.~ Including melting, vaporizing, sintering, expanding comminuting, or classifying work material

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432 /   HD   HEATING

13.~ Including melting, vaporizing, sintering, expanding comminuting, or classifying work material


Classification: 432/13

(under subclass 1) Process in which the work undergoes a change of phase, is comminuted, is sintered, or is classified in the course of treatment.


23, Chemistry: Physical Processes,

308, for a process of melting out a fusible solid from a less fusible material.

34, Drying and Gas or Vapor Contact With Solids,

519+, for a process of drying by heating.

75, Specialized Metallurgical Processes, Compositions for Use Therein, Consolidated Metal Powder Compositions, and Loose Metal Particulate Mixtures, 343+, for processes of producing or purifying free metal powder and subclasses 414+ for producing metal or treating

molten metal at 300 degrees or greater.

148, Metal Treatment,

194+, for processes of chemical-heat removing (e.g., flame cutting, etc.) or burning of metal. Class 148 for processes of heat treating metal to modify or maintain the internal physical structure (i.e., microstructure) or chemical properties of metal. If metal casting, fusion bonding, machining, or working is involved, there is a requirement of significant heat treatment as described in the Class 148 Class Definition.

156, Adhesive Bonding and Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture,

81+, for the melting or gasification of solid material in situ in an air tight cavity; subclasses 89.11+ for surface bonding with verification or firing of ceramic material.

159, Concentrating Evaporators,

47.1+, for a process of concentrating a material in a liquid by evaporating a constituent of the liquid.

164, Metal Founding,

1+, for process of casting metal.

203, Distillation: Processes, Separatory, appropriate subclass for a process involving the vaporization of a liquid from a mixture and the condensation of the vaporized liquid.

239, Fluid Sprinkling, Spraying, and Diffusing, 79+, for a device melting solid spray material at a nozzle and spraying it from the nozzle.

241, Solid Material Comminution or Disintegration,

23, for a process of comminuting solid material having ancillary heating.

264, Plastic and Nonmetallic Article Shaping or Treating: Processes, appropriate subclass for a process of shaping or treating a plastic, nonmetallic article generally involving the application of heat.

373, Industrial Electric Heating Furnaces,

85, 102+, 116, 135+, 146, and 149+ for a process of manipulating an electrical melting furnace.

419, Powder Metallurgy Processes, appropriate subclasses, particularly

1+, for processes for making articles from metal containing

particulate material involving the use of pressure and heat.