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432 /   HD   HEATING

2  DF  .~> Including apparatus purging, cleaning or accretion preventing
3  DF  .~> Including repairing, converting or assembling apparatus
4  DF  .~> Including apparatus heat-up, cool-down or protection
5  DF  .~> Including preparing or arranging work for heating {2}
8  DF  .~> Continous strip, strand or web passed longitudinally through heating zone
9  DF  .~> Treating an article, container, batch or body as a unit {3}
13  DF  .~> Including melting, vaporizing, sintering, expanding comminuting, or classifying work material
14  DF  .~> Including passing, treating or conveying gas into or through particulate work {3}
18  DF  .~> Subjecting work to diverse treatments or graduated temperatures
19  DF  .~> Controlling flame position or work atmosphere {7}
27  DF  .~> Including the flowing or circulating of particulate heat carrier
28  DF  .~> Of operating a furnace utilizing a heat storage mass
29  DF  .~> Of heating a fluid {1}
31  DF  .~> Heating of or by wall or radiant surface


Classification: 432/1

(under the class definition) Processes of heating or heating apparatus operation under the ....


29, Metal Working,

592+, for a process of mechanical manufacture involving metal working that may include heating of the work.

65, Glass Manufacturing,

17.1+, for a process including the working of a glass type material after it has been softened or melted by heating.

106, Compositions: Coating or Plastic, 100+, for a process specialized to Portland type cement material.

134, Cleaning and Liquid Contact With Solids,

19+, for a process of cleaning including (1) contacting the work by hot products of combustion or (2) heating the work in any way other than or in addition to contacting the work with heated cleaning or liquid contact agents.

148, Metal Treatment, appropriate subclasses for processes of heat treating metal to modify or maintain the internal physical structure (i.e., microstructure) or chemical properties of metal. If metal casting, fusion bonding, machining, or working is involved, there is a requirement of significant heat treatment as described in the Class Definition for Class 148.

159, Concentrating Evaporators,

47.1+, for a process of concentrating a liquid by evaporating one of the constituents.

165, Heat Exchange,

58+, and 201+ for a process involving both heating and cooling and in which the cooling accomplishes more than the return of the temperature of heated work to room temperature.

166, Wells,

302+, for a process of heating or cooling a well formation.

175, Boring and Penetrating the Earth, 11+, for a process of boring the earth by directly applying heat to the formation material.

201, Distillation: Processes, Thermolytic, appropriate subclass for a process comprising heating a carbonaceous material to vaporize a volatile material and to break down the substance into other chemical substances.

203, Distillation: Processes, Separatory, appropriate subclass for a process involving the heating of a liquid mixture to drive off one constituent and the condensing of the expelled constituent.

237, Heating Systems,

12, for an automatic control process in a heating system, and subclass 81 for a process for heating a house, room or other enclosure by a heat distributing system.

373, Industrial Electrical Heating Furnaces,

85, 102+, 116, 135+, 146, and 149+ for processes of operating or manipulating an electric furnace and for merely heating by means of an electric furnace.

427, Coating Processes,

223+, for coating processes including flame contact.

431, Combustion,

2+, for a process of combustion not involving the application of the generated heat to external material.