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283.1APPARATUS {9}
284.1  DF  .~> Differentiated tissue (e.g., organ) perfusion or preservation apparatus
285.1  DF  .~> Mutation or genetic engineering apparatus {2}
286.1  DF  .~> Including condition or time responsive control means {4}
287.1  DF  .~> Including measuring or testing {11}
289.1  DF  .~> Bioreactor {16}
306.1  DF  .~> Involving lysis of a microorganism by means other than comminution
307.1  DF  .~> Microorganism preservation, storage, or transport apparatus
308.1  DF  .~> Means for separation or recovery of a microorganism from culture media
309.1  DF  .~> Inoculator, streaker, or sampler {3}


Classification: 435/283.1


(under the class definition) Apparatus.

(1) Note. Excluded herefrom are kits that are claimed as kits which have no claimed structure, but instead recite the ingredients of the kit. Such subject matter should be considered test media and classified in this class, subclasses 4+.

(2) Note. Class 435 is the residual class for enzyme and microorganism apparatus.


29, Metal Working,

400.1+, for methods of assembling the apparatus provided for in this class.

47, Plant Husbandry, particularly 1.1, for processes and apparatus for growing a mushroom or edible fungi (excluding yeast) and subclass 1.4 for processes and apparatus for growing multicellular algae.

53, Package Making, various subclasses for processes of packaging and package making.

71, Chemistry: Fertilizers, particularly

6+, for processes of using a microorganism or enzyme to produce a fertilizer.

73, Measuring and Testing,

64.41, for apparatus used for testing the ability of blood to clot.

99, Foods and Beverages: Apparatus,

275+, for apparatus adapted for the preparation of a beverage or beverage intermediate by carrying out primary ethyl alcoholic fermentations, and apparatus for aging, refining, and purifying alcoholic beverages.

128, Surgery, for methods of treatment of the living body and for apparatus used in the inspection and treatment of diseases of the bodies of humans and lower animals which apparatus is provided with means for connection to the living body.

206, Special Receptacle or Package,

223+, for a test kit of general utility.

215, Bottles and Jars, for bottles and jars of general utility and the closures therefor. 422, Chemical Apparatus and Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, or Sterilizing, for apparatus for chemical analysis and chemical reactors of general utility.