages adjustable gravity section
529  DF  .~.~ Conveying element of power-driven conveyor section manipulated to effect load discharge
530  DF  .~.~ Gate
531  DF  .~.~.~ Actuated by, or otherwise coordinated with, power-driven conveyor section
532  DF  .~.~.~ In generally vertical exit path of gravity discharge material holder
533  DF  .~.~ By agitating, stirring, vibrating, etc.
534  DF  .~.~ By retarding velocity or reducing volume
535  DF  .~.~ Adjustably mounted conveyor section
536  DF  .~.~.~ Section is terminal one of system
537  DF  .~ With means to handle portion of load which becomes separated from main flow path
538  DF  .~ Conveyor section(s) adjustable for nonoperative purpose (e.g., storage, transport, etc.)
539  DF  .~ Including a load-supporting bridging element (e.g., horizontal surface) between conveyor sections
540  DF  .~ Gravity discharge material holder is source of supply, discharging by gravity to power-driven section
541  DF  .~.~ With at least one more gravity section therebetween
542  DF  .~.~.~ And having plural, successive power-driven sections
543  DF  .~.~ With at least one more successive power-driven section
544  DF  .~.~.~ Of the apron belt type
545  DF  .~.~.~ Of the screw type
546  DF  .~.~ Followed by at least one gravity section
547  DF  .~.~ Apron belt type of discharge-receiving, power-driven section
548  DF  .~.~ Screw type of discharge-receiving, power-driven section
549  DF  .~.~ Bucket type of discharge-receiving, power-driven section
550.01  DF  .~ Bin having a power-driven conveyor section for discharging or feeding discharge to a gravity or power-driven section
550.2  DF  .~.~ Having adjustable bin or discharge means
550.3  DF  .~.~ Excess material on power-driven discharge means returned to bin
550.4  DF  .~.~ Power-driven discharge means feeds to a subsequent gravity section
550.5  DF  .~.~ Power-driven discharge means feeds to a subsequent power-driven section
550.6  DF  .~.~.~ Of the screw type
550.7  DF  .~.~.~ Of the bucket type
550.8  DF  .~.~.~ Of the scraper type
550.9  DF  .~.~.~ Of the apron type
550.1  DF  .~.~ Screw type power-driven discharge means
550.11  DF  .~.~ Bucket type power-driven discharge means
550.12  DF  .~.~ Scraper type power-driven discharge means
550.13  DF  .~.~ Apron type power-driven discharge means
560  DF  .~ Power-driven conveyor section feeding to gravity section (i.e., gravity discharge material holder, or gravity flow path) feeding in turn to another power-driven section
561  DF  .~.~ Gravity conveyor section fed by one run of power-driven section, and feeding in turn to another run of the same section
562  DF  .~ Gravity conveyor section is gravity flow path feeding to power-driven section
563  DF  .~.~ Followed by gravity section (i.e., gravity discharge material holder, or gravity flow path)
564  DF  .~.~ Thrower type power-driven section
565  DF  .~.~ Plural gravity sections
566  DF  .~.~ Plural power-driven sections
567  DF  .~.~.~ Serially arranged
568  DF  .~ Plural power-driven conveyor sections feeding to gravity section (i.e., gravity discharge material holder, or gravity flow path)
569  DF  .~ Power-driven conveyor section feeding to plural gravity sections (i.e., gravity discharge material holder, or gravity flow path)
571  DF  .~ With condition responsive control of a section
572  DF  .~.~ By means responsive to presence or condition of load
573  DF  .~.~.~ By overload sensing
574  DF  .~ Conveyor carried by load-engaging conveyor
575  DF  .~ With means controlling the interrelated operation of plural sections
576  DF  .~ With means operating successive sections in timed relation
577  DF  .~ With means for altering the speed (e.g., accelerating, decelerating, stopping, reversing, etc.) of a section
578  DF  .~ Having a cyclically swingable section
579  DF  .~ With means operating successive sections at different speeds
580  DF  .~ Recycling load in a closed path
581  DF  .~ With means allowing a section to fold upon itself
582  DF  .~ With supply chamber for system
583  DF  .~ With means connecting sections for quick assembly of disassembly
584  DF  .~.~ By means allowing relative movement of joined sections
585  DF  .~ Including tripper
586  DF  .~ With relatively adjustable sections
587  DF  .~.~ By means mounting a section for lateral swinging movement
588  DF  .~.~.~ With means to vary the effective length of the system (e.g., telescoping sections
589  DF  .~.~.~ With means mounting a section to swing about a generally horizontal axis
590  DF  .~.~.~ With yieldable side walls
591  DF  .~.~.~ With a curved guide or support
592  DF  .~.~ By means mounting a section to swing about a generally horizontal axis
593  DF  .~.~.~ With flexible means and winding drum
594  DF  .~.~ By means to vary the effective length of the system
595  DF  .~.~.~ By nested trough sections
596  DF  .~.~.~.~ With opposed gripper means
597  DF  .~ Including power-driven means for laterally shifting a conveyor-engaged load
598  DF  .~.~ By a revolving or pivotal member
599  DF  .~ Including non-driven means for moving load relative to conveyor
600  DF  .~ Including rest for transient load
601  DF  .~ Forming plural conveying paths feeding to single conveying path or vice versa
602  DF  .~ Forming a single conveying path
603  DF  .~.~ Superposed sections forming an ascending or descending zigzag conveying path
604  DF  .~.~ Load simultaneously engaged between and moved by coacting conveyors
605  DF  .~.~.~ With load transfer between coacting conveyors
606  DF  .~.~ Plural sections each formed of or including a closed flexible loop
607  DF  .~.~.~ With elevating or lowering section
608  DF  .~.~ Plural rotating sections
609  DF  .~.~ Plural vibratory sections
610  DF  .~.~ Diverse sections
611  DF  .~.~.~ Having a rotating section
612  DF  .~.~.~.~ With load engaging element carried by the rotating section
613  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Element retractable to disengage from load
614  DF  .~.~.~.~ And a reciprocating section
619  DF  .~ Load propelled as the reactive means in a linear motor or moving magnetic field
620  DF  .~ Load simultaneously engaged between and moved by a plurality of driven conveyor members
621.1  DF  .~.~ Reciprocating member
621.2  DF  .~.~.~ Load support member lifted by inclined or vertical supporting fluid actuator (e.g., piston or air bag)
621.3  DF  .~.~.~ Load support member lifted by supporting eccentric cam or rotating crank drive
621.4  DF  .~.~.~ Load support member lifted by inclined supporting surface
622  DF  .~.~ Oppositely moving members (e.g., doffing, etc.)
623  DF  .~.~ Wherein the velocities of at least two of the members are not equal
624  DF  .~.~ Rotary members
625  DF  .~.~.~ Screw type
626.1  DF  .~.~ Opposed endless belts
626.2  DF  .~.~.~ Load is enclosed by belts
626.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Having means to adjust one belt relative to the opposed belt
626.4  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ By biasing means
626.5  DF  .~.~.~ Having adjustable belt portion
626.6  DF  .~.~.~.~ By biasing means
629  DF  .~ Diverse
630  DF  .~ Moving wave type
631.1  DF  .~ Conveyor portion only cyclically rotates, shifts, or oscillates for extra-conveying function
632  DF  .~ Conveyor section folds to facilitate transportation or storage of section
633  DF  .~ Movement of load changed relative to conveyor movement on contact of load with passive means
634  DF  .~.~ Load responsive means or timing means controls load engaging means
635  DF  .~.~ Stripper (e.g., static scraper)
636  DF  .~.~ Passive means causes load to move laterally of conveyor
637  DF  .~.~.~ To discharge load from conveyor
638  DF  .~ Thrower
639  DF  .~.~ Condition responsive control
640  DF  .~.~ With guide or deflector for material thrown
641  DF  .~.~ Adjustable means to control trajectory distance or direction
642  DF  .~.~ Rotary
643  DF  .~ Endless belt strand or chain-like member to lift viscous fluid
644  DF  .~ Conveyor for signatures
657  DF  .~ Screw
658  DF  .~.~ Including rotating load confining means (e.g., tumbler)
659  DF  .~.~ Including a deformable element
660  DF  .~.~ Including an axially adjustable helical surface formation
661  DF  .~.~ Having axially varying capacity
662  DF  .~.~ Plural helical surface formations
663  DF  .~.~.~ Separate, parallel formations supporting same load
664  DF  .~.~.~ Transversing less than 360 degrees
665  DF  .~.~.~.~ And reversible
666  DF  .~.~.~ Coupled end-to-end
667  DF  .~.~.~.~ With intermediate drive
668  DF  .~.~.~.~ Pivotably
669  DF  .~.~.~ Of opposite hand
670  DF  .~.~ With means for controlling flow or to assist conveying
671  DF  .~.~ With means to assist in discharging from or feeding to the housing of the helical surface information
672  DF  .~.~ Including bearing means
673  DF  .~.~.~ Bearing means directly engages periphery of the helical surface formation
674  DF  .~.~ Including drive means
675  DF  .~.~.~ Having reversible or variable speed
676  DF  .~.~ Helical surface formation structure
677  DF  .~.~ With means for securing helical surface formation to driving member
678.1  DF  .~ Endless conveyor having means for suspending load
679  DF  .~.~ Magnetic means
680  DF  .~.~ Means engagable with hanger to change hanger position relative to drive means or to release load
681  DF  .~.~ Load directly suspended from means spanning between parallel drive means
682  DF  .~.~ Having lock connection between hanger and load engaging means
683  DF  .~.~ Articulated drive means provided with non-load supporting guide means
684  DF  .~.~ Having means interengaging articulated drive and drive means therefor
685  DF  .~.~ Elongated drive means and hanger interengaging means
686  DF  .~.~.~ Strand or cable drive means connected to hanger below hanger support means
687  DF  .~.~.~ Chain or pivotally connected members drive means connected to hanger below hanger support means
687.1  DF  .~.~ Separable conveyor portion
688.1  DF  .~ Having means to enhance the friction or adherence between the conveyor and load at random locations on conveyor
689.1  DF  .~.~ Suction
690.1  DF  .~.~ Magnetic
690.2  DF  .~.~ Transversely extending enlongated ridge means formed on or attached by nonmechanical means to the conveyor
691  DF  .~.~ Electrostatic
692  DF  .~.~ Impaling
693  DF  .~.~.~ Having impaled load removal assisting means
697  DF  .~.~ Load-engaging belt having separate load-impelling, projecting member swingably mounted thereon
698  DF  .~.~ Load-engaging belt having load-impelling, projecting cross members (e.g., slat, etc.) joined thereto by mechanical fastening means
699  DF  .~.~.~ Belt formed of a continuous member of flexible sheet-type material (e.g., canvas, etc.)
699.1  DF  .~.~ By a plurality of laterally spaced, projecting members on the conveyor
700  DF  .~ Single suspended loop
701  DF  .~ Bucket
702  DF  .~.~ To convey liquid
703  DF  .~.~ Having means to facilitate loading or discharging load from bucket
704  DF  .~.~.~ Bucket has door means to release load
705  DF  .~.~.~ Having means to engage and move load from bucket
706  DF  .~.~.~ Having means to pivot bucket relative to endless drive means
707  DF  .~.~ Interconnected buckets form chain
708  DF  .~.~ Having means to close gap between buckets
709  DF  .~.~ Having means to adjust tension on endless bucket carrier
710  DF  .~.~ Slide and guide or wheel and track means to movably support bucket
711  DF  .~.~ Bucket with connection to endless band or strand-type carrier
712  DF  .~.~ Bucket with connection to endless chain or link-type carrier
713  DF  .~.~ Bucket structure
714  DF  .~.~.~ Composite
715  DF  .~ Flexible pocket
716  DF  .~ Flight means in conduit for lifting flowable solid material
717  DF  .~ Pusher conveyor and separate load support surface
718  DF  .~.~ Condition responsive control
719  DF  .~.~ Having means to prevent damage to conveyor
720  DF  .~.~ Having means to recycle conveyed load
721  DF  .~.~ With antifriction or movable supporting surface
722  DF  .~.~ Rotating pusher
723  DF  .~.~.~ To move load in an arcuate path
724  DF  .~.~.~.~ Wherein path is helical
725  DF  .~.~ Endless-orbiting pusher or its load support
726  DF  .~.~.~ Coacting plural pushers in plural orbits
727  DF  .~.~.~ Pusher edge configured to load-support surface
728  DF  .~.~.~ Pusher connected to endless pusher-carrier
729  DF  .~.~.~.~ With carrier drive or guide means configured to pusher
730  DF  .~.~.~.~ Integral element forming pusher, connection and carried link
731  DF  .~.~.~.~ By detachable or adjustable connection
732  DF  .~.~.~.~ By pivot between pusher and carrier
733  DF  .~.~.~.~ By connection to single carrier
734  DF  .~.~.~ Pusher-surface configuration
735.1  DF  .~.~.~ Load support, casing, shield or auxiliary attachment
735.2  DF  .~.~.~.~ Modules connectable end to end with no relative movement
735.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Door, casing, cover, or load supporting surface
735.4  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Casing or load supporting floor with door
735.5  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Removable cover overlying the conveyor
735.6  DF  .~.~.~.~ Modules connected end to end permitting relative angular positioning (e.g., due to uneven ground)
736  DF  .~.~ Reciprocating pusher
737  DF  .~.~.~ Plural laterally spaced alternately acting
738  DF  .~.~.~ Mounted on a carrier
739  DF  .~.~.~.~ Carrier has a swinging path of movement
740  DF  .~.~.~.~ Carrier has an orbital path of movement
741  DF  .~.~.~.~ Plural pushers
742  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Oscillating about axis or axes
743  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Axis or axes transverse to path of travel
744  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Axis or axes below load support surface
745  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Axis or axes perpendicular to load support surface
746  DF  .~.~.~.~ Pivotally mounted pusher
747  DF  .~.~.~ Pusher having linear path of movement
748  DF  .~.~.~.~ Moved by endless actuator
749  DF  .~.~.~ Pusher configuration
750.1  DF  .~ Reciprocating conveying surface
750.2  DF  .~.~ Surface formed by plural parallel elongated sections reciprocating horizontally
750.3  DF  .~.~.~ Seals
750.4  DF  .~.~.~ With specified bearing
750.5  DF  .~.~.~ Piston drive
750.6  DF  .~.~.~.~ Detachable drive
750.7  DF  .~.~ Piston drive
750.8  DF  .~.~ Eccentric cam or rotating crank drive
751  DF  .~.~ With control means responsive to sensor means
752.1  DF  .~.~ Vibratory conveying member
753  DF  .~.~.~ Selectively operated to reverse direction of movement
754  DF  .~.~.~ With flexible-belt extension
755  DF  .~.~.~ With retrograde-movement preventer
756  DF  .~.~.~ Having helical path
757  DF  .~.~.~.~ Confined within a bowl
758  DF  .~.~.~ Coupled parts from single vibratory trough
759  DF  .~.~.~ Conveying member having support or drive
760  DF  .~.~.~.~ With damper for conveying member or support
761  DF  .~.~.~.~ With means to control load speed
762  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ By control of motor speed
763  DF  .~.~.~.~ Support for conveying member
764  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Pivotal link support
765  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Rolling contact support
766  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ With drive causing conveying member vibration
767  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ With damper for drive
768  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ By fluid means
769  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ By electromagnetic means
770  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ By unbalanced weights
771  DF  .~.~.~ Conveying member configuration
772  DF  .~.~ With retrograde movement preventer
773  DF  .~.~ Including set of alternately-acting load-support members
774.1  DF  .~.~.~ Longitudinally extending interdigitated sets (lifted by oscillating arms, etc.)
775  DF  .~.~.~.~ Each set movable
776  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Sets move through a closed-loop path
774.2  DF  .~.~.~.~ Load support member lifted by inclined supporting fluid actuators
774.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Load support members lifted by supporting, eccentric cam or rotating crank drive
774.4  DF  .~.~.~.~ Load support members lifted by inclined supporting surface
777  DF  .~.~.~ Including transverse pivoted sets of alternately acting load-support members
778  DF  .~ Spiral
779  DF  .~ Load-supporting rolls moved about endless path
780  DF  .~ Live roll
781.01  DF  .~.~ Live roll drive engages, disengages, or slips responsive to load position or blockage
781.02  DF  .~.~.~ Friction drive slips or disengages
781.03  DF  .~.~.~.~ Belt drive
781.04  DF  .~.~.~.~ Friction wheel drive
781.05  DF  .~.~.~ Live roll is driven by load sensor (e.g., trigger roller)
781.06  DF  .~.~.~.~ Sensor and drive interconnected by fluid or electric means
781.07  DF  .~.~.~.~ Positive gear drive
781.08  DF  .~.~.~.~ Friction wheel drive
781.09  DF  .~.~.~.~ Flat belt drive
781.1  DF  .~.~.~.~ O-Ring drive
781.11  DF  .~.~.~.~ Chain drive
782  DF  .~.~ Having means to adjust position of roll relative to load (i.e., vertically, horizontally, angularly, etc.)
783  DF  .~.~ Having intermittent, periodic, timed or programmed drive for rolls
784  DF  .~.~ Arranged or having means to change load speed
785  DF  .~.~ Roll (s) center load on conveyor
786  DF  .~.~ Load moves axially of roll
787  DF  .~.~ Rolls causes load to travel curved path
788  DF  .~.~ With motor means for roll
789  DF  .~.~ Roll drive means
790  DF  .~.~.~ Belt drive
791  DF  .~.~.~ Gear drive
792  DF  .~ Conveyor having a zone of varying speed
793  DF  .~ Unit load conveying surface means moved about an endless or rotating path
794  DF  .~.~ With manual, position or condition responsive drive control
797  DF  .~.~ Unit load conveying means maintained in uniform orientation while transiting from one direction to another
798  DF  .~.~.~ By coacting with guide only while transiting from one direction to another
799  DF  .~.~.~ Plural endless means support and maintain conveying surface horizontally orientated while moving around associated but axially displaced sprockets power-driven section
800  DF  .~.~.~ By constant engagement with guide means throughout conveying course of travel
801  DF  .~.~ Conveying surface elevates load and has cantilever-type connection with endless means
802  DF  .~.~ Conveying surface movable relative to path
867.01  DF  .~.~ Holder is removable or replaceable relative to drive
867.02  DF  .~.~.~ Holder grips load
867.03  DF  .~.~.~.~ Suction gripper
867.04  DF  .~.~.~.~ Magnetic or electrostatic gripper
867.05  DF  .~.~.~.~ Gripper portion biased to load engaging position
867.06  DF  .~.~.~.~ Gripper portion made of resilient material which is self-biased into engaging position
867.07  DF  .~.~.~.~ Cam means moves at least one portion of the gripper to a load engaging position
867.08  DF  .~.~.~.~ Holder is adjustable for different sized loads
867.09  DF  .~.~.~ Holder for hollow load contacts interiorly
867.1  DF  .~.~.~ Holder formed of nongripping elements which separate from each other as they pass through a curved path
867.11  DF  .~.~.~ Holder means forms recess to receive or seat load
867.12  DF  .~.~.~ Holder means forms an aperture for receiving load
867.13  DF  .~.~.~ Holder has frictional engagement with drive
867.14  DF  .~.~.~ Holder has positive engagement with drive
867.15  DF  .~.~.~ Holder is attached by a detachable connector to the drive
803.2  DF  .~.~.~ Holder supported and driven by horizontally spaced drive
795  DF  .~.~.~ Each conveying surface means abbutted and pushed by succeeding conveying surface means
803.3  DF  .~.~ Holder grips load
803.4  DF  .~.~.~ Relatively adjustable grippers space portion of load
803.5  DF  .~.~.~ Suction gripper
803.6  DF  .~.~.~ Magnetic or electrostatic gripper
803.7  DF  .~.~.~ Gripper portion biased to load engaging position
803.8  DF  .~.~.~ Gripper portion made of resilient material which is self biased into engaging position
803.9  DF  .~.~.~ Cam means moves at least one portion of the gripper to a load engaging position
803.1  DF  .~.~.~ Gripping portions self-open as they pass through a curved path
803.11  DF  .~.~ Nongripping holder is adjustable for different sized loads
803.12  DF  .~.~ Holder for hollow load contacts interiorly
803.13  DF  .~.~ Holder formed of nongripping elements which self-open as they pass through a curved path
803.14  DF  .~.~ Holder means forms recess to receive or seat load
803.15  DF  .~.~ Holder means forms an aperature for receiving load
803.16  DF  .~ Rotary conveyor without specific locations for supporting randomly placed articles or bulk material
804  DF  .~ Endless conveyor
805  DF  .~.~ Magnetically guided, supported or driven
806  DF  .~.~ Revolvable means engaging carrier belt face automatically skews to correct belt training deviation
807  DF  .~.~.~ With power drive (e.g., pressure cylinder or electric motor, etc.) for skewing revolvable means
808  DF  .~.~.~ With revolvable means supporting belt in transversely troughed form
809  DF  .~.~ Vertically shiftable belt situated between auxiliary load supports
810.01  DF  .~.~ Condition responsive
810.02  DF  .~.~.~ Belt damage sensor
810.03  DF  .~.~.~ Belt tracking sensor
810.04  DF  .~.~.~ Belt tension sensor
811  DF  .~.~ Pressurized fluid or suction applied to carrier belt to modify its reaction with support
812  DF  .~.~ Having variable conveying length
813  DF  .~.~ Device for tensioning belt
814  DF  .~.~.~ With spring biasing means
815  DF  .~.~.~ With counterweight
816  DF  .~.~.~ With screw adjusting means
817  DF  .~.~ Separate, parallel conveying reaches supporting same load
818  DF  .~.~ Having upwardly facing trough configuration in transverse direction on conveying reach
819  DF  .~.~.~ Edges movable together to enclose load
820  DF  .~.~.~ Having preformed trough shape
821  DF  .~.~.~.~ Formed of or including a continuous member of sheet-like material (e.g., canvas, etc.)
822  DF  .~.~.~.~ Formed or including transverse plates tandemly disposed lengthwise of carrier belt
823  DF  .~.~.~ Supported in trough form by separate, unattached means engaging carrier belt face
824  DF  .~.~.~.~ Roller or roller assembly
825  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Independently rotatable rollers canted relative to each other
826  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Means for selectively adjusting angle between rollers to vary carrier belt shape
827  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Pivotally linked rollers form chain supported only at its ends
828  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Roller-supporting transverse frame connected to side-frame stand
829  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Individually cantilevered roller
830  DF  .~.~.~.~.~.~ Transverse frame carrying at least three transversely spaced roller supports
831  DF  .~.~ Upper and lower runs of same belt travel vertically aligned, laterally bending paths
832  DF  .~.~ Carrier belt drive means
832.1  DF  .~.~.~ Indexed or intermittent drive
832.2  DF  .~.~.~ Brake means to slow, stop or hold carrier belt
832.3  DF  .~.~.~.~ Brake means directly engages carrier belt
833  DF  .~.~.~ Carrier belt driven by contact with separate drive belt, or connected thereto by quick-release clamp
834  DF  .~.~.~ Wheel with radial teeth-engaging carrier belt or means connected therewith
835  DF  .~.~.~ Roller, wheel, or drum-engaging belt
836.1  DF  .~.~ Having load retainer or guide separate from carrier belt
836.2  DF  .~.~.~ Load retainer biases load transversely against carrier belt
836.3  DF  .~.~.~ Laterally adjustable or yieldable guides contact load
836.4  DF  .~.~.~ Replaceable modular guides for changing the conveying path cross-section
837  DF  .~.~ Support, guide, or hold-down means for carrier belt
838  DF  .~.~.~ Track which supports rollers attached to belt
839  DF  .~.~.~ Means twists carrier belt or guides it between angularly oriented horizontal reaches
840  DF  .~.~.~ Guide exerting lateral force on nonload-supporting belt surface
841  DF  .~.~.~ Means slidably supporting belt
842  DF  .~.~.~ Rotatable support or hold-down engaging non-load-carrying face of belt
843  DF  .~.~.~.~ Resilient
844.1  DF  .~.~ Carrier belt structure
844.2  DF  .~.~.~ Connection means joins ends of sheet-like belt
845  DF  .~.~.~ Carrier belt supported or guided by rotatable means attached thereto
846  DF  .~.~.~ Formed of or including a continuous member of sheet-like material (e.g., canvas, etc.)
847  DF  .~.~.~.~ Including separate reinforcing elements or plural sheet-formed plies
848  DF  .~.~.~ Formed of or including wire mesh, or rods hooked together at belt edges
849  DF  .~.~.~.~ Link belt attached to carrier belt
850  DF  .~.~.~ Formed of or including pivotally interconnected rigid links
851  DF  .~.~.~.~ Separate pins interconnect links
852  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Links pivot about mutually perpendicular axes
853  DF  .~.~.~.~.~ Links having interfitted ends
860.2  DF  .~ Modules connectable end-to-end with no relative movement
860.3  DF  .~ Casing, cover, shield or load supporting surface
860.4  DF  .~.~ Casing with door
860.5  DF  .~.~ Removable cover overlying the conveyor
861.1  DF  .~ Adjustable conveyor frame or casing
861.2  DF  .~.~ Conveyor frame or casing flexes or pivots intermediate its ends to move one end relative to the other
861.3  DF  .~.~.~ Single horizontal pivot axis only
861.4  DF  .~.~ Entire conveyor pivots about horizontal and vertical axes
861.5  DF  .~.~ Entire conveyor pivots about horizontal axis
861.6  DF  .~.~ Entire conveyor pivots about vertical axis